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I guess this a place where you can introduce yourself and be sure you get noticed! Feel free to tell a little bit about yourself, and share a couple of graphics if you wish! We want everyone to feel as welcome as possible, and keep this place a good place to be!




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Welcome To our little group and Enjoy the party ♥

Hello Ashlii!

I love your name!

I use GIMP too! I wasn't ever very familiar with picnik, but I understand why it's missed!

I like a lot of the authors you do! William Shakespeare, Edgar Allan Poe, and Jane Austen are all fantastic!

I've only ever read one of Ellen Hopkin's books before though. =/

But, uh, welcome to TGBT!

I really like your gallery. :3 It's been one of the ones that I look at every time something new is posted. :3


Thanks guys for the welcome party :)


And I'm glad you like my Gallery Claire :D

I was actually about to make another banner to post, so heads up :3

Pandas are super cute :D 

Welcome to the group Ellie!! 

I'm Juliee♥

Hello Ellie!

I really love that name!

I know I said that to Ashlii too... I don't say to everyone.. I promise, only people whose names I really like.

Which would be you. Haha.

And I agree with Juliee, Pandas are really cute. :3


My name's Shokoofeh(means blossom),I ♥ creating graphics,Drawing(I'll post one here l8r) and designing Fashion styles☺

I've drawn about 50 designs since I've started keeping them in a folder,

Hope I can learn how to make nice banners here,I know photoshop though but I guess they're usin sth else here!

so help me by tellin me who to keep intuoch with for the graphic learnin thing!

Thanks alooooot♥




Drawing fashion designs is really interesting!

I've always wanted to learn how to draw models.

My art teacher in ninth grade told us once that you use a different measuring system for fashion than you do for drawing regular people.

It seems like it would be really interesting!

I'm not very good a welcomes, but Welcome to TGBT!

I hope to see more of your work soon!


Hello Shokoofeh,Blossom, your names sounds cool and has such a pretty meaning :) 

I love fashion design i was never any good at it but i had a lot of fun pretending i was :D 

Most members use websites or gimp around here but we have a few Photoshop users i myself don't only because of cost. 

Welcome To the group and if you need anything I'm Juliee and up there is my friend Claire she's a good person to talk to as well, if you need anything, have fun!

'Lo there.

I don't remember if I did one of these or not.

So, let's just do this one.

(This graphic below looked so much better in my head but hey, at least it works.)

I use Photoshop, it's my baby.

That beautiful broad up above, is Miss Katie McGrath, who plays Morgana from BBC's Merlin. (It's on Netflix. I strongly suggest you watch it.)

I also love my perfect baby angel - Marina

And Adam Levine. Lots of people to love.

I'm Aria. Like the name from Pretty Little Liars, say it like that too.

I haven't seen Pretty Little Liars (sorry to disappoint, it's on Netflix however and I might watch it there.)

Lucy Hale is gorgeous.

Going through everyone's work makes me feel slightly out of place, because it's all beautiful. 

But hey. Maybe I'll learn to fit in. <3

If I did one of these, this one is probably better.

I love your gif on the top the font is to die for what is it if i may ask? 

Anyways....It's nice to meet you Aria i'm juliee, I don't use Photoshop its out of my budget. I love the show Merlin i'm dying for the next season to come to Netflix! I would suggest Pretty little liars highly it is a very good show and is even better in the dark really adds to the show, maybe that's just me though :D 

I completely agree Lucy hale is gorgeous she always leaves me stunned :D I'm completely sure you'll fit right in to our little group here we always love getting new members. 

(I couldn't resist using this gif it always makes me laugh)

Omg look at that face.

And hi, Aria.

You know me though. :D

Thanks! And it's Jellyka - Saint-Andrew's Queen. (I love all of the Jellyka fonts.<3)

It's quite nice to meet you, Juliee. My friend gave me a link to this place that gives it to you for absolutely free and it's not a trial or anything it's amazing. And you see, I'm going to start watching it because at the wee hours of the morning while I'm still awake I have absolutely nothing to do! :D And yay, a Merlin fan. Merlin is so cute, too. And Bradley James = extremely attractive. Why does he do this to me?

Lucy Hale is ahmahzing. She's gorgeous. And I love her voice. And thank you, I'm going to try to fit in.



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