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Ughh that line gives me the chills !! (sorry if i didnt quote it exactly right, I try to not remeber that line)
Stupid edwdard what was he thinking !!!!!?!?! well i know what he was thinking but that was stupid. But i still love him
Gesh that boys got some issues
does anyone else totally hate that line? okay so hate is the wrong word but i mean i really dont like that line but yet its still important to the book

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ya i know it gave me th creeps but you could tell that it was really hard for him to do.

well he does explain it at the end of the book. and from the beginning b4 he says that u can tell how hard it is for him to say goodbye. and technically he didn't really want it to be as if he never existed he just felt that Bella deserved to try to have a normal life. not that she could because he had interrupted her life (thank god).
haha yeah
I was so sad that Edward said it I cried and wanted to throw the book at the wall. It was so sad, but I am glad he left Bella because if he never did Bella wouldn't have known how much Edward loved her and that she couldn't live with out him.
yeah true.
You know I believe that Edward did that for himself too. He has never felt the things he has with Bella, but he also felt he didn't deserve those feelings, since he was a monster. He had to see for himself that the desire to be with her, was not for blood lust, but for love. With out this, he would never have been able to tell the difference!
And he had to try leaving since he "messed up" in the first place and got together with Bella at all instead of leaving like he thought he should. He would have always had that doubt, like he didn't give her the opportunity to not be with him.
Yeah like when he left that just messed everything up. Like now they can never be seperated and it just made him more crazy and bella more selfish (yeah thats the only word i can come up with) but i mean not like selfish but now everytime he like leaves her she feels like he wont come back. Well atleast she did for a while
I cried every time I read those lines...why did he have to leave her? :-(
haha i know !
i do i hate it i almost threw the book at the wall but i did cry for like an hour
Haha i had to keep going ! i didn't think he would really leave and when he was gone i didnt thinkk he was really gone but it turns out he was.
( i kinda cheated a little and skipped to the end of New Moon to make sure he came back)
I wouldn't say I hate the line, it really makes up most of the story, w/ out the line Bella wouldn't have become BFFs w/ Jacob because Edward most likely wouldn't have let her. Bella is also stupid for even thinking Edward didn't want her anymore...


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