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I guess this a place where you can introduce yourself and be sure you get noticed! Feel free to tell a little bit about yourself, and share a couple of graphics if you wish! We want everyone to feel as welcome as possible, and keep this place a good place to be!




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I guess it's time to introduce myself seeing as I've been here for some time now ;P

I'm Minnie (my real life nickname btw) and I've been doing banners and graphics for 16 months now (1 year and 3 months for all you math-dummies like me XD). I'm 19 years old but forever a teenager at mind XD I love doing dark banners, or banners with dark colors in general but I'm not all all scary to be around XD haha (I do hope not! ;P) I despise the color pink but I have been using it in my banners nonetheless.

The way I make my banners changes from time to time, depending on my mood when I make them. Sometimes they're lovey-dovey or happy-go-lucky, other times they've got a gothic feeling to them ^^

Oh! And I use Photoshop for my banners even though I know how to use Gimp too! (It makes it easier for me to translate from Gimp to Photoshop and vice versa when I follow/make a tutorial :D)

Nice to meet you all!! ♥

XD Hey Minnie, we've met, of course. BUT! I'd like to give an official welcome =D

Heyy Minnie :D 

Like Nikki said I already know you :D

But here's you official welcome to TGBT  ♥

♥ C:♥ Welcome ♥:3D ♥

Hi Minnie

I'm Rachel, I just started making graphics using GIMP late last year. I'm experimenting with Photoscape, its so fun and easy. I like making profile pics, pop-outs and doing photo manips.

Examples of my work

Welcome to TGBT Rachel! 

Thank you!

Welcome to TGBT Rachel :)

Thanks Juliee!

Your welcome :)


I'm Jen!

I'm sorta young, and have many musical talents!

I play Violin, Cello, and Piano. My favorite color is pink =)

I love owls, soda, cupcakes, and waffles =P

Haha, well byee, and make sure to check out my graphic discussion ! =D

Ninja's and lollipops,

Jen =)

Well, a musical prodigy...

Nice to meet you Jen!


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