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Ughh that line gives me the chills !! (sorry if i didnt quote it exactly right, I try to not remeber that line)
Stupid edwdard what was he thinking !!!!!?!?! well i know what he was thinking but that was stupid. But i still love him
Gesh that boys got some issues
does anyone else totally hate that line? okay so hate is the wrong word but i mean i really dont like that line but yet its still important to the book

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I have to say, I probably would have thought he didn't want me. Low self esteem I guess. I would've been like "what's wrong with me?"
me too
yeah. I mean it was just soo like i duno
and when Bella sank down to the ground i could totallly like feel how she felt somehow. Thats what i love about these books, like you feel like your in the book
Me too!! Love love love...I kept forgetting where i was lol. I'd look around and be thinking 'oh, i'm at home' lol
me to ! especially when i read it at school. Id totaly forget thats where i was then like the bell would ring and id be like OH CRAP !
I dont hate it bue it brings unhappy memories to my head! it just an unhappy line to remember
This is a chilling and hurtful line from Edward to Bella. It's as if he doesn't care enough to even let her hang on to the memory of the short time they had together even if he IS about to hurt her excruciatingly. However, the thing that did it for me, that hurt the worst, was following through with that "promise" so to speak. Not only did he SAY it, but he removed any physical, tangible articles she had of or from him. (he freakin LEFT her, but he could have left her with someTHING). Yes, it was going to hurt getting over him, and even worse if she could see his precious face in a photograph, but to not have that physical item would be torture if I was in her shoes. In my mind, if I could not hear the sweet melodic rhythms from his songs, it would squeeze my heart and cause me to go insane if the song was lost in my slowly fading memory of him. It would not have helped to ease the hurt for Bella, but at least it would have been there to numb her pain (even for a little while) in a seemingly cruel but comforting way. I did hurt for Bella here! But it made her stronger!
I mean it was just soo like horrible. I dont know why he thought she could just forget him. I think he like underestameted how much Bella loves him
Totally underestimated! Doesn't that come up later in the story? How he had convinced himself she could forget if he left??
i think..


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