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Summary: It's 16 years later and everyone stopped ageing due to magic in Narnia. Peter, Caspian and Dorian are away at war and when they come back they come back with a young prince called Rillian who helped them fight.  He falls in love with King Caspian's only daughter Miracle and she with him, But there is one problem. Miracle has to marry Jacob, a mean and rich prince who only cares about money. His parents are forcing them together against her and his wishes. Caspian is Furious and will not stand for this. Queen Bella is pregnant with Caspian's son. Peter and Lilliandil are married with a son called William and she is pregnant with twins. Dorian and Lucy are married and they have 2 children, Dorian Jr and Isabell. Will Rillian and Miracle ever be together?

Inspired by this song:


The sun was rather warm, Princess Miracle was on the beach and she was spinning around in circles, she missed her father and her two uncles. She was worried for them as they were away at war but she knew all 3 of them were skilled warriors. She was more like her mother, kind, sweet, gentle. She loved to sing and play the piano. But in some ways she was also like her father, she was courageous and had a spirit.

She saw her cousin William and she smiled at his words "They are back" he said. Miracle ran back to the castle along her side cousin William.

But she stopped when she saw them, there was someone else among them, a young, handsome prince. She felt her cheeks flush a little as she curtsied to him after he bowed.  

"I am Prince Rillian" The young man spoke as he kissed the top of her hand softly

"Princess Miracle" she replied and smiled softly at him.


Preface (Above)

Chapter 1~The Return of The Warriors

Chapter 2~Walk To Remember

Chapter 3~The Ball

Chapter 4~Shocking News

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Jerks always are involved in some way or another

I am glad :)

Chapter 5~Rillian's Past

Rillian held Miracle close as he kissed her more deeply, not caring it was raining, she stayed in his arms, her fingers tangled in his slightly longer hair as she kissed more more. he pulled back softly and kissed her softly once more again on her lips, the kiss a soft brush of his lips against hers.

Miracle felt her cheeks turn pink. she looked into his eyes "Do you honoustly think I wan't to marry him?" she asked, this time finishing off the sentence as the last time he stopped her right in the middle of it, with the most wonderful and passionate kiss ever.

He looked at her and sighed "No, I just don't want to lose you." he said and leaned his forehead against hers "I need to think of something. I am not letting you get married to him."

Miracle sighed and stayed in his arms "I don't want to lose you either Rillian, but It's not like we can just say something that will make this all go away. It's arranged. if only things were different." she said, her voice said. She hated this, the arranged marriages. Her parents got married normally, out of love, so for her aunts and uncles. Why could she not have that? She longed for that special moment, with that someone special. But she had that someone special, but he was not going to be part of that special moment. Her weeding day.

She was not to be Rillian's wife, the mother of his children or his Queen. She was forced into a marriage with someone else, someone else who would be her husband, king and the father of her children. The thought made her wince with disgust and she buried her face in Rillian's chest. "Where did you go last night?" she asked softly.

He sighed "I....I am sorry, I freaked out on you last night. I just don't like to talk about it."

"It?" Miracle asked and her head snapped up "Look if its because of what Jake said about me..." she trailed off as Rillian stopped her

"No, no, its about this." he said and looked at the scars on his wrists "My past." he said as he looked into her eyes again.

Miracle ran her finger tips across his scars, they were all different shapes and sizes "War wounds?" she asked looking at him "The scars I mean." she said

"You could say that." He said and sighed "It happened when I was 15. I met Jake, he seemed normal as any other person in the universe but he just turned out to be obsessed with money like his parents. My parents were dead so I had no one to support me through the tough times and I got called to war. I battled against Jake many times but this one time, it was the worst. He was supposed to be fighting for our side, the Narnian's but he took the other side of the monsters, he thought I was the bad guy and he attacked me, in the most of it all, he almost killed me, the scars are a reminder of what is. He blames me for what happened, but he started it and that's what he meant the other day." He looked down at the floor and shuffled his feet uncomfortably.

Miracle's breath was caught in her throat from the shock, she looked at Rillian sadly and she hugged him tightly "I am so sorry Rillian. That's terrible." she said and tears prickled her eyes, how was she supposed to marry Jake now? He almost killed Rillian and she was set to Marry Jake. Sobs escaped her once again. "I...I don't want to do this."

Rillian sighed and held her "I know you don't." he kissed her hair softly "I just wish there would be a way for you too not marry him." he said then an idea sprang to his head. It was a rather crazy idea, well crazy to some people you could say, but it felt so right. He loved her and it was a long shot, it was a risk he was willing to take.

"I love you." He whispered into her ear softly and looked into her eyes and smiled, his smile was filled with some what sadness.

"I love you too." Miracle said and suppressed back the tears that were building up in her eyes

Chapter 6~Talk with Parents

It was a few days later that Rillian decided to talk to Miracle's parents about his idea. He just hoped that they would not want to rip his head off by the end of the talk. He paced up and down the throne room where Bella was sitting, her hand on her pregnant Bella and Caspian held her other hand in his and he raised his eyebrow at Rillian "Rillian. would you stop pacing." he said

"Oh yes, sorry." He said and stopped.

"You okay? you seem very nervous." Bella said as she looked at him and looked at Caspian worried, she wondered if Rillian was okay "Rillian, about Miracle..." he winced at the subject, he knew she was probably going to talk about his Miracle marrying Jake "She loves you more then you know. And if there was a way for her to be with you, we would allow her to, but we have no idea how to stop this marriage." she said and sighed "It's out of our hands, as much as we would like it to be in our grasp, it's not."

"But Aslan..." Rillian said

"He does not control it either." Caspain said "It's some sort of Narnian Congregation that controls the marriage and they banned us from meddling in with this." he said

"Why would they ban you? You rule Narnia." He said

"Part of it anyways. Not the part from where Jake comes from." Caspian said

Rillian sighed "I think I got an idea, I got it the other day, well a week ago actually." He said and looked at them "I know it may some what sound crazy, but at least it will be a shot. Do you think that the weeding could not go on if Miracle was engaged to someone else?" He said

Bella and Caspian looked at each other and raised an eyebrow at Rillian slightly "I think that might work. The weeding would not go on, it could not go, as Miracle would be promised to someone else. but the issue is, she's not promised to anyone else."

"But she could be." He said

"Who?" Caspian said looking at Rillian curious as to what the young Prince was getting at

"Me." Rillian said

I love this new update!!! 

They are so good together!!!

Can't wait for more!!!

Yeah they are a cute couple :) things are taking new turns 

*New Reader*

OMG! Jacob is so... MEAN!

I like Rillian and Miracle's first kiss, one of my favorite scenes by far!

Keep me posted!


(Thanks for telling me to check our your stories, I'm SO happy I did.)

Hey thanks Nikki :) yeah you have to read Realize and Come Back to me as they are the first two stories to this sequel, the links are up in the main box with the preface :) 

and yeah Jake is so mean.,

Aww lol yeah I found that kiss so sweet :) romantic, in the rain, Lot of people like it

(you're welcome, I always love new readers, you will always like Torn, Realize, Come Back to Me, New Era, Bella's New Identity, they seem the most popular one's with My Immortal)

Love the gif lol and yeah I'll keep you posted no worries :)

Chapter 7~Engagement

Bella and Caspian stared at Rillian in pure and utter shock "You..." Bella said, she didn't even finish the sentence as she could not find the words, of course she liked Prince Rillian and approved of him as a Queen of Narnia and Miracle's mother. but this shocked her, rather deeply.

He nods "Yes me." He looked at them both "I know, it seems hasty and fast, but I love your daughter. I loved her from the moment we met. She's the most important thing to me and I want to marry her." He meant every word he just said, he was truly and deeply serious about this.

Caspian looked at Rillian for a moment, considering what he was about to say. "Well, I was waiting for you to come out and say this." he said and smiled at Rillian who looked confused now and raised an eyebrow at Caspian in wonderment "I see the way you look at my daughter and if I wished for her to marry anyone, it would be you." He said

Bella nods "I agree, you're a far better choice for Miracle and no one is forcing either of you, as it comes naturally to both of you." she said, talking about their love for one another.

Rillian smiled at their conclusions "Thank you. Of course that's why I am asking for your..." He trailed off as Caspian cut in

"You always had our permission from the beginning, no matter if we told you about it or not." Caspian said and he put his hand on Rillian's shoulder "I know my daughter will be happy with you, she's already happy when you're around. I never thought I'd see her this happy."

Bella nods in agreement and smiles "You will make her a fine husband."

Rillian smiled softly "Thank you, you don't know how much this means to me." He said, they made an Arrangement and then they all walked outside and Rillian to the stables to get his horse, he took it outside and Miracle saw him and frowned.

"Where you going?" she asked as she walked over to him and looked sad. she did not want him to go.

"I am going home." He said and wrapped his arms around her in a tight hug "I'll be back soon my princess, I promise." He said and kissed her on her lips, it was a soft, tender kiss full of love and passion he felt for her. He then pressed his lips to her forehead softly before he jumped on his horse and waved to them others and rode off.

Miracle bit her lip and suppressed the tears forming in her eyes and she looked down. Her cousin William put his hand on her shoulder and squeezed it softly just at the moment a sob escaped her and she buried her face in her hands sobbing.

Bella sighed, she wrapped her arms around her daughter "Oh sweetie" she said, she knew how much Miracle wanted Rillian to stay, but Rillian would not be gone for long. She rubbed her arm softly and planted a kiss on her daughter's head. Bella was also worried about Miracle as she knew how much she did not want to marry Jake and with Rillian gone, Miracle was much more vulnerable for Jake to get her at any time.She hoped that how long Rillian would take would be fast.

Next Day:

Miracle was asleep and curled up on her bed, her hair was in her face, one of her maids walked in "Rise and shine your highness, today is a big day." she said as she drew back her curtains, today Miracle turned 17 and there was a big celebration for her, but today was also had a different significance as well, a secret. 

Miracle opened her eyes and winced at the bright sunlight and she sat up in her bed.She sighed as she realized what today was, shame. Rillian would not be here to celebrate with her, that put her in a low mood, The maid smiled sadly at her and helped her get ready, she done her hair after she helped her dress in one of Miracle's finest dresses for today. She brushed her hair softly and then pinned it up all nice with few lose strands and Miracle slipped on her shoes and then walked out of her room and took a slow walk to the main hall where things were being set up, it's also where they ate. She sat at the table in silence and just stared into her plate.

Bella looked at her daughter then at Caspian who watched her with a worried expression and put his hand ontop of his daughter's softly giving her hand a gentle squeeze.

Lucy looked worried and sighed "Well this is going to be interesting."

Dorian nods "Yeah, I guess so." he said as he looked worried as well.

"Today is a big celebration for you sweetie." Bella said looking at Miracle

Miracle sighed "I don't want to go." she looked down 

"But you're 17 Miracle, its a big deal." Caspian said looking at his daughter.

Miracle sighed "I don't see why everyone has to make such a fuss about me today. I am not in the happiest moods today." she said and shoved her plate away not really hungry

Bella sighed "Look Rillian..." she winced at the subject of Rillian and shook her head with tears in her eyes

"Please don't." Miracle said close to crying once again. She got up and walked off and onto the balcony and the wind blew in her hair and she closed her eyes and let the tears slide down her cheeks.

Bella sighed and looked at Lucy and Lilliandil for help

"I'll go and talk to her." Lilliandil said and she joined Miracle out on the balcony and wrapped an around her niece's arm "Oh sweetie, I know you miss him."

"I am scared." Miracle sobbed "Scared I won't see him again, scared of what's to come. I can't marry Jake. I can't." she sobbed as her shoulders heaved as huge sobs escaped from her and she soon broke down and cried like she was weeping a river.

Lilliandil rubbed her back softly rocking her in her arms "Shh, it's okay. Rillian won't give up on you, he's not willing to let you go without a fight. You know that he'd fight for you. He loves you." she said and kissed her hair softly stroking her back softly and Miracle was soon at peace again. "Now come on, clean up, eat something and I am sure this celebration will take your mind off things."

Miracle nodded a bit and then she did as her aunt told her to and she washed up in the bathroom and then re-joined the others. Will patted her back softly and smiled at her reassuringly as she sat back down and ate her breakfast, she was hungrier then she realized. 

Later that evening, the party started, there were lots of guests and everyone was in the main hall, it was rather beautifully decorated.And the lighting and the cake were just wonderful. Miracle was by the punch bowl and she poured her self some punch.

Meanwhile Prince Rillian was outside the castle and the men took his horse to the stable. The door servant showed him to the main hall where the party was. Miracle was about to take a sip when she noticed Rillian and she set her glass down and she ran to Rillian and slammed into him hugging him tightly "Rillian!" she gasped, he was here, he was back. Like he promised.

Rillian wrapped his arms around her and span her around and kissed her softly on her lips and held her close "I am back, just as I promise." he said and looked into her eyes and held her hand in his "Miracle, there's something I need to say and I need to say it.I love you Miracle, I loved you from the moment we met, you just looked at me with the most adorable confused look ever and you took my breath away. I want to be with you and I am willing to do what ever it takes to make you mine. I love you with all my heart and soul and I can't live without you. You're the best thing that ever happened to me and I am not letting that slip away or anyone try and take you away from me. Before I met you, my life was black and white, when you came into my life, it shon up like the most brightest star in the sky and I am thankful to have you in my life." He got down on one knee and pulled out a royal engagement ring "Princess Miracle of Narnia, will you do me the greatest honor and marry me?"

Miracle stood there in shock at his words, happy tears ran down her cheeks and for the first time in 17 years she found her self speechless, she nodded and smiled "Yes..Yes.." she said, everyone in the main hall was watching them and clapping while whispering sweet things:

Aww, this is so romantic

They look so sweet together

Yay, a weeding

Rillian slid the ring on her finger and got up kissing her on her lips and he span her around in his arms happy she said yes to his proposal

Yay!!! That was so sweet!!! 

Can't wait for the wedding!!! :)

yep so sweet :)


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