The Twilight Saga

[Note from Author: Yes, I know that there are several other stories like this. But, atleast try and give this one a chance because it may not be like the others.


                                                                               A S C-B [Alexas Switzerland Culle-Black]

Chapter 1- The Given Chance

Edawrd's P.O.V.

Throughout my life, I thought I had seen it all. Not until I met the first human who wasn't my food. His name, Lyndon. He begged us with his life, not to hurt him, or the vampire who told him of this life.

Aro decided to go easy on him, saying he could either become a vampire,or. . .die.

I stopped in my tracks, smelling her from my throne in the back. Her scent was sweet, making me want to run and bite into her neck this instant.

"Edward, son. We have a visitor whom I would like you to meet."

I looked up at Aro, then to the two girls standing in front of him. One was Alice Cullen, my old sister, when I lived with the Cullens. Her thoughts were odd, trying to distract me, probably.



". . .square root of pie is 1.7724538509055160272981674. . ."

The other one, was human. She was the one I smelled. I strained to hear her thoughts, something I never had to do. She was getting on my nerves, though I didn't know her name. She looked nervous and scared.

I looked to Aro, and held out my hand for him to read my thoughts. When he was finished, he answered me in his head.

"Yes, son. She is human. Her name is Bella. Alice is like her sister in some ways, as Alice had put it. She is like a Cullen. . .pet, I guess you could say."

"Welcome, welcome, you two! It is nice to finally meet you, Ms. Cullen. And Miss Bella, it is a pleasure. I suppose you didn't come just to chat, though." Aro said, trying to calm the mood before giving them the news that either one, or both of them is going to die. "Yes, I see you have a human girl in on the little secret we keep. It will be a shame if you must die, though, Bella. "

"Yes, well, we didn't come here for Bella to die. We came here on your command, and we are here. I hope it doesn't come to that." Alice said, her lips pulling up into an empty smile. "Bella will be one of us. We already have the date set, if you must know. "

"Aro, shouldn't we just kill her now? I would be happy to do the honors myself." I said, glaring at the human interfering on our land. "After all, she is just a useless human."

I saw terror spark in the young girl's eyes. Alice let out a low growl at me.

"Peace, please." Aro stated, before it turned into a fight. "Yes, I suppose Edward is right. . .Unless, you. . ." Alice glared at Aro. "Okay, maybe not. Edward, do you mind walking them out for me?"

"Yes sir. . ." I muttered, walked over to them. They trailed behind me.

"It must be lonely here. . ." The human girl said half down the large hall, trying to fill the silence.

I glared at her for a second before answering, but after really looking at her, I calmed down. "Of course it does. Nobody here actually likes me. I know it's just because of my ability."

She looked back at me with chocolate brown. It was then, that I realized she might've been the one. . .If only she was a vampire.

I sighed and showe them the reception room, where Gianna was sitting at the desk.

"Please refrain from leaving until it is dark. I will give you notice when you can leave." I said to them quickly, before going back down the hall.

Chapter 2- Home Sweet Home

Bella's P.O.V.

I watched as he left down the hall, not turning back. He was absolutely beautfiul. He had pale skin, of course, which matched his crimson red eyes. He wore the same clothes as the rest of them: a dark grey hooded cloak, covering his body from neck down. His hair was bronze and going in every direction atop his head.

"Who was he?" I asked Alice, after moments of sitting in silence.

"That would be Edward, the so called 'son' of Aro.' If you ask me, he is just a rude angry teenage vampire, screaming on the inside to get out of this. . .this. . living hell."

"Why is he here?"

"Because he has the ability to read minds. It is very helpful to the Volturi, so they try to keep him. He is second in power, right behind Aro."

My eyes widened. "He could read my mind."

"Most likely."

"Creepy. . ."

"That's why you got to think of non-sense, like me!" She grinned.

"Do I even want to know what you were thinking of?"

"Probably not. . ." she laughed.

It seemed like hours, we waited. I sat in silence, until Alice got bored and begun braiding my hair.

Finally, Edward walked back into the room, staring at me the whole time.

"You can leave now." He said, looking in my eyes.

"Okay, thanks." Alice narrowed her eyes.

We walked past him slowly.


I stopped in my tracks, and slowly turned my head while holding my breath.


"Your hair looks pretty like that."

"Ummm. . .thanks." I said, breathing out in relief.

When we were out, I looked to Alice.

"That. Was. Strange!" She nodded in agreement.

The ride through Italy was tiring and short. I was relieved when we finally got to get off the plane in Seattle.

Alice scampered to Jasper's side, staring deeply in his eyes.

I had just woken up, so my vision was groggy. I tripped on nothing, and I heard Emmett's booming laughter from a few feet in front of me.

"Shutup Emmett. . ." I muttered, balancing myself, then yawning. Esme helped me walk the rest of the way.

After what seemed like hours, Alice dropped me off at my house. I grabbed my stuff from the back of the car, and walked inside.

"Bye, Alice!" I yelled to her. She pulled out of the driveway, and drove away.

I walked into my house.

"Dad! I'm home from L.A.!" I yelled

L.A. was the cover story. Charlie was thinking we were on a trip to California for the break vacation. It worked out very well, actually.

"Okay, Bella! I'll be down in a second!" I heard him yell back from the living room.

I walked into the kitchen and started on dinner.

"Hey, Bells!" he called from behind. "How was L.A.?"

"We had fun. . .Lounged in the sun, went swimming." I said casually.

Just then, the phone rang.

"I'll get it." Charlie said, grabbing the phone before I could. "Hello? Oh, hey Billy! Sure! Yep, of course! You're always welcomed. Yeah, sure, Jacob can come along, too. See you in a few minutes!"

"Who was that?"

"Billy Black, you know, Jacob Black's dad?"

"Oh yeah! Me and Jake were good childhood friends, right?"

"Yes. You guys would play together when me and Billy hung out/ You guys did all sorts of things!" He sighed.

"Is Jacob coming?"


"Cool, maybe we can catch up."

Just then, the door bell rang.

"I got it!" I yelled before Charlie could blink. I opened the door.


Chapter 3- What the Heck?

Edward's P.O.V.

I rang the doorbell to her house, not knowing why I did this. Was I crazy? Maybe. . .Did I really love her, or did I just want to eat her? Probably a bit of both. . .

The door opened quickly.

"Hello!" She looked at me, her eyes wide with shock. "Ummm. . .What are you doing here?"

"Can we talk in private for a second?"

"Who is it?" I heard her dad call from the kitchen. 

"Just a. . .friend! I'll be right back." She walked outside, and closed the door. "Well?"

"Hi, Bella. As you must know, I am Edward. I am- er. . .was apart of the Volturi. I lef-"

"Wait! You left the Volturi? Why?"

"Well, as I was saying, I left, because I started thinking about what Alice had said about me being an angry teenager. I couldn't agree more. . ." And, I am madly in love with you, I added mentally.

"And you came here. .why?"

Why? Why did I come here? "Ummm. . .I cannot tell you that."

"Goodbye." She rolled her eyes and walked back inside. I grabbed her shoulder, and spun her round. Bad idea. Her scen came at me like a wrecking ball. I let out a loud hiss, sending her running.

"I'm such an idiot. . ." I muttered, walking away.

Next, it was time to go to the Cullens'. Maybe they would believe. I use to live with them, after all.

I ran as fast as I could, running through the trees, until I finally found my old home. It was as large as always. The door opened as I was walking up the steps.

"Edward? What are you doing here? I haven't seen you in years!" Carlisle grinned.

Suddenly, everyone was behind him.

"Edward? Edward! Welcome back!" They all shouted my name.

"Wait!" Alice shouted, louder than all of them. "Why are you here?"

 Chapter 4- Evil

Alice's P.O.V.

I obviously already knew why he was here, but I thought the others should know, too.

"Yes, well, why are you here? Was there something needed from the Volturi?"

"No. I left the Volturi to come and live with you again. I will take back to being a vegetarian."

"But. . .why? Why leave the power of the Volturi, just to live with us?"

"Because I have found someone." He grinned at Carlisle. Carlisle smiled back at him, wearily.

"Will we be able to meet the girl?"

"Well. . .She's human."

Everyone except Carlisle, Esme, and I gasped.

"Oh that's wonderful, Edward! I'm so happy for you!" Esme shouted, running to hug him.

"She doesn't know yet, though. . ." He looked down at the ground, "Her name is-"

"Bella Swan." I piped in. They all stared at him. They knew Bella like family. We all did. I don't think he should ruin it for us. "I don't like it. He's going to hurt her!" I shouted. He glared at me. Emmett and Jasper stepped in front of me, and then he calmed down. I closed my eyes, and concentrated.

We both gasped at the same time. He was with her. She was one of us.


We sat in silence as we played, me seeing every move he does with the future, him reading my mind for my techniques. It was a close game-not. We have been playing for hours, but not even close to the end. Emmett and Rose were watching us for a while, but they got bored after about 30 minutes.

"Your move." I grinned, as he moved a pawn. I jumped it at the last minute. It was the first of his I had. He had two pawns from me, but that was all.

The game went on like this, until after a few more hours, I won.

"Next time, you're going down." He grinned.

"Sure. . ." I ran down the hall into my room. Tommorrow we had school again, so I had to pick out my 'going-back-to-school-after-the-break outfit.

Finally, after what seemed like about 10 minutes, I had it.

It consisted of: a pair of white skinny jeans, a black leather jacket, black boots, and a sparkley black tanktop.

Chapter 5- School

Bella's P.O.V.

Of course Alice picked me up, just like she always does.

"Hey Alice." I said, stepping into the car.

"Hey Bella!" Alice said, cheerful as always.

"You'll never guess who gave me a visit this weekend."


I stared at her in amazement, then realized. "Stupid physchic." I said, grinning.

"No, he paid us a visit, too. I missed him. Did you know, he use to be a Cullen? He was the second person Carlisle changed. But, he couldn't handle the lifestyle of the Cullens. So, after Jasper and I joined, he left for the Volturi."

I gasped. "He. . .use to be. .a. .Cullen. . .?" She nodded.

Forks wasn't that far from my house. Espceially, when you're driving triple the speed limit in a Mercedes AMG. We turned into the parking lot, with Rosalie in her red BMW convertible right behind us. 

I stepped out and slammed the door shut, then gasped at the sight in front of me.

"Hey." Edward said, closing the door to his Volvo. My eyes widened.


"Yep." He was dressed casually in a grey button up shirt with black jeans. His eyes were covered with a pair of dark sunglasses. Probably, to cover his eyes.

"Alice?" I turned to look at her.

"Yeah, I know. Did I forget to tell you? He's joining our family again, and becoming a vegetarian."

(I will finish the chapter later!)


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