The Twilight Saga

this starts off in eclipse with jake's point of view, but it's different from real story. this is just my version.

a lot of things change for the residents of LaPush and Bella Swan. desire, confusion, and murder weave new paths for each of their lives. secrets reveal themselves and rupture the skin.  new passions come to light. can imprinting make love easier?... can true love conquer imprinting?


Jacob Black Forever Chapter 1: Sunrise


i woke up this morning to find my legs stretched over the end of my bed. dang. i had grown again. i sat up and yawned, and stretched and flexed my arms. i felt like a freak. my muscles bulged. i looked in the mirror and decided that maybe they weren't so bad. i put some gray sweat pants over my legs and went to the kitchen for breakfast. dad was already there. i opened the fridge and drank the milk right from the carton.


Billy cleared his throat and folded his arms across his chest. "you're not dressed for school, yet?"


"i'm not going," i winked at him. i took another swig of milk from the carton.


"why not son?" he asked. i thought the answer was obvious.


"dad. look at me. i'm a freak of nature. you think kids at school aren't gonna notice these physical changes and make fun of them?"


"you shouldn't care what they think. you are something special. you have been chosen by nature to be the next alpha in our family tree. if i had gotten that chance, i wouldn't be complaining about it like you are," dad said.


"whatever, dad."


i poured him a glass of milk and set it on the table. then i rolled him under it and made him something for breakfast.


"aren't you going to school today?" he asked. it wasn't a question. more like if you don't say yes then don't bother coming home this afternoon.


"maybe," i said. i put a pop tart in the toaster. i enjoyed testing his patience to an extent. but i always know where my limits are with dad. i looked out the window and the sun's ray beamed down like a lazer.


"you are not a freak. you are special," dad said.


"sure," i responded, still staring out the window. the sun never hurt my eyes when i look directly at it. it's like i'm the same species as the star. we could be one. we could take each other's place in nature. i whipped my head. then i felt my hair and realized the long black locks i use to sport were gone. i always seem to forget that. i rubbed the back of my head. my hair now was short and glossy. if i grew it back out, i would be one hairy wolf.


i put the pop tart on a plate and slid it to dad.


"thanks," he said. "now go put on a shirt and go to school."


i walked back to my room and looked around. what a mess, i shook my head. almost every piece of clothing i owned was either ripped or shredded. i siffed through the piles looking for something halfway decent to throw on. i put on a white shirt. then i took off the sweat pants, they didn't go with the shirt. but they did if i wanted to look like a homeless guy. i slipped on some blue jeans and then stuck my feet into some sneakers. i grabbed my backpack and banged my forehead walking out of the doorway. i said bye to dad and this time i ducked my head as i walked through the doorway of the front of the house. it felt like summer to me, but it was October. i got into my truck and drove to school. i was low on gas but i could make it there and back without running out. i decided to get some gas anyway before i returned home.

the school parking lot was scarce of cars. and i felt guilty for being one of the few kids that had a vehicle. i parked and walked up the steps just as the bell rang for first period. i caught Mrs. Nenette blushing at my physique. i couldn't help but smile, but i worried about giving her the wrong impression. like i said, i couldn't help but smile.


"good morning, Mrs. Nenette," i said.


"good morning, Jacob," she said.


i was the tallest kid walking through these halls. girls smirked at me and flirted. guys looked at me and wondered. maybe they wondered how i get so buff. maybe they wanna ask but are too 'macho' to ask. oh well. it's not like there's an answer i can give them. because there is none that i can share. they will just have to wonder. i walked into Mrs. Ono's class before ducking my head. she smiled and said hello. the thick round lenses of her glasses got jammed into her high set cheekbones as she smiled. i said hello and took my seat. i put my back pack on the floor.

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That is just crazy! Some police officers! And poor bella, I hope she get's out of this soon :( Between, I love it!!

P.S: New Reader!

thanks Larisee
Wow!!! Poor Bella I don't like the way the police are treating her!!! Awesome chap!!!!
thanks very much
Jacob Black Forever chapter 34 Partner in Crime

Carrie opened the door for him and Seymore left the room.

“Carrie, wait,” I said. She stopped and looked at me. her face was hard and a hint of dissappointment in her expression. “I have school tomorrow. I have to go home.”

“we’ll take care of that,” she said.

“what do I do til then?” I asked.

“just sit here and wait for us,” she said. I closed my eyes really hard. What was she thinking. She was acting like she didn’t know who I am anymore. It was a long night for me. I went to the door and discovered that she didn’t lock it. I stepped out to ask to make a phone call. Nobody payed attention to me, not like I expected.

“hi,” I said, my manner was unusually introverted. I sounded shyer than normal.

“hello,” the receptionist said.

“um. I wanna make a phone call?” I said it like a question.

“sure,” she said, having sympathy on me. she had me come around her desk. I ducked down to avoid eyes from the other people there. I called Paul on Lori's cell phone. I told him that the police were coming to the reservation right now. He said he’d spread the word. I wanted them all to be on alert. Even though I had nothing to hide, i requested that they watch what they say. Seeing how the detective could spin things, I was nervous. I closed the phone.

“thanks,” I almost whispered it.

“no problem. They should have listened to you when you told them he doesn’t do vacations,” the receptionist said. I gave a meak smile, happy that one person was on my side. But Lori wasn’t a cop, only a receptionist. I crawled out from her desk and tiptoed back to the interrogation room. I shut the door, but didn’t lock it. Because it wasn’t locked before. I sat down at the bland table. I didn’t think about anything. I didn’t want to dream up any ideas that could be possible for my future. I could feel things going downhill. I stared at the walls. I rested my head on the table. I played thumb war with myself. I stared at the table. Until the boredom exhausted me, I fell asleep.

The loud door opening is what woke me up. It was Carrie and she was back with a box.

“Ms. Swan,” she greeted me with a dull voice. I was hoping that the box had a change of clothes for me and other things that I needed. “we went by your house.”

I reached for the box, after wiping sleep from my eyes. Carrie pulled it back out of my reach.

“I suggest you don’t say anything until you’ve gotten a lawyer,” she said, her bright blue eyes dug into me with a cold expression.

“what?” I asked. I hadn’t wrapped my head around what she said.

“a lawyer,” she said. “someone to represent you.”

“I don’t need a lawyer. I didn’t do anything wrong,” I said. Det. Seymore came through the door. He was in a happier mood than last I saw him. He slung his jacket over his arm.

“nice work, Carrie,” he praised her. “Bella, we got our man,” he said to me. “but you’re not off the hook, yet.”

“you found who killed my father?” I said, only hearing the first part. That was a victory in itself. I forgot about me for a moment. A smile started to creep onto my face, until I looked through the corner of my eye and caught sight of the accused murderer. He wore a skin- tight black tee shirt and jeans. My tiny smile faded quickly. My heart started beating really fast. My eyes welled up. My legs turned weak. Two policemen walked through with a handcuffed Jacob Black. They flanked him. He towered over both of them with his six feet two inches tall stature, his hands behind his back. Each officer grasped on an arm of his. It was like slow motion. Jacob looked extremely agitated and angry. His face killed me. I wanted to die. Another officer was walking behind those two. He had a box with a plastic bag sticking up in it. In the bag was something splatted with blood. The two officers with Jacob passed us, Jacob didn’t move his head, he only looked at me through the corner of his eye for only a second. But it felt like it was longer than that. His face was like stone. I was surprised he even looked at me at all.

“what are you trying to do? Are you trying to kill me!” my voice screeched at the detective. I sounded like I was crying. The officer with the box walked into the interrogation room. He slammed the box on the table next to the first one.

“let’s get started,” Det. Seymore said. Carrie took her box and put it on the floor. “we went by the Indian reserve, first. We knocked on doors, we asked around about you. ‘bout what you are like. They weren’t very helpful. And that made me wonder.”

“because there’s nothing to say,” I cut him off.

“then we did a little searching,” he said, ignoring me. he dipped his hand in the box and pulled out the plastic bag. Inside it was dried, crusted blood and an ax. The wooden part was cut down to make it shorter. The edge of the blade was strange. It wasn’t straight. It had a zigzag appearance and dried up blood stuck to and between the corners of the z designs.

“then in one of the last places we looked, we got lucky. We asked to search every house, every shed, garage, everything.” He said. Seymore chuckled, annoyingly. “your boyfriend isn’t as smart as he looks. He let us check his garage and we found this hidden under a pile of old junk. The murder weapon.”

“he’s not my boyfriend,” I mumbled really low. Det. Seymore looked aggravated with me for saying that. He dipped his hand back inside the box. “we were excited. We got him. Then Carrie asked to go to your house to get your school books and you a change of clothes. We did,” Det. Seymore suddenly frowned. “and found this in your hamper.” He pulled out a lighter plastic bag. Inside it, bloody gloves. I shook my head.

“I’m not that stupid,” I said. “If I did do it, I wouldn’t leave evidence in the open like that.”

Carrie glared at me. her expression told me to be quiet.

“they weren’t out in the open. They were at the bottom of the hamper,” Seymore retorted.

“why the hell were you going through my dirty clothes!” I shot up.

“we were doing our job. What part of that don’t you understand!” Seymore raised his voice at me. he composed himself slightly. And continued. He reached in the box a third time. Pulling out an even smaller plastic bag. “we found this in Charlie’s cruiser,” he held up the small bag. My eyes widened in fear and confusion. It was my bracelet that Jacob gave me. the one he made for me on my birthday. I stared through the plastic at the tiny wooden wolf trapped inside the plastic bag. No air.

“I haven’t ridden in Charlie’s cruiser since I was seven. And I haven’t worn that bracelet since last year. It’s suppose to be in my bedroom in my jewelry box.”

“you don’t know how it got inside Charlie’s cruiser?” Seymore asked.

“no,” I said, grumpily.

“of course you don’t,” he said. His snide remark made my skin crawl. “all incriminating evidence points to you and your boyfriend. We have no choice but to book you, as well.”

I stood up, silently outraged.

“come on, Bella,” Carrie said in a soothing voice. She grabbed my arm. i yanked it away from her. “Bella. Please. Don’t resist.”

“where’s Simon. I wanna talk to Simon,” I said desperately. “and Corporal!”

Carrie dragged me out of the interrogation room. Her box dangled from her other hand. She didn’t handcuff me. she threw me behind a jail cell. She didn’t bother taking me to a women’s facility. I guess I was getting some special treatment. Or maybe she feared for my life and decided it was best that I stay close to here. She didn’t make me change into a black and white, or gray jumpsuit. I changed into clothes that were in her box. They were my things from the house. A light pink tee shirt and some jeans and underwear. My back pack was in there, too. She took the box away.

“why are you listening to him?” I asked, as the iron bars closed with a harsh noise.

“the evidence, Bella,” she said. “I have no choice.”

I clasped my puny fingers around the bars. My bottom lip trembled.

“here,” Carrie slipped her cell phone through the bars. “see if you can make bail.”

I took her cell phone. I slowly dialed a number. My tears had blinded my eyes. They fell on the cell phone. My brain was being slow. I messed up and dialed again. I didn’t know anybody who would do this for me. except Charlie. But he was dead. Renee would. But she’s too far away. I gave Carrie back her cell phone.

“if you don’t make bail, you’re going to sit in jail until your court date. And they’re going to move you to a woman’s prison because you can’t stay here in this little holding cell.,” Carrie explained, exhaustion and worry rippling through her words. I didn’t respond. I sobbed. Carrie came by later with a bag from McDonald’s. I felt extremely lucky. I wondered what Jacob was eating. Probably slop off a tray. I ate slow trying to make it last. After eating, I had a big craving for more. It was torture. i layed on the cot and tried to sleep in the dark room. The only light came from the window high up. The moon light peeked through it. I stared at the light until I could fall asleep. I didn’t dream of anything, except a black sheet under my eyelids. The loud door opening woke me up. The room was dim. The light turned on. Carrie came in and unlocked the gate which entrapped me with a key on a circle of other jingly keys.

“looks like you made bail,” she said, sliding the bars open. I stepped through them. She lead me down a hallway I hadn’t been in before. Who would do this for me. I was thinking it was Billy. Carrie led me to another part of the station. One unfamiliar to me. Paul was leaning his elbows on a window. Counting cash and sliding it into his pockets. The man behind the window took the other cash and put it inside an envelope. Paul looked at us coming up the hall.

“thank you,” was all I could say. He had no idea of what he just saved me from. Carrie released me.

“get straight to school,” she said. Then she headed back the way we came. Paul walked me outside. The dimlit sun was shaded by gray clouds.

“did you bail out Jacob?” I asked.

“I only had enough cash for one person. Bail’s expensive,” Paul said, annoyed at the high price he payed. “Billy bailed out Jacob. Don’t worry.”

Relief set in my chest, but I knew Billy was pissed off at me even more now. “come on. I’ll drive you to school.”

I got inside his car. I clamped my hands down on the steering wheel when he made the engine roar to life. I looked deeply into his eyes, “I can’t go to school. People will stare at me.”
OMG!!! Poor Bella!! Awesome chap!!!!
cool. thanks
thanks you rachel
omg really and the cullen are gone cause they killed edward right......?
I love it!
thanks ashley


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