The Twilight Saga


Scarlet is a young girl of 8 and she is a Witch but sadly she has no one, one day when she is walking in the woods she gets attacked and turned into part Vampire, she still has her Witch side in her so she grows fast but stops ageing at a certain age. Aro finds her and takes her in and to the Volturi, he thinks of her as his daughter. Ben the new member of the Volturi, he does not fit in and no one talks to him, he has good in him and Aro makes him Scarlet's guard. When Scarlet grows up she and Ben fall in love. What will happen?


Chapter 1~New Members

Sneak Peak of Chapter 2~Fight

Chapter 2~Fight

Chapter 3~A What?

Chapter 4~ Visitors and The Ball Part 1

Chapter 4~Visitors and The Ball Part 2

Chapter 4~Visitors and The Ball Part 3

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Oh boy. Wjat will happens now!!! Damn... THis chapter rocks . Post more :D

You will have to wait and see :)

Aww thanks, I will post soon

love it, keep me posted!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Thanks Tikki and I will :))

@Rue, yeah he always does lol.

Aww thanks

mmmmmmmmmmmmm.........loves it

Thanks :)

I love it... But HOLY SNAP!!!!!!!!!! hopefully Bella gets to live through the day... please more soon!!!!!

you will have to wait and see

Love it post more soon

I will soon :)


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