The Twilight Saga

Bella is from New York and Edward is from London. They meet up when both there buisness is dealing with each other. They first meet in Toronto and since the first minute they meet they dislike each other. They won't reveal there true feelings for each other in till its too late.


Plzz comment and tell me what you think ill be posting the first chapter hopefully today. and banners are welcomed





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love it.
luv it updated more soon, no now plzzzzzzzzzzzzz lol :P
i love it write more asap
Chapter 6

I sat in Emmet’s office. He said I could have it in till he found somewhere else for me to work. I heard the door open and assuming it was Emmet I kept working.
“Bella.” I heard her voice so happy. I looked up and of course it was Alice.
“Hey Alice, how are you?” I asked.
“I’m good thanks. How are you?”
“Not so good. I’ve been wanting to talk to you. How did you find me anyways?”
“Rosalie is one of my best friends.” Alice smiled sitting down.
“Oh what a small world.”
“Listen I heard about Edward, but trust me it’s the way he acts toward anyone. He doesn’t like people asking and it’s not your fault. Edward just needs to get a grip of himself. About my parents, when they died it was a terrible time for Edward because he didn’t even know for a week. He ran away after that. He was young we both were. The bright side was that we went to live with our aunt and uncle. They are really nice, maybe you’ve heard of them Carlisle and Esme.”
“Yes I met Carlisle Cullen in New York.”
“Do you feel empty inside?”
“Yeah every time I think of him.”
“Imagine feeling that for 3 years. Edward does have that effect after having him in your life you will never stop thinking about him.” I wiped my tears away.
“I had waited all night for him to come back. Then I just screwed up in the morning like I usually do. I don’t belong with Edward. I just cause pain move on to my next victim. That’s how I see it, maybe that’s why I was sent here. My dad gets annoyed with me and just figures ‘send her away so other people can deal with her.” She looked down.
“Why don’t you go to London, find him Bella. I haven’t seen him that happy for many years now. When he looks at you it’s like you belong to him.” I smiled and hugged Alice.
“Can we have lunch together?”
“Yea of course, here’s my number. Give me a call anytime and I’ll see you here at 1?” I nodded and waved. I punched in her number into my cell phone. I sat there for who knows how long thinking about everything she said. I pretended to work as Emmet entered the office with another person.
“Bella?” I looked up smiling.
“This is Jasper, he will be taking Edward’s spot.” I took a deep breath and nodded. I stood up and shook Jaspers hand.
“It’s a pleasure to meet you.” He said and I looked at his hand, there stood a married man.
“As it is for me.” I said smiling.
“This is actually Rosalie’s friend husband, maybe you know her. Her name is Alice.” I smiled wide and noticed why she was always so…
“Of course I do, now I know why Alice is always so happy. She’s lucky she’s married.” I said and sat back down. They stood there for 5 seconds before leaving.

After having lunch with Alice we went shopping and talked. She was another side of Edward that I didn’t know. When she would talk about an old happy memory she would tug on my arm, but eventually I got used to it. After Alice left me near the office I finally got the courage. I dialled Edward’s number and waited.
“Bella?” A surprised happy voice came from the other line.
“Hey, I really want to say sorry for what happened.” I waited for him to respond, but then I heard a voice in the background.
“Edward darling, I’m glad your home. Who are you talking to on the phone?” I heard no more and then a dial tone. I sighed, I really couldn’t trust Edward. He had probably found someone else or his old girlfriend. What do I care? I do care that’s the problem.
“Watch out.” I heard and turned and smacked right into a glass door. I put my hand on my forehead and tried to balance myself out before I felt strong arms wrap around me.
“Hey are you alright?” He asked as I opened my eyes. Before me stood a really hot man with black short hair. He was tan and strong. I stood and he held onto me.
“Yeah thanks for catching me there.” I said with a smile.
“No problem, deep thoughts make me walk into glass doors too.” I blushed and turned my head to the side.
“My name is Jacob by the way. Jacob Black.” He said with a smile. I’ve heard of him before he owned the company which was below our floor.
“Yeah, Isabella Black.” I said and realized what I said at that moment. He laughed.
“Oh were closer then what I thought.” I blushed tomato red.
“Sorry I mean Isabella Cullen.” I said massaging my temple.
“I could have worn you were a Swan. I never knew you got married.”
“Yeah, that’s what I mean Bella Swan. Who knew you knew so much about me. That’s a little creepy.” He frowned.
“I’m kidding Jacob or Mr. Black.” He laughed and let go of me.
“Jacob sounds good to me, well I have a meeting to get to. My excuse? I met this nice girl outside.” I smiled and waved.
“Don’t you mean really beautiful girl.” I said with a wink and walked into the building. I felt something different with him. He was sweet and caring. I heard lots of things from Emmet about him. How much he hated Jacob. It felt good to talk to someone. And Edward wasn’t the only man in the world that I could fall in love with. I smiled confidently as I walked into the office.

soo did you guys like the chapter????
i loved it! buttt she needs to focus on eddie boy and jakke !

Yay!! First Comment!!!!!!!

Love it.....sad but at least she will have Jacob while Edward is being a jerk
luv it
I love the chapter,of course.I wonder who the woman was with Edward.I guess we'll find out,won't we?I can't wait for more!
i loved it as usual please post more soon!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
but jake cant be with her he just cant its bella and edward not bella and jake i love jake but not with bella!
sorry i have some unresolved issues about the whole thing lol!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
luv it post more soon :]


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