The Twilight Saga

thanks venice, mRs. aLex CuLLeN, Hi I'm Pooh Bear!! :D !! And anyone else!!

this is a story about seth jake nessie bella and edward go to isle esme. they get into a fight. seth jake and nessie together team up on bella and edward. problems cause between jake nessie. enjoy!
chap 1
renesmees pov

we were sitting around bored. jake, seth and i. mom and dad came in. "whats up kids?" "weve got nothing to do!" then alice came in dancing. i wasnt really suprised. "guess what? ive got tickets for all of you guys for isle emse!" jake groaned my mom squealed and my dad put on a smile. "whats isle emse?" i asked. "its where carlisle bought esme an island. its where me and your dad had our honeymoon." then my brain worked. "ew." seth laughed. "when are we leaving?" "tonight. jake and seth i asked your parents and ive got your stuff set up. i packed all of your bags." "this will be fun." seth said. im sleeping on the floor." jake said. i laughed. i loved him so much! i wish i could tell him.we got everything ready and waited tell night and we where off!

chap 2
nessies pov
we were on the boat. i was thinking about jake. when my dad came and gaved me a look! get out of my head! he is so annyoing. my dad laughed. i glared at him. he came and sat next to me. i scooted away. "come on nessie dont be mad." "this isnt the first time. everyone is complaning." "thats true man." jake said. thank God jake cant read my mind. i wish i was like mom. dad cant hear her thoughts. its so unfair. "its ok ness. your mom lets me in her mind." i started screaming at him in my head. he kept laughting. i was angry. i stood up with my arms crossed. he laughed more. "dont act like a 3 year old sweetie." he stood up laughing and came to me. when he got close. i acted fast. i pushed him into the water. jake seth and i laughed.we high fived each other. them my dad didnt come up. i got worried even thought i know he can live. we got close to the edge looking in the water. when something rocked the boat. me holding jakes hand then jake grabbing seths shirt all fell in the water! my dad laughed i wish i could read minds. "triple score." he high fived my mom. then he said something that was time for war! "lets leave them here." he and my mom left . when seth jake and i where left in the water. that was really deep! oh great!

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cute =D
haha good keep going

youve got my attention


i like it alot.

i cant wait for more!

Read mine and tell me what you think?
laughing out loud....caught my attention hope you write more.
this is funny and really good... cant wait for more!!!
yeah...i like it too....
chap 3 nessie pov
jake was cussing. "great now how are we gonna get back?"seth asked. "we have to swim but guys this is war!" "im with you." jake said. "me to." seth said. we started swimming. i started swimming under water. tell i heard. "nessie?nessie?" i came out and said"im here." "hey if you need help. come on my back." "no thanks jake." he looked sad. then i went under water and swam ahead and made it. then i got a boat and went after them. seth was so happy he hugged me. same as jake. "whats the plan?" seth asked. "hm i dont know." we thought for a few minutes. "hey i have an idea.'" "what is it?" i cant tell you guys cause then im afraid youll think about it. youll see!" they started complaning. then we made it to the island. my dad ran over to us. he said"its ok you guys worked out."jake growled. we all went to the house. we get two rooms. one bed for my parents.(God knows what they will do). on bed for us. "not enough space." seth whined. we will sleep on the floor while nessie is on the bed.. oh and edward did you change the covers after?." jake said."yes." my dad said. "thats not fair. i will sleep on it too cause theirs one other person that could fit on it." jake glared at him. "ok ok on the floor." seth said looking at the floor. we went hunting then came home to sleep. we got ready and went to bed. jake slept ont he floor on my right and seth on my left. then jake out of no where said."move over nessie." i did and he came on the bed. "thats unfair jake. you said we couldnt sleep on the bed." "well ya but its killing my back." "scoot over nessie." so i did and he came. "maybe we can ask another person to come and sleep too." i said in a sarcasted voice. "i have no room." i turned right and left. they both kept complaning. "hey seth get off. sleep on the floor. nessie has no room." "sorry dude YOU do it." then i hard a boom. then i found out seth fell. "ouch!" "thanks jake." "your welcome!" i tried sleeping on jake. it didnt work out. "i have an idea. seth turn on your right. jake turn on your right." "good." know i can sleep in his arms. then i drifted off to sleep. thinking about jake......
this is pretty good:)
ps im not trying to be pushy but can someone make me a banner?
i'll make one for you =D
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here's your banner!!! =D hope you like it =D
if you need editing,tell me =)
thx soo much!!! its great!


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