The Twilight Saga

Bella is from New York and Edward is from London. They meet up when both there buisness is dealing with each other. They first meet in Toronto and since the first minute they meet they dislike each other. They won't reveal there true feelings for each other in till its too late.


Plzz comment and tell me what you think ill be posting the first chapter hopefully today. and banners are welcomed





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that was a really good chapter
Please post more soon!
i love it cant wait to read more update as soon as you can please... i wonder who was talking to edward in the background hummmm
please keep me updated..
oh please tell me he isn't with someone else that will just ruin it for me lol
i loved it
love it hope bella and edward get back togeather.
Chapter 7

I stood in the condo that was supposed to be Edward and mine’s new place to live. He had put it under his name, but since I was going to live there I had to consult Edward about it. I couldn’t reach him by calling, texting, I couldn’t even reach his office. I had gone shopping two weeks before to get things for the place that had arrived today, but I had no one to help. Emmet was busy and I really wouldn’t ask anyone else.
The only thing I had in the room was a king size bed for me to sleep on. I would hire someone to come put everything in place. I didn’t even have a T.V. I only have my laptop, so I could work. I heard my phone start to ring, It was Edward, I really wasn’t in the mood to talk to him.
“Hello?” I said pretending I had no idea who this was.
“Hi Bella, sorry about…” I cut him off acting all surprised.
“Edward? Is this really Edward? Oh my, the last thing I heard from our call was ‘darling blah blah blah.’ Then a long dial tone.” He sighed.
“Bella please, stop being ignorant. That was my aunt Esme, she hadn’t seen me in a while and I tried calling back, but I never got to you.”
“Oh really I was trying to call you all week. Okay I wasn’t, but I was trying to call you all day today. One question Edward. This is all I need from you. I need you to fly to Toronto, if that’s not asking to much.”
“It kind of is Bella. You see I’ve been working on something and I have some things to do.”
“Then I’ll be living in your house for a while until you come down here.”
“I’m fine with that Bella. Anything for you.”
“Yeah, umm thanks. I had lunch with Alice. She was the one that convinced me to call you.”
“She’s good at that.”
“Yeah… Edward I really am sorry about your parents.”
“It’s okay, I was overreacting like always. I was wondering when your done with your project we could get back together. I mean see each other, hang out? If that’s not too weird?”
“It defiantly isn’t.” I was falling for Edward all over again, just with his words.
“I have to go.” I said quickly before he said anything else.
“Have a nice night in your new place Bella. Keep the place, just don’t do too much damage while I’m gone.”
“While your gone?”
“Yeah, well Bella I have to get to sleep.”
“Yeah me too, bye.” I hung up laying back down. I soon fell asleep.

I opened my eyes hearing loud knocks on my door. I got up having a headache. I walked out of my room and walked down the long hallway to the door. When I opened it Emmet stood at the door looking annoyed.
“Bella why do you look like such a mess? Your supposed to be up, we have a meeting in an hour.”
“I just woke up. What time is it?” Jasper walked in after Emmet as I closed the door.
“Nine, we have to get to the office.”
“What?” I said leaning against the wall.
“Bella? What did you do last night?”
“Nothing I did nothing because I can’t. I’m just tired.”
“Bella stop wasting time and go get ready you have 20 minutes.”
“Emmet I really think I can’t today. I don’t feel good to be honest. Not today, I can’t go to work like this, please.” I said feeling sick in my stomach and a bad headache.
“You sure you don’t feel good? I can get a doctor? I’ll call Rosalie to come see you.”
“Yeah sounds nice Emmet. Thanks and maybe you can call Alice to come too.” I said speaking to Jasper.
“Yeah Bella of course, I’ll give her a call.” I smiled and sat on the floor feeling dizzy.
“Here Bella I’m going to take you to your bed.” I nodded as he picked me up. When we got to my bed he put the covers over me. I faded out only hearing voices in the back round. Emmet woke me up again handing me a pill with a glass of water.
“Thank you.” I said hugging him as I felt a tear roll down my face.
“Bella why are you crying?” Emmet asked.
“No one has ever treated me like this except Edward and it feels good to be cared for.” He smiled pushing my hair away from my face planted a kiss on my cheek and left after. I don’t know how long I slept for, but I woke up feeling a hand on my forehead. I opened my eyes seeing Alice and Rosalie looking worried.
“Hi.” I said quickly starting to get up.
“Slow down Bella, I think you have a fever. We’ll go get you some medicine from the pharmace.”
“First tell us if you fell anything else?” Alice said.
“Ok Dr. Alice I think I do feel hot, but maybe another advil will help.”
“We’ll be back, I’ll bring you some water.” Rosalie came back with a glass of water.
“Drink some and were going to go okay.” I nodded and closed my eyes feeling tired.

I was working on the hotel, feeling a lot better after Rosalie and Alice brought me medicine. I was going to spend the night with Rosalie and Emmet. I had told them I wanted to stay at my new home, but they refused to let me. It was nice being in there house, it felt like home. This morning I was going to go to work with Emmet. They didn’t like the idea too much because of my whole sickness yesterday. I had lied and said that I felt great, but the truth was I didn’t want to be in bed where it’s so boring. And I was kind of looking forward to seeing Jacob again. Emmet came into my room smiling.
“You sure you’re feeling okay?” I smiled, but on the inside I was dying to go home.
“Yeah, I feel really good.” I said getting up.
“Alright let’s go Bella.” He grabbed my bag as I leaded out the door.
“So I heard a rumour.” Emmet said realizing when he looked at me he wasn’t too happy about it. It must be serious.
“Yeah and?” I said excited to hear some gossip.
“Why don’t you check your phone, I’m sure tons of people are asking about the truth.” I turned my phone on and exposed a little smile when I read “Isabella Swan dating Jacob Black?”
“You’re happy?” Emmet yelled furious.
“What? Of course I’m not happy. We haven’t gone on our first date and people think were a thing already.”
“Bella you can’t be. You’re kidding me right? He hates me and I hate him. He’s just using you to piss me off. You know that.”
“Were not dating all we did was speak because he helped me.”
“Helped you with what?”
“I hit my head against the glass door and almost fell if it wasn’t for him.” Emmet shook his head upset. I didn’t want people thinking Jacob and me were something. People would think differently of me. My dad would be terribly upset. Alice would think I don’t care about Edward. Edward would think… I don’t know what he would think.
“I’ll clear it up, I promise.” I said to Emmet.
“Trying to clear it up will just make it worse. Please Bella just lay low for now. Maybe go back to New York and come back in a month or so.”
“No, dad he won’t let me go back. He refused it.”
“What do you think he’ll refuse you dating Jacob Black or going home?” I stayed quiet realizing this was his opportunity to get rid of me. Maybe it would be right to go back to New York. No I should be able to stand my ground.
“If people want to think Jacob and me our dating let them. There only fooling themselves.”
“Shut up! Right now isn’t the time to be acting like a smartas…” I felt like he punched me right through the chest.
“No you shut up Emmet. I’m just trying to help.”
“It doesn’t sound like it.”
“You really want to get rid of me? Tell it to my face if you do want me to go. Be a man Emmet.” I made the car stop and got out.
“Bella today isn’t the day to be a drama queen.” I kept walking ignoring him. People turned staring at Emmet yelling after me.
“Bella! Bella! Come back now!” I would go back I’ll leave if they want, but somewhere I’ll be at peace. I took a taxi back to the house I was leaving. I packed up my bags again and brought them down to the taxi. I got to Rosalie’s house where I told her to meet me with Alice. I took a deep breath before knocking at the door. Rosalie opened it quickly looking worried.
“Bella are you okay? You better explain about your new man.” She smiled and stopped when I didn’t smile back.
“Jacob Black isn’t with me. I’m not dating him and we only talked for like 20 seconds.”
“That’s not what the media is saying.”
“Of course, there making this small talk into this huge rumour.”
“Yeah, your right.”
“Where is Alice?”
“She umm she said that she didn’t want to see you or talk to you because you said you loved Edward and then this happens.”
“That’s why I came. I’m going, leaving. I might probably not come back Rosalie. I’m sorry, but you can always come visit in New York. You know vacation, holidays all of that.” She frowned and walked towards me giving me a hug.
“I’m going to miss you. You’ve been a great sister in law.”
“You’ve been a great one too. Thanks for everything.”
“I’ll see you soon okay. I’ll drag Emmet down to New York.”
“Okay, tell him I’ll see him around.”
“Wait you didn’t say bye to Emmet.”
“Nope, I have to go if I want to get on a plane.”
“You can’t go Bella, not without saying goodbye to Emmet first.”
“Rosalie, he’s the reason I’m leaving.” I left as she stood there shocked. I got back into the taxi that was waiting for me.
“Thanks for waiting, please take me to this address.” I said giving him a piece of paper with Alice’s address. We arrived there and I told him to wait again. I made my way to Alice’s door. When I was about to knock she came out looking surprised to see me.
“I know you didn’t want to see me because of the whole scandal. But Alice I’m going. I’m leaving.”
“Yeah, I was actually on my way to Rosalie’s because you’re my friend and if you’re dating Jacob Black I can’t stop it. Please don’t be upset and I understand.” She closed the door pulling me inside her house as we sat down.
“I’m not dating him and I wanted to see you because I’m leaving.”
“Leaving? Where are you going Bella?”
“I don’t know, but I’m pretty sure where I’m going to end up.”
“Bella how can you leave?”
“I don’t know, but that’s what everyone wants.”
“That’s not true, the first day Jasper met you he came home telling me how nice you seemed.”
“Yeah I seemed “nice”, but that’s not true.” I turned to walk out the door.
“Bye Bella.” She said as I closed the door.
Really good!
poor bella
Poor Bella...her problems just get worse
I loved the chapter.I wonder how Edward will take it if or when he sees that headline.I bet he'll get mad.I acn't wait for more!


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