The Twilight Saga

This is a place for all the new members to introduce themselves to the other members.


Noodles gave me inspiration to make this discussion and I think it's a really good idea. This way there is no need to start your own discussion just to let people know that you are new and would like to have some friends.


Just tell us something about yourself, why you became a member of Team Edward, why you like the saga, ... anything you want to share. But remember that this is still an online site, so be carefull with the information you share.


Welcome and Enjoy!

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Hey Annie, you are the first person I ever met that finds horror and thriller movies amusing ;)

I hope you'll have a great time here on TTS and I'm sure you'll find a lot of new friends here!

Hai,my name is sreelekshmi.I  am 20 years old.I live in india,kerala.I like music and movies.Am a student.I am in team edward group because he is so handsome and perfect guy in my eyes.
welcome sreelekshmi :)

Hello Sreelekshmi and what a special name you have (:

Have fun on the site!



Welcome Sree Lekshmi
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Hi all,

my name is Cynthia, a 11years old girl, I live in Hong Kong. I'm IN LOVE with Twilight, i mean the book, and yeah, the movie, but its the book which leads me TO the movie, so I guess thats why I am saying that. i agree, Edward will be a perfect boyfriend/husband although he isn't perfect since no one is.


Well, I love to read and write, mostly poems. my fav. book is " OF COURSE TWILIGHT!

I love to meet new friends, so please, if you think I'm not a bad guy, and you like to talk with me or something, pls do.

So,H ello all!

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Hello Cynthia. Welcome to the site, I'm sure you will find a lot of new friends here!
Hi I called Milagros and I am 17 years old.
From the moment I read Twilight I fell in love with the saga, which I think are the best books I've read.

The reason I belong to Team Edward is because it seems that every character is him who loves more intensely than others even Bella same, the reasons are obvious I think, I cite the example of what resulting in him Bella's blood, intense thirst that occurs is such that even the crazy at times, but the love he feels for her than basic survival needs, love for her overcome their instincts.

Thank you for creating a team like this.
Welcome Milagros del Carmen!New Moon Pictures
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