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Ughh that line gives me the chills !! (sorry if i didnt quote it exactly right, I try to not remeber that line)
Stupid edwdard what was he thinking !!!!!?!?! well i know what he was thinking but that was stupid. But i still love him
Gesh that boys got some issues
does anyone else totally hate that line? okay so hate is the wrong word but i mean i really dont like that line but yet its still important to the book

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that line is so sad, it makes me want to cry. new moon is such a sad book, but in the end it brings the cute couple back together.
It was a heartbreaking line, which is what he was hoping Bella would do, just forget him completely. Neither of them ever realized how much the other truly loved. Bella couldn't believe Edward could love her, Edward couldn't believe Bella could love him. So Shakespherian.
I cried when edward left bella that was really sad
hey now edward does not have issues, i dont hate that line, the line "it'll be as if i never exsited" just makes me want to cry. and when edward left i cried for about 2 days. Even if Edward never came back, and eclipse and breaking dawn were jacob books, edward would always roam bella's mind and it would take time for Bella to heal, i think if she never jumped off the cliff, she would have gotten to the point were she would go after him, even though it would be impossible. And i think it may not have been impossible if she played her cards right and asked jacob to help. anyway edward didnt mean it, all the things he said were a lie. but i got really pissed at edward in eclipse, when he didnt tell bella about emmett and paul suposedly crossing the line. that got me mifed. but in the end i am still team Edward and i'll love edward for ever. but back to the main topic, i dont hate the line its sad, and this may be sick, but when i'm really sad tht line cheers me up in someways. but the line just makes me cry thats about it.
I didn't hate it.... but I know what u mean! I was like :O :O :O :O NOOO WAY U DIDN'T SAY THAT!!!!! :( :( :( ....and yeah it got me REALLY depressive!!!! Sthepanie it's just a genius because that line gave the book that depressiveness that needed and it was just ouch!!!! it hit her right were it hurt!!!!! I was sooo sad when I read it!!!! sooo yeah I know what u mean!!!!! it was just soooo painful to read!!!!!


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