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All the members are requested to introduce themselves here..Please tell us something about yourself not the roles you play in this site...

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I am Julianna I love the twilight saga and vampire diaries i have a older brother
Hi there! I have just joined this site tonight! I am so glad I found it! :)

Im Ashleigh, im 27 years old, and im from N.Ireland, UK. I have two younger brothers.

Unfortunately im single :( I have yet to meet my Edward Cullen!

I graduated from University last year as a trained Broadcast Journalist. That is my dream career.

I have just recently finished the first Twilight book, am starting now on the second! :) really love the series and the movies - I totally adore Robert Pattinson! I have never been one to have crushes on a celebrity before - but he is just different :)

I love going to the cinema or having a lovely meal in a cool restaurant, love socialising as well, and love to chill out with a good book. I also am interested in history and current affairs.

I also adore Jane Austen and all her works. xxxxxx
heyyyy im beth, i obviously love twilight, and i have a boyfriend who hates it! ={ so i need people to talk to about it! haha.. so im here out of love for the books and anyone who wants to talk feel free to send a message!!! =D
i'm 29 single , from the ukand a massive twilight fan , im a shift manager in a small supermarket which helps fund my twilight obsession heehe , im totally clumsy and at the moment am sporting a huge bruise after i fell at the weekend after twisting my ankle in a pothole and falling flat on my face, i love to read and am currently reading breaking dawn for the sixth time , it's my favourite book of the saga , i love listening to music my favourite band is barenaked ladies and i'm really getting into editors and muse at the moment. i have 2 dogs . i collect dvds books and cd's .
Sounds like we'd get a long well Carolyn!! Check out my page sometime if you'd like to be my friend!! :)
I'm Nicole, i'm the oldest, and am from the small, cold planet of Wisconsin! YAY! CHEESEHEAD! WISCONSINITES! :)
At the school I attend, we completly adore twilight. Its kinda like our god.....
I have one lil sister who is 12, shes a 6th grader, and I'm an 8th
I have a doberman pincher, a fish, and a pet bunny.
I am THE most clumsiest person on this planet.and have the bruises and casts to prove it.
Really bad speller and a really bad procastinater
I like reading, writing, science experiments, drawing, and everything FRENCH!
My favorite books of all time have to be twilight, but vampire diaries come in a very close second. Team Jasper all the way! but really, I love them all!
i like listening to music, dancing, and hanging out with my friends! I can make my freinds laugh and we like to play jokes on each other! :) :) :)
heey. My name is Simone and i'm 15 years old. I live in Denmark. i have a difficulty handling teasing and things like that. i been having that problem the most of my life. i go to some kind of a boarding school. Go LE 09/10. I love to read, watching tv and movies, Dancing a little bit. i'm a morning Person.
Hello! I'm Iris and I'm 15. I'm from Romania, Baia Mare and I'm single. I have a 3 years old sister. I love to write storys, to listen music and to read. I'm just a student in the 8th grade. I'm a very funny person and I talk a lot and laugh. I love twiligh [obvious] and Death Until Dark series. Bye!
I'm Diana, I am 13. I am a girl from California. I have 3 sisters and 2 parents. I love music, reading, and watching movies. I am (obviously) addicted to TWILIGHT (the whole saga). I prefer being semi-anonymous, because your honest, but no one knows you.


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