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Scarlet is a young girl of 8 and she is a Witch but sadly she has no one, one day when she is walking in the woods she gets attacked and turned into part Vampire, she still has her Witch side in her so she grows fast but stops ageing at a certain age. Aro finds her and takes her in and to the Volturi, he thinks of her as his daughter. Ben the new member of the Volturi, he does not fit in and no one talks to him, he has good in him and Aro makes him Scarlet's guard. When Scarlet grows up she and Ben fall in love. What will happen?


Chapter 1~New Members

Sneak Peak of Chapter 2~Fight

Chapter 2~Fight

Chapter 3~A What?

Chapter 4~ Visitors and The Ball Part 1

Chapter 4~Visitors and The Ball Part 2

Chapter 4~Visitors and The Ball Part 3

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@Alice I will do :)

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I am sure they do

can u write more?

I will update soon

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I'm With You. xxx

Chapter 3-A What?

Scarlet's Pov:

The pain soon died down but I felt so numb I could not force my self to get up just yet, I just layed there on the floor looking at Ben, he was stiffer then a rock. I looked down at the ground but I did not want to tear my gaze away from his but I felt like I had to, It killed me inside to look at his perfect face filled with so much pain in his eyes as he felt like he failed me at the moment because here I am hurt.

Ben knelled down beside me and he helped me back up "You okay?" he asked as he examined for any cuts or bruises but I was fine, just numb as a log. It took me all I had in me just to nod and let him know I was fine.

I looked at the girl who was on the floor, the human girl as Ben's arms tightened around me and he held me close to his cold chest, I felt safe and like I belonged somewhere when I was in his arms, I looked down at the dead Vampire's body and sighed and looked at the girl again, who was in tears. I walked to her a bit limp and kneeled down and touched her hand softly.

She looked at me with tears in her eyes as Demetri stood beside her, not doing anything to her like I thought I would seeing as Aro told him he could do what he wanted with the girl. She wrapped her arms round me and hugged me, she was so warm but I was not cold so I was a more normal temperature then the rest of the coven. I felt the tears she cried sink into my hair and trickle down my neck. They felt so warm and salty. I could feel her sorrow as I held her and rubbed her back softly trying to show my kindness and confort her.

Ben looked at us and he smiled softly at us and he sighed softly and stroked my little head and then looked at girl "I am sorry for your loss" he said and she just nodded softly while she wiped her tears.

Bella looked at Aro "What will you do with me?" she asked and swallowed, she looked scared of what was going to happen to her, I looked at him with Bella and wondered what he would say and if he was going to keep her here or not.

Aro looked at her "Nothing, you will stay here, work for us, at least something for you to do, we can't let you go back and tell the Cullens about your precious little Edward being dead now can we?" he said, he smirked a bit at her, he was nice to me but I could tell he liked to play with humans, I didn't blame him much after all he was a full Vampire, but I did feel sorry for the girl.

Bella sighed and just nodded, she had no choice but to accept what was to happen to her. "Alright" she said plainly and sat down at the steps trying to get her self together, she sighed and buried her face in her hands. I stood beside Ben and just looked at her sadly, it was like she was drowning in her sorrow and fear about this.

Demetri looked at Bella, something different in his eyes like he felt sorry for her "Let me show to your room" he said and offered her his hand, she looked at him hesitantly before taking it and walked out with him to where he was taking her, so she would have her own chamber like the rest of us.

Ben looked at me and Jane just smirked "Oh god why don;t you just marry her?" She laughed, which was a mistake as Ben launched him self at her and shoved her against the wall snarling so loud I had to grip to a chair as the room was shaking a bit at his growl.

Ben kept Jane pinned to the wall and he was sweating, I stared at him in shock a little, why was he sweating? This was not normal. Was it? I asked my self in my head, I then saw how he was starting to shake, Jane pushed him back so fast he flew back into the wall and when he landed on the floor he......well he was not him self anymore, a large brown wolf was in the room. At that same Moment Bella walked back inside with Demetri and she pulled me to her to keep me safe, but I was not scared.

"He's a werewolf" Demetri said, but it sounded more like a question rather then a statement.

"A what?" I asked looking at him in shock, how was this possible? He was a Vampire not a Werewolf, but maybe he was like me, so maybe he had the wolf genes but they were dormant and when he got changed he survived it as he was never changed into a wolf but now the wolf side wanted to get out thanks to Jane.

Aro looked confused just like and the rest of the coven and looked at me "Maybe he is like you" he said and I just nodded

"It could be possible" Bella added "If his wolf Genes were dormant it would explain as to why he survived when he was changed and now his wolf genes got out so it made him phase" she said as she kept me close to her while Ben was still in his wolf form trying to calm down and figure out what was going on with him and how he could turn back.

Ben finally managed to turn back into his human self but there was one issue he had no clothes, he lost them with the phase, I looked away so I would not look and blush or stare.

"Umm you need clothes" Bella said and handed Ben his things which were on the floor beside her.

I did not see but I could tell Ben was emmbarased "Umm thanks" he said and he got changed behind a pillar and walked back out, his jeans were torn a bit and he was shirtless, god why? I asked my self, he looked really strong and I made me want to stare.

sometimes i dont get to it for awhile wonder if befor each chapter you put 4   5 lines from last chapter to just to help setting kno i can go back but this would make it easier if not ok

I dont to that from every chapter, as I write from different view of each chapter so I put from their perpective so its different to the last lines of the chapter before

aw cute


Umm what?


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