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Will you keep the book of Jacob?
No, we will not keep. Eclipse is a good way to introduce the book of
Jacob, because in this film, we begin to move away from the
simple perspective of Bella. We will see that the newborns, the Volturi
... we're really starting to move away from its point of view alone. So
in Revelation, having the vision of Jacob on what will happen almost
naturally. We will also maybe you can share other points of view

We now know that the last album, "Breaking Dawn" will be divided into two films. Do you already know how you do it?
For me, there is a natural separation in the book. I do not know yet
exactly when we will stop in the first film, but in the first part of
the book "Breaking Dawn" Bella is human, just married and pregnant while
in the second part is a vampire and a mother. So somewhere in
this transition, there is a natural separation. But I do not know yet
exactly where it will be. It works.

To me this is such an important part of BD.  I  think she has ruined every movie. I wish they got another screenwriter.  I wonder how they will incorporate parts of that book into the movies.  What do you think?

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I also wish they had a better screen writer. I am for one am very happy they won't be doing Jacobs book. His ranting and raving grew very tiring for me. I think he will be in it lots still though. I just don't want half a movie with his bad moods. Where did you find this?
I got it off of
Aww I liked Jacob's was funny!lol
I am NOT Team Jacob, but I also liked his perspective and chapter titles...they were SO funny!!
What do i look like? the wizard of oz? you need a brain? need a heart? go ahead take mine. take everything i have.

One very loooong chapter title in Breaking Dawn
how about 'life sucks and then you die, yeah i should be so lucky' its the preface but i still think its funny, or 'good thing i have a strong stomach' or 'why didn't i just walk away? Oh right because i'm an idiot'
Those are absolutely HILARIOUS i had to stop and read them like twenty when i was reading BD
I'm a bit suprised..... but I'm also a bit disappointed that they won't show Jacob's perspective in Breaking Dawn. Jacob isn't that half bad. But I think since there's so much more attention for the vampires is probably why they left out Jacob's POV in the movie. Also because since the two final installments are going to have a lot more content, there probably wasn't enough room for Jacob.
that's so dumb i think someone else should of written this one. I think that is an important part of the story is Jacob's story even though I love Edward that is a great part just like Eclipse they skipped all the good parts of the book and went right to the fight part.
I wish they keep the JAcob book. BecAUSE I am switzerland. I want to see more JAcob. I see Edward in every movie. More JAcob!
omg. whoa. didn't see that one coming.
that's so not cool. they should include jacob's perspective. :(
where did you see this info??


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