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Agreed! I think Jensen Ackles would be perfect!
Yup, I wouldn't have anything against Jensen playing Jared.
Gosh, I wouldn't have anything against Jensen playing anyone anywhere. And to see him on big screen...
Smack me or I won't stop! ;)))
HAHA I'm right there with ya!
OMG that would be such a disappointment. He looks more like a Jamie than a Jared...
For Jared he's too young, for Jamie too old.
And... I'm sorry, it may be a little harsh but when he smiles he looks like moron. :S
I definitely didn't say he should be Jamie I just said he looks more like a Jamie than Jared. I don't think it is harsh the kid is just sooooo not right for this flick.
Oh I know but I was just musing about him being cast for anyone in the movie.

Btw when I was reading The host I was imagining Jared looking like Josh Holloway and since then can't stop thinking about Holloway playing that part.
On the other hand Jensen Ackles would be perfect too. I wonder who will REALLY play Jared Howe.
Chill you guys ;) It's just a rumour. Like I said on the main comment wall, imdb makes these mistakes frequently. It isn't confirmed by anyone. You know that if it was true SM would be the first one to put it on her website. And well she didn't. Besides SM is probably a little bit involved in the pre-production process and would she really choose this kid as her Jared? I think not. This a kid, he can't play a 26/27 year old man. I don't care how good of an actor you are. Besides if this really was the Jared they chose, well I wouldn't even want to know how Ian would look like. Or Jamie for that matter. (What, that one is going to be a 10 year old playing a 15 year old teenager? I think not)

btw sorry if I got the ages wrong. I'm really horrible with numbers ;)
Agreed! I've actually spoken with Erik Fellows on clearing up some of these rumors. Erik has been rumored to play Ian. He said there is nothing confirming ANYTHING yet. No one has been casted at all. They're going through and doing auditions, but at the moment Stephenie Meyer is busy getting ready to start filming Breaking Dawn. So he said nothing will be released, most likely, until Breaking Dawn is done filming. He's going to keep me posted, but I'm sure we'll know the news as soon as he does.
Oh really? Well thanks for clearing that up ;) But this means we'll probably have to wait untill next year to hear anything more about it. Because you know BD is going to take at least six months filming... Well I guess we have to wait some more *sigh*
Yeah, they'll be finished filming around March, so we might have to wait until March or April for any news.
Not to be mean, but he is far from what I imagined Jared to be. Please pick a good list of casts!!! I don't want to be dissapointed with the movie!


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