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Okay so There might be some mistakes....One more person voted when i was making the winner banners I don't believe there was a mager changed but here they are and below are the votes ;D

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Sweet :)

Black Veil Brides Inspire Me


i am soo sorry it wouldnt let me load on this discussion so i added it to my favorites the link should take you straight to it.


My second banner is of Selena Gomez, and her wise lyrics in Who Says. This song is a huge inspiration, because whenever you don't believe in yourself, you can say, wait a minute, Who said I'm not perfect, who said I'm not worth it? So in honor of Selena's words of inspiration, I created the banner below.

kool :)
I love selena♥
me too :)

My first entry;

I am inspired by Taylor swift constantly every story i write I either was listening to her song when i thought of it or i listened later when i was writing she just amazes me [Big smiles] I did a report on her in seventh grade the teacher kept it for an example but i found out a lot of cool thinks about her... "If you lucky enough to be different,never change..."

this is my second banner

i choose Michael Jaskson for his personality in his music, he shows his true feelings instead of hiding it he never stopped believing in himself even the day he died he loved music it was his passion. his personality played a big role in his yeah

I know this isn't my best work, but I'd like to share the inspiring lyrics of Bluebird by Christina Perri.

I think Taylor Swift inspires EVERYONE not matter who are...She inspires me because she sings about broken hearts and picking up the peices in your life.




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