The Twilight Saga

Bella is from New York and Edward is from London. They meet up when both there buisness is dealing with each other. They first meet in Toronto and since the first minute they meet they dislike each other. They won't reveal there true feelings for each other in till its too late.


Plzz comment and tell me what you think ill be posting the first chapter hopefully today. and banners are welcomed





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Plsz post more soon
Chapter 9
I sat in the hotel I was staying in. I just finished packing what I was bringing to Toronto. I didn’t want to go back, I knew everyone would be there. I had to suck it up for Alice, I wasn’t just going to not go because I was afraid. I was leaving in 20 minutes to go to the airport. I was tired of just sitting around all day and I was ready to do the thing that I feared the most. Confront Emmet and possibly see Edward. Edward could be close to me or maybe even next door, but I wasn’t ready to see him. I headed for the door with my one suit case. I left and headed to the taxi that waited outside the doors. I got in and closed the door smiling at myself for at least getting out of there.

It was Saturday already, I put on my favourite sweater.
Bella’s outfit:
I looked myself in the mirror once to many times. I looked different now. I had died it black and I was a lot slimmer. Probably from the lack of food I ate. I grabbed my purse and made my way down to the elevator and went in. I got into a taxi that drove me to Alice’s house. I got out and there she was standing excited waiting for me. She ran and gave me a hug for like 5 minutes before the taxi man interrupted us, so that he could get paid. I grabbed my purse, but before I knew it he left. I looked at Alice and smiled.
“Thanks Alice.”
“Thank you. I didn’t know if you would make it or not, I’ve been dying to see you. Its been 3 months already.”
“I guess it has. How has everything been?”
“The usually, I don’t want to explain in detail to ruin this wonderful day.”
“Talking about this wonderful day, Happy Birthday!” I took out the present I got her. She smiled at me and gave me another hug.
“I said as long as you came down here you didn’t have to get me anything.”
“I know what you said, I had to get you a present anyways right?”
“Yeah, thanks Bella it means so much to me.”
“You too, thanks for inviting me.” I looked at her for the first time and realized she was looking at me not my face. I wrapped my sweater around my body and crossing my arms in front of my chest. She looked up at me and tried to force a smile.
“Bella are you alright?” I turned away and didn’t answer. Before she could ask again Jasper was standing there with a smile.
“Jasper!” I said just as happy, realizing my voice sounded different. He hugged me. I realized he had felt a difference too. He could wrap his arms around my whole body all the way to the front of my stomach. He just let go and smiled.
“How was London?” I smiled, but then realized Alice had told him. She promised, I PUT THE SMILE BACK ON AND PRETENDED LIKE NOTHING WAS WRONG.
“It was great, it was nice being away for a bit.” He laughed and pulled me into their house.
“I wish I could have a break.”
“Why don’t you. You can come visit me in London.” He smiled and then it went silent.
“So where are me going?” I asked.
“Jasper won’t tell me, apparently it’s a surprise.”
“That’s nice, when are we leaving?” He looked down at his watch.
“Right now. We’re late.”
“Oh I’m sorry, that was my fault.” Jasper winked at me and smiled. Catching on I grabbed my purse and was half out the door.
“Come one guys we don’t want to be late even more.” Alice followed me out and we took the elevator down. We got into Jasper’s car and left. We arrived in 10 minutes and got down. We were at harbour front. Alice was just as surprise as I was. I let them have their moment before I followed them into a big boat. I stepped in and we went down before I reached down the stairs to where everyone was. They all screamed ‘Surprise’. When I got into the lower part of the boat I saw everyone. When they saw me they managed to force their best smile. Rosalie was the first to come to me.
“I didn’t know you were going be here today.” She said with a low voice.
“Yeah I guess nobody knew.” She hugged me.
“I better get to Alice and say Happy Birthday before she freaks.” I laughed and nodded. Everyone had there drinks in there hand, so I went to the bar and got one. Everyone was either talking or dancing. I went to the upper part of the boat to look at the lake. There was quite a few people I didn’t know. As I pasted a couple of Alice’s friends they stared. I sat down looking out at the lake. Was I planning on talking to anyone here or should I just pretend I’m sea sick and stay in the washroom. I turned to look if I saw anyone I recogonized. Emmet sat beside me as I turned back to look out he grabbed my hand. His warm hand covered my cold skinny small hand. He held on tight, but not to tight.
“Mhmm.” I said not wanting to talk.
“I’m sorry.” I thought I could handle any of this. I said to myself that I wasn’t going to break down, I thought I was strong enough.
“I’m sorry, I didn’t mean to hurt you.” Tears flooded my eyes as I tried blinking them away.
“Mom told me about dad, I want you to know that I’m here. Whatever you need you tell me.” I nodded and broke down into his arms. He patted my back in till I stopped crying.
“How are you dealing? You have a nice place to stay?” I nodded and held on tight.
“I’ve missed you.” I spoke for the first time to him in 3 months. He kissed my head.
“I did too kiddo.” I smiled at him. I was lucky to have a brother like him.
“I don’t want to lose you Emmet.”
“I don’t either.”
“No you don’t understand. I need to talk to you.”
“Emmet come over here.” I heard Rosalie say. He turned his head to look at her and back at me.
“Bella hold on to your thought for one second. I’ll be back.” I broke down crying I won’t be able to tell him when he comes back. I’ve been caring around this heavy load on my shoulders and I was about to lift it. I quickly made my way to the washroom. I wiped my make up away and re applied. I left the washroom feeling better. I walked back up to the top part of the boat and sat down. As a breeze started to pick up I got colder. Everyone either put on there jacket or made there way downstairs. I went down with them and squished easily past a couple you were about to kiss. I apologized quickly and sat down. The girl gave me a dirty look and I started to play with my sweater.
“Bella! Bella!” I heard someone calling my name. I stood up and looked around. I saw no one in till I sat back down. It was Edward. Edward was here. Of course I wanted to see him, but I didn’t know if I was ready. He smiled and sat down beside me.
“I couldn’t find you at all. Where have you been hiding.” I didn’t say anything. I was kind of feeling sick.
“How are you? You look different.” I nodded my head.
“Really different, is that what your thinking?” He laughed and took a deep breath.
“How long are you staying?”
“I don’t know, maybe a couple of weeks. Depends what I want to do and I haven’t made up my mind.”
“That doesn’t sound like Bella, usually you know exactly what your going to do.”
“Not this time, I’m different remember.”
“I’m thinking of going back to working with Emmet.”
“You should, that would be good.” I nodded.
“Where are you staying?”
“At a hotel that seems like what I’m doing all the time.” Before he could say anything the cake was set out on table and Alice was brought in with a tie around he eyes. I laughed as they untied the tie. She had a surprised face on. I smiled at her as she looked in our direction, she gave me the look saying it all.
“That’s really cute.” I said turning toward Edward. He laughed and grabbed my hand.
“When is Alice not cute, it will always be that’s cute for her.” Alice blew out the candles and kissed Jasper. Everyone hooted and laughed with joy. Alice approached us and gave me a huge hug.
“You and Edward back on?”
“Happy Birthday Alice.” I said shaking my head no.
“Happy Birthday Alice.” Edward said hugging her.
Alice went off greeting other people as they wished her to have a great day. I wish my birthday would be this important this place filled up. She had tons of friends that loved her.
“What are you thinking about?” Edward asked and I thought about what to say to him.
“Nothing, just how great this birthday party seems.” I said telling him the truth.
“Excuse me do you mind moving a little bit over?” A girl asked politely. I nodded moving over and I felt her push me a little more and Edward grabbed be by my waist and sat me on his lap. I tried to hide my blush.
“Thanks the girl said.
“Are you sure, I should be sitting on your lap. Your might get tired.” He laughed.
“Bella you barely weigh a thing.” So he noticed to, I was propably weighing at 100 to 105 ponds at this point. I felt embarrassed that I was so light, I don’t know what caused me to loose weight. I got off of Edward’s lap.
“I’m going to go see something.” I said looking at my watch.
“You want me to come?” He asked smiling up at me.
“No its fine thanks.” I said quickly walking towards the table that had a couple of drinks and food left. I grabbed a plate and filled it. I was about to eat more then I usually did. I grabbed some drinks and made my way into another room. I was to embarrassed to head back to Edward. I started eating and people starred like a was a pig. I took it down by drinking. I finally felt full. I made my way back to Edward.
“Sorry Alice was asking me something.” He nodded and looked at my sweater.
“Bella what is that?”
“I don’t know, but I should probably clean it off.” He followed me to the washroom. I closed the door behind him and grabbed a napkin dabbing at my sweater.
“Here.” Edward said grabbing another one and cleaning it off. I smiled up at him. I leaned forward and planted my lips on his. He moved closer to me and put his hands on my back. I yanked at his shirt and he yanked at mine. The door suddenly opened and I broke us apart.

what is she hiding from everyone? Is Bella sick?
luv it post more soon plzzzzzzzz
is bella ok? who open the door?
that was great update soon.
Please update me
luv iht wonder who opened dah door lol
i loved it
i love it cant wait for you to update i wonder who it was the walked in
 love it!!!
this is AWESOME!!!
plz write more soon nd keep me updated :)


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