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Scarlet is a young girl of 8 and she is a Witch but sadly she has no one, one day when she is walking in the woods she gets attacked and turned into part Vampire, she still has her Witch side in her so she grows fast but stops ageing at a certain age. Aro finds her and takes her in and to the Volturi, he thinks of her as his daughter. Ben the new member of the Volturi, he does not fit in and no one talks to him, he has good in him and Aro makes him Scarlet's guard. When Scarlet grows up she and Ben fall in love. What will happen?


Chapter 1~New Members

Sneak Peak of Chapter 2~Fight

Chapter 2~Fight

Chapter 3~A What?

Chapter 4~ Visitors and The Ball Part 1

Chapter 4~Visitors and The Ball Part 2

Chapter 4~Visitors and The Ball Part 3

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@Knives And Pens. Thanks :)

Note~I would like to thank everyone who has been reading this story so far. :) you make me a happy author with the great feedback you give me,I should update today if not then I will tomorow and more drama will soon come as well as new characters will come into the story :) so keep your eyes out for the drama and new people.

Chapter 4-Visitors and The Ball Part 1

Bella's Pov:

I looked at how Ben was with Scarlet and I could tell even though she was 8 they had a connection, something I would never get with them two. I looked down a bit and sighed to my self, I looked at the spot where Edward died and I closed my eyes tightly, I felt so empty at the moment, he was gone, I was stuck here, if I tried to escape I knew I would most likely die.

Aro looked at me "I have a task for you to do" he said, his voice calm and rather warm tone, he never used such a warm tone with me, why now? I asked my self.

I nodded "Alright, what is it?" I asked looking at him after a few seconds of debating my self if I should look at the man who said I was not to go anywhere or make contact with any of the Cullens.

He looked at me as he handed me a little list, it had different names on it, I assumed it was some covens "Every year we host a Ball and we invite covens to it, here's the list, I want you send the invitations, you will find them on Gianna's desk in the reception"

I nodded "Okay, I will do" I said and looked at the list to read the coven's names:

Australian Coven,

The Johnson Coven,

The Denali Coven and the Stevenson Coven.

I folded up the list and put it in my pocket and then went to the desk where Gianna was on the phone, I looked at her and mouthed to her Could you please pass me the ball invitations?

Gianna nodded with a warm smile and handed them to when she found them in a draw of her desk, I nodded at her as a thank you and then sat on the other desk which was close by and wrote on the invitations to each coven.

Dear Coven,

You are invited to the Volturi's annual Ball on the 10th of February

From 8pm till 4am.

Please consider it a great honour to be invited here and we all look forward to see you.

Yours Sincerly,

Bella Swan (Working of the Volturi)

I sealed all the envelopes when Gianna checked them to make sure they were all right, she just nodded so I walked outside and to the post office and put the envelopes inside to post them then I walked back inside the castle and closed the door behind me, it was rather big and heavy, so I had to use both of my hands to shut it properly.

I leaned my head back on the wooden door and Heidi looked at me "You alright?" she asked, she has a kind gently voice, her long dark hair feel to almost her waist, her red eyes had a kind look in them.

I nodded "Yeah I guess" I replied and looked at her as I put my hands in my pockets and looked at the clock, it was 6pm, only two hours till the ball, as Vampires they would get the invite soon and be here before 8pm. 

Heidi nodded and smiled at me softly "Come on, Aro wants you to change for the ball" she said as she offered her hand to me.

I looked at her with a slight shock "I am sorry what?" I asked, did she say me go to the Ball?

She giggled softly "Don't worry, once I am done with you, no one will knows it you" she said and walked with me to my room and sat me down in a chair, she brushed my hair, her hand were cold but yet soft, she made my hair all wavey and pined some of it up so most of it was lose, she picked out a dress for me and shoes, they were high heels. The dress was a dark colour and rather short, but nice, it had gloves to go with it.

After Heidi was done with me and she turned me around in the chair so I looked at me self in the mirror "Ta-Dah" she said, she said as the clock stroked 8pm.

I looked at my self and took a deep breath "Well here it goes" I said as I walked out of my room and to the throne room where the ball was held, as I walked in all the eyes fell on me making a nervous like crazy, but one person caught my attention, he was tall, had light hair and he had a bright smile on his face, which made his handsome features stand out, he walked over to me and he kissed my hand softly which made me blush.

"I am Peter" he said softly, his voice had a British accent. 

Bella's Hair, Dress and Shoes:

High Heels


A/N~So here was Chapter 4 part 1, how will Bella cope without Edward on this event, will she open up to Peter and how will they get on? How will Ben also cope with being wolf and how will his releanship with Scarlet change? Find the answers in the next few parts or maybe even chapters of this story.

Happy Reading and enjoy :)

Peace, Love, Reading.

I'm With You

I really enjoy your story you write very nicely please keep my updated I read your story all in one shot and it was very much intriguing please write more.



aww thank you, I will keep you updated :) and welcome as a new reader Tia

aw lovely just absolutely lovely

aww thanks :)

love it keep me posted!!!!!!!!!!!!

I will do :) 

you said dress short but its long take your time still good  waiting

Luv it post more soon please! ;)

I will soon :)


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