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Ughh that line gives me the chills !! (sorry if i didnt quote it exactly right, I try to not remeber that line)
Stupid edwdard what was he thinking !!!!!?!?! well i know what he was thinking but that was stupid. But i still love him
Gesh that boys got some issues
does anyone else totally hate that line? okay so hate is the wrong word but i mean i really dont like that line but yet its still important to the book

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IDONTLIKEIT!!! At all... it's depressing, makes my heart break.
That line is definitely full of hurt. I can kind of understand why Edward did that, but it really is still painful. I started crying when I read that, when he left her for her own good. But everything was okay, in the end. I wouldn't say that I 'Hate' it though. Although he didn't keep his promise,for that I was happy. xD-Kristen
I KNOW!! I hurt while reading that! I couldn't understand for the life of me how he thought that was even possible!! You are such a force in this girl's life and you leave her for one and then when you're leaving, you give her that line!!!! No wonder she blacked out in the forest!! Inconceivable!!! I don't know how it was possible but at that moment, I hated Edward. He is masochistic and all but to do this!!! WOW!!! Like that wasn't enough, I had to read, 3mnths of nothing because Bella was so heart broken. I love the line where she told him after Italy that that was the first time in six months she could "really" breathe!! You should go on Stephenie's page to read how Edward was dealing with this.
haha i have actually read that ! lol
edward has just got like so much going on with his emotions all the time. I mean he's kinda like bipolar for a lack of a better word. But i still love him.
LOL. bipolar kinda:) You realize that even Bella said that she didn't know when his bad mood would resurface? I hurt for him though when I read it what he was going through. It made me HATE Rosalie I'll tell you that!! He was absolutely miserable!!
i know haha. I was like wow. Rosalie is a very intersting character i think. I really think each of the characters could havee their own books lol they all have their own story.
Reading that line just made me break down...

I am actually crying at the moment...

Those words are so meaningful and so strong it just makes that hole expand and the raw edges throb and throb...

& I also still absolutely love Edward.

Well i didn't hate the line but it was something he had to do to try to give Bella no hope of him ever coming back so that "he hoped" Bella would move on and forget him.

But i was very very sad and i cried when he left her.....

He is so wonderful....
he is wonderful and i had a hard time forgiveing him for leaving Bella even though i know he had good intentions
I was totally counting on never forgiving Edward for leaving Bella...
But as soon as he returned all I felt was relief relief and relief...
me too
I thought it was an amazing line because it made me FEEL.
I was devastated, and can't imagine hearing that from someone that I loved so unconditionally. The feeling that they didn't want me, and that they just wanted to be erased from my life. Horrible - I can't imagine. Of course she wouldn't forget about him. Who would?


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