The Twilight Saga

Does anyone else feel this way ... I am so irritated with the fact that most of the articles @ twilight or rob or any of the men from twilight is directly connected with the "tweens" ...I know I know it's was to be based for the teenagers ...but HELLOO some of us actually alot of us are 20-30's ...anyone else feel this way ? ...
I Read the GQ Article ...and It is def not for the "tweens " ... I cant for the life of me figure out way this irritates me so ...
Pulled this from yahoo this am .....

Frequent Buzz inhabitants Robert Pattinson and Lindsay Lohan make more news, and an NFL player kills a pedestrian with his car. Just some of the stories users found most compelling in this weekend's Buzz ...

~Mr. Wonderful branches out

The bobbysoxers had Sinatra, girl mods and rockers the Beatles, and Generation Y chicks 'N Sync. So who are the current crop of tweens and teens, female variety, giving their hearts, souls, and dollars to? Well, the Buzz don't lie, and no one gets more female buzz than "Twilight" star Robert Pattinson. Last week, females drove 84% of Pattinson queries, with girls 17 and under responsible for a third of all searches. But that may be about to change. The current spike in Pattinson buzz is coming as a result of his telling GQ magazine how hard it was, in the upcoming film "Little Ashes," to play a gay sex scene in which he also has a nervous breakdown. Pattinson portrays surrealist painter Salvador Dalí. Let the unisex searching begin.


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OMG you guys im laughing so hard rigt now at CW just grateful i have no coffee in my mouth this time i can't even see my keyboard through the tears streaming down my face LOL. oh but i so agree i will take anyway i can hey he can shower later oh did i say he i meant we he he he ok sorry i know im bad but do i care hmmmm....NOT!!!
I think that we should have a post of drool ...LOL post your most fav pix so we can all drool and make comments LOL ...ya know FOR ADULTS!!!
By all means, let's have an array of choices. You know, I used to think that I was morally against cloning, but this photo has single-handedly changed my mind. After all, we each need one of our very own, right? I'm not particularly good at sharing. :-)
HA HA HA CW no white shirt this time but if i keep spilling coffee all over my clothes i might send you a bill just kidding!!! hey you make me laugh what can i say you a funny guy.
Oh i agree nothing tops that photo of him in the water with his nipple showing!!!! I mean really hello it does not get any hotter or sexier than that.
Oh Angeline i know what you mean you do not even want to know what im thinking looking at him right now!!!! But i bet we are thinking the same thing LOL.
Yes mine LOL!!!
Oh he is funny he has me laughing so hard and spitting drinks all over myself!!! sheesh im glad i work from home now at least i can wash my clothes LOL.
hands down girl best topic EVER !!!! LMAO

rob called ladies ..he is pleased with our topic ....LOL .... happy wednesday girls....see look he is smiling
AWWW he looks so happy and cute thanks joDI what a way to start my day yipppeee!!!!
LOL me too Angeline im sooo excited!!!! and i love that pic of rob it looks like he is saying good morning to us all.


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