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Ughh that line gives me the chills !! (sorry if i didnt quote it exactly right, I try to not remeber that line)
Stupid edwdard what was he thinking !!!!!?!?! well i know what he was thinking but that was stupid. But i still love him
Gesh that boys got some issues
does anyone else totally hate that line? okay so hate is the wrong word but i mean i really dont like that line but yet its still important to the book

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i dont think anyone can forget edward
I know he totally cahgned my life and he isnt even real !
yes. it seems so ... cold. My first thought was "that is impossible!" He must not have realized how deeply Bella was in love with him. It took me back to when he was eavesdropping on Bella and Jessica's conversation. He couldn't believe she said that she liked him more than her... silly teenage stuff... but even though he is over 100, he still couldn't believe he had found someone like her...someone he didn't deserve.

He really didn't mean it, as someone pointed out, because he kept the items in her room... and wanted to end his life when he thought hers was over. If he truly felt that way, I don't think he would have said "never existed". JMHO.
yeah i hate it to but i love edward so much i had to frogive him.have you read the New Moon quotes? it says it different "IT WOULD BE TOUGHT I NEVER EXISTED"
i havent read new moon in a while so i kinda had forgotten edwards exact words
i know how could he think that she could forget him!!!
i would never be able to fully get over him
Of cours he didnt really mean it,but still,the most sad part of the book.
i do and i dont, because bella did need to get away from him for the safety of her life and his self control, but i didnt because like bella, i had something like that happen to me, except that the person i was dating wasnt a vampire. those are haunting words and i understand why she trued not to talk or think about edward
I admire Edward for trying to protect Bella and understand why he did it. And I cant blame her for reacting the way she did, she already thought he was too good for her and that he would just disappear like he was just a he never exsisted. My heart broke for both of them.
I hate it too. He was retarded to think that would ever happen! You can't ever just forget a part of your life, much less the best! I know that's what he wanted for Bella, and actually, after a bad break-up, most people do want to forget that the other person ever existed. But I think it was rediculous to say that to her and cruel to hide everything. But, I still love him to, it just frustrates me.
Yup, but Edward's quite dramatic, no? Even if it is a lie, it's harsh and unrealistic because how do you erase a person's memories?
hes a bit dramatic at times lol. And im not sure how he could think shed just forget him i mean wasnt it obvious she loved him ?
I thought Edward broke up with Bella tactfully. A little harsh, BUT, it was the only way she would let him go. You see, it took me 4ever to realize that Edward loves Bella so much that he would do whatever it takes to make sure she has the best life possible. And Edward ,thinks of himself as a monster, so I know he was thinking " Bella doesn't need a monster, she needs someone who she can be around that does not want to kill her all the time." So Edward left because he wanted Bella to be safe, and because he loves her. I know that had 2 be the hardest thing EVER!!! As far as the "It will be as if I never existed" line, I thought that Edward was trying to say " It would have been better, safer, healthier, 4 u if u had never met me"


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