The Twilight Saga

Alrighty, so everyone likes to listen to songs and make a banner inspired by these said songs, right?

Well, what if you listened to a song with no lyrics?

This challenge is simple as that, listen to one instrumental song and create a banner for it!

You can even post the song along with your banner by using youtube, soundcloud, or any other music players like this.

(Please make sure the setting for automatic play is off)

Remember, there is no type on these banners!

You can listen to any kind of instrumental music, movie scores, televisions scores, instrumentals of a song you enjoy, anything as long as it's instrumental!

I hope you guys find this little challenge enjoyable!

Have fun!

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Jaw Dropping Claire! 

Thanks so much Juliee!

Thank you so much!

Hauntingly Beautiful :D 

Agreed! This is so beautiful!

Thanks so much :)

So Sweet <3

Lovely girly! Thanks for entering!


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