The Twilight Saga

Please bear with me I'm new to this board and layout lol.

I was wondering, is it Robert Pattinson or the fictional Edward Cullen that makes your heart flutter with a desire to be bitten into imortality???

For me, it's Edward, wow, I never knew vampire's could be so desireable and sexy. I grew up watching the early black caped and fanged character's, Salem's Lot one of my fave movies as a teen but not obsessed with the ideal as I am now.

I'm just interested as I can't believe that at the ripe old age of 38 I have been 'bitten' by the bug that is Edward Cullen (and Carlisle), the beauty behind their pale skin and darkened eyes......ooooh makes this older lady quiver.

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Edward Cullen,I love him
Edward Cullen.. He's every girls dream.. (although come to think of it, the other Cullen males aren't too shabby either!) I love Robert Pattinson, no doubt about it but part of my fixation was due to the fact that he made Edward real for me.. Had the movie came first before I read the book I may have had a different answer but it was Edward who made me swoon!
Both but Edward much much more and for different reasons!=-)
its robert pattinson. .
edward but i like love rob 2 if you could see my flash drive you would call me crazy im a edward freak duh wo on team edward isnt? imean wow there both hot to me
Robert Pattinson. HE'S the reason why Edward Cullen is what he looks like on the silver screen. Edward Cullen is just someone he's playing, the looks and the acting is alll rob! <3
I'm obsessed by both of them.
Edward has the qualities i would like 2 see in my boyfriend & i admire Rob coz he's a good actor and he's so handsome ^_^ ♥♥♥
i reallycant decide 4 me its both
of coarse its edward cullen without him there will be no world like his world his the greatest vampire i ever known and im reAdy to sacrifice everything for him
Obsession to them both <3
It has to be the fictional "Edward" that is so desirable!! Haven't met a 'real' man yet with the charms of Edward Cullen!!!! My husband could take lessons. LOL


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