The Twilight Saga

Bella is from New York and Edward is from London. They meet up when both there buisness is dealing with each other. They first meet in Toronto and since the first minute they meet they dislike each other. They won't reveal there true feelings for each other in till its too late.


Plzz comment and tell me what you think ill be posting the first chapter hopefully today. and banners are welcomed





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I love this idea!!! Plz keep writing and keep me updated!!! First to comment!!! Whoo Hoo!! =)
love it
like I always do
I can't wait for the first chapter
And Please write it.It seems like a great story
I want to read it so much! I am to excited not to read it
Wirte it Like now. Please.I am going crzy.I am hopped on pixy sticks.
I feel Like Alice right now.I want to read it.I cna't wait.I'm already hook.
I'm totally going to go now. Before I actually do go crazy so write it quick please!
ummm... i wonder if too late means until they are in danger of dying? ummm.. i like this idea!! :))
Chapter 1

I looked around before I saw my name on a sign. I rolled my luggage over to the man in the suit.
“Hello Miss. Swan, my name is Daniel and I’m your driver.”
“How nice, it’s nice to meet you Daniel.” I followed him out into the parking lot. He opened the door and I got in. I turned my head to put my seat belt on. Him! What on earth am I doing in the car with him?
“Bella Swan how nice to see you again.” Edward Cullen someone I once said I would never see or talk to.
“Come one Bella; are you still mad at me?” I turned to look at him.
“Would you be upset if you caught me kissing my employee?” He smiled that smile that drove me up the wall.
“What’s so wrong about that.”
“You disgust me Edward Cullen.”
“If it wasn’t for you, I would still be in that terrible marriage you did Jessica a favour.”
“Stop the car.” Daniel stopped the car and I opened the door.
“Goodbye Edward.”
“Bella where are you going?”
“To the hotel.”
“But we have a meeting to attend.”
“He will understand the need of getting out of this car and being late.” He got out of the car and closed the trunk.
“Get in the car Bella.” I looked at the car trying to use another excuse to not drive with him.
“You’ll have to carry me or drag me.”
“I’d drag your sorry a** in the car, but then you would sue me.” I laughed at him, but then realized his arms around me. He put me over his shoulder.
“Edward I demand you put me down.” He put me down in the car and closed the door getting in. The car started moving and I put my head in my hands.
“I hate you.”
“Define hate Bella.”
“A graduate of Harvard can’t define hate?” He chuckled and put his arm around me.
“Take your ugly hairy arm off of me.”
“That hurt Bella.” I tried moving away from him, but he just moved closer.
“Have you ever heard of personal space?”
“Yes, but never quite understood it.” It took 10 minutes of torture with Edward to finally get to the meeting. Daniel opened the door and he helped me out. I grabbed my brief/ purse with me and started to walk down the street to get to the building.
“Wait up Bella.” I continued to walk faster in till I tripped. I heard laughing from behind me. I turned and looked at Edward. I have had enough of him. I gave him a dirty face before he pulled me into a hug. Attention was captured for Edward, his favourite. How he loved attention.
“Get yourself off of me; I’ll be speaking with Emmet.” He grabbed my hand and continued down the street. I pulled my hand away.
“What is wrong with you?” He opened the door and I walked through. To avoid him I took the stairs that would be a bad option, but the only one to get away from him. I took off my heels and ran up the stairs. I was going to beat him; I can’t wait to talk to Emmet. I arrived alive and went into his office. Emmet looked up and smiled huge.
“My little sister, I missed you and so did Rosalie.” I smiled and then there was a knock on the door. I frowned as he came in.
“Why the long face Bella, turn that frown upside down before you get wrinkles on that beautiful forehead of yours.” Emmet let go of me and shook Edwards hand before grabbing him into a man hug.
“Never ever do I want to see him again?” I yelled and walked out of Emmet’s office.
“Dude what did you do to her?” I heard Emmet say. I walked out the door and sat in the seat. I saw Emmet come out with Edward laughing.
“Bells come here for a second.” I looked at them angry which made them chuckle even more. I got up and headed for the door. My own brother made fun of me with the man I hate. A hand grabbed my arm.
“Bella we have things to do, you can leave later and go kill as many people as you want, but its work time so sit down.” I followed Emmet into the conference room when I felt a slap on my back.
“Oww,” I turned to see Edward grinning. I raised my hand to slap him when Emmet’s hand grabbed mine.

Edward’s point of view
I took out a piece of paper and some tape. My master plan is working. I stuck the paper onto her back, but a little too hard. My master plan worked, “kick me” was written on her back. I laughed before she raised her hand to slap me. Emmet stopped and gave me a dirty look I grinned.
“Sorry,” her face turned red.
“Maybe we should just get started tomorrow.” Emmet said. “Edward can I talk to you for a second?” I nodded. I placed my brief case down on the conference room table and walked over to Emmet.
“I know you and my sister have some bad history together, but at least make an effort. She has no patients and she hates raisons. Don’t be late and never eat raisons.”
“She’s worse then the last time I met her.” He punched my shoulder.
“If you make her made, then this all goes down.”
“I’ll try my best.” He smiled.
“And Edward be bright and early with Bella tomorrow.” I nodded and walked back to where Bella was.
“So do I get to go to my hotel now?” Emmet nodded.
“Why in such a rush?”
“Because I have to get the most expensive massage there is.”
“Don’t forget to go get waxed, I can see a bit of hair growing Bella.”
“That’s impossible, I had laser hair removal.” I laughed and she turned away angry.
“You really do Bella.”
“Shut up!” She yelled angry. She grabbed my brief case and opened it throwing all my papers on the floor.
“I like feisty girls.” She walked away.
“Edward you have got to stop with Bella. She can only take so much, she seems sop strong on the outside, but if something hits her then she’s coming down.” I nodded and quickly put all my papers in the brief case and ran towards the elevator with Bella.
wow... i love it!!!! :))
really enjoying your story!
looking forward to more =)
It's really funny
kee going
Luv it, its something different.
Perfect! When will you write Chapter 2?Please keep me updated!
this is too cute..
plz keep me updated..


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