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All the members are requested to introduce themselves here..Please tell us something about yourself not the roles you play in this site...

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we have alot in common i wish i could go to college but i have a disability and i had a hard time in school

hello :) i'm pauline lopez , you can call me pau :)) uhmm by the way i'm from the Philippines .. i love ice creams and chocolates that's why im chubby xD i also love music but i'm a bad singer :DD i become addicted to twilight saga when the twilight movie came out, and i promised to read the series :))) i want to have many twilight freak friends :)) and i'm glad i found this site and met many twilight saga fans :))

** im new here please welcome me :)) **
The names Lilly. I live in Georgia. Just turned 13.
Hi all, I'm Carrie-Louise. I'm a married, 24 year old, hotel manager from East Anglia in the UK. I have been married for 3 years and have a beautiful 4 year dog called Pebbles. I work approximately 60-70 hours a week so no hobbies, just spend my free time reading, mostly Twilight! I have lost count of how many times I have read them all now.
Looking forward to speaking to some of you soon
My name is Chris and I reside in South Milwaukee, WI. I guess I could say that I am some what like a vampire!! I am very pale, I have an allergy to the sun (which I luckier then most all I get is head aches where others get hives n such), the sun always burns me (what tan...all I smell is something burned to a crisp), and I have always like the night (I perfer the moon light to sun that weird??)!! I am 33 years old gay male, single, and over all great guy to be around as well as know (or at least I been told). This fall I will be returning to college to get a degree in Networking and going to see if I can minor in Web Design. I have a younger sister (also a Twilight freak (or my favorite nick name for it is TWEAK = Twilight Freak) like me, but I am worse then her because she does not have the time like I do on my hands with 4 kids) that has 2 daughters and 2 sons that I greatly LOVE and ADORE. The reason I love her kids so much is because I will never have any of my own. Its great to know my name will carry on even though none of them are of my own offspring. My niece Nana is my Nessie to me, but I still love the other kids as well!! Want to know anything more please feel free to contact me!! Its nice to find a place where I not the only Twilight Saga freak!! Nice to meet you all and can not wait to hear from some of you!!
Hi everyone my name is Gayle Hoarse, I live in Red Cliffs Victoria, Australia, I'm 17 year old turning 18 soon, my fave character's are Bella & Edward and I can't wait until Eclipse is out soon
Hy, I'm Ivana. I'm 20 years old and I'm from little counry in Europe, Serbia... Love music, people, tattoos and ofcorse, Twilight :)
Hi, my name is Barbara Jackson. I will be married a year come july 25th. i am a mother of 6 and lovin' every minute of it. i love to read books and fan-fictions. sometimes that is my only way of finding peace of mind in these troubled times and GOD of course. i have 3 boys and 1 girl. my other 2 the good LORD took him with him. i will be forty this year in october. i am a die-hard science fiction fan.
Well, I'm Taylor and 16-years-old. I'm from Ohio ! My mom and dad haven't been married any more to each other after was about one-n-half or two-years pld.I have two half-brothers ( that my dads ex-girlfriend had). I have a small family and have a lot of friends. I see my dad when I can. ( I live with my mom.) I'm a hard worker in school or try my every best which I do.
Sorry, now I'm 17-years -old !
Hi my name is Sophie i am 15 and i am a huge Twilight Junkie. I come from England. I joined this group because i think its a really good idea to get to know other people in the same postition as you a.k.a Other twilight loonies.I am Team Edward! I want to be an actor, am a Veggie ,love country music , chocolate and musicals. Anyway it would be nice to get to know some other people on this site and were you are from.
P.S i LOVE Sweden so if there are any swedish people on this discussion pleeeeeeeeeese let me know!!
P.P.S Bye! peace love and Edward!!!
Hi I'm Anjali & am 15 yrs old & live in India. I'm a real big twilight fan & love jacob.
I love to sing, dace & write and also enjoy reading, i also love 2 talk & will always make u laugh........
.....& finally again, I AM A REAL BIG TWI-HARD FAN!!!!


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