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Okay so There might be some mistakes....One more person voted when i was making the winner banners I don't believe there was a mager changed but here they are and below are the votes ;D

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I love this Claire was right we need like buttons on this group!


What inspires me about Edward and Bella is that the whole series is about their love and how it's never really a perfect relationship. It has some sort of truth in that that connects it to the real world.


whoa!!!! thats awesome!!!!

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I chose Johnny Depp and Helena Bonham Carter, because they are living proof that being different IS NOT a crime.  No matter what people said about them, they didn't change for anyone, and that inspires me to BE MYSELF, and BE UNIQUE.  I'm almost crying as I write this, because it is such a sensitive subject for me.  If I hadn't found out about them, I probably would have turned to drugs, or possibly suicide because of people calling me "weird."  They are my inspirations, and they are what kept me alive...and they didn't even know it.

Amazing Tributes ♥
Thanks, Juilee.  :)
Your very welcome :D

Best Friend

Okay So I made this banner In Honor of my best Friend in the whole world Her Names Gina she is always Inspiring me and I don't even think she knows it I often stop and think when I'm doing something what would she think if she knew I was doing this. In Feb. I went though something horrible and i didn't know how I was going to deal with it or how i would go thought my life anymore I went to school on Monday on the verge of tears and she comes up to me smiling like always and everything was okay again. In may i had to take sometime off because It was getting to hard and I was so tired from everything and she was still there, she's also the reason I'm going back this year, she was one of main Inspirations to get myself back on track and to get back in school and I love her for that. I'm not even sure i would be here right now without her. (I'm crying now I knew i would if i made a big speech :D by the way None of these photos are us we take them at weird angles with cell phones.;)

i made this long ago but the reason hasnt changed. my grandma fought melanoma for i think 2 years, but she survived and theres not a trace of cancer now so reason for the pray for cancer patients part. and, my mom and dad got divorced last year and they are the reason for the keep families together part. i threw in the pray for soldiers still fighting part for a friend of mine whos dad is in the military. basically, the banner is trying to say, if you pray and believe, anything can happen.

Beautiful Writer :D


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