The Twilight Saga

Twilight Relation : Vampires and Werewolves and strange relationships.

Scarlett Trinmiss & Austin Relry

(Tamaki Suoh & LostSoull)

Werewolf & Vampire

I Kissed A Vampire - Love's In Vain

Yes, Scarlett is a werewolf, and Austin just happens to be a vampire. So? The war against werewolves and vampires has long past, and they both live in peace for now. Even so, there are a few rivalries over territory and what not, and it just happens that the Trinmiss pack and Relry clan are one of those few groups who get along well enough. Scarlett and Austin often butt heads though. Austin is the type who likes to get when he wants when he wants it, and Scarlett is the type to stand up for herself no matter what. Of course, they always come to a sort of agreement in the end. Austin likes to tease Scarlett, and can be a bit of a show off when he wants to be. Scarlett, on the other hand does not. She'd rather not be the center of attention.

Rena Marlee & Dustin Leron

(LostSoull & Chelsea Cunningham)

Angel & Human

Angel - Sarah Mclachlan

This story starts off with Dustin, alone. He had what most people would call a "Bad Life". His parents died when he was only ten, and he was transferred to home to home. He hated his life, and would constantly run away when ever he could. As he got older, he started to hang out with the wrong people. Soon drugs, money, and women became his life. He felt horrible, but couldn't bring himself to stop. He just got tired of it one night, staying in an abandon hotel room where he slept most of the time. He gave up. He had no home, no friends that didn't want something from him, and almost no self control. He attempted to over dose that night, and almost did before Rena showed up. Rena was an angel, sent to save Dustin from his death and show him how life could get better. The two fell for one another rather quickly. Dustin knew she was it, she saved him and gave his life meaning once more. 

Crystal Nemu & Nate Vann

(Chelsea Cunningham &  Insanye (Felecia and Company))

Doppelganger & Demon

You and Me -  Parachute

Nate is a lot more romantic then he looks, even if he is a demon. Most demons such as him are twisted and like to take advantage of others, but Nate doesn't quite feel that way. He cares for Crystal and all over her Doppelgangers. Crystal likes to get herself into trouble, often finding herself having to ask Nate for help out of it. He doesn't mind, but does wish she would be more careful and think before she acts sometimes. 

Izzy Ruskin  & Marcus Limino

( Insanye (Felecia and Company) &  Tamaki Suoh)

Elf & Reaper

First Kiss - A Rocket to the Moon

Izzy comes from a rather well known Elf village, and Marcus comes from a long line of Reapers. The two meet when Marcus was sent to collect the souls of an old Elfish man who had died in Izzy;s village. After collecting the soul, the two got together and talked. They became good friends for a while, but it quickly escalated to a relationship. Marcus leaves often due to his work, leaving Izzy by herself most of the time. Izzy's father doesn't quite approve that she falls in love with a Reaper, and would much rather her be with another Elf, but he does almost nothing to stop her. Marcus is a good man, he knows, but only wishes to continue to pure Elf blood line.

Alahya Justific & Zander Miclaine

( Insanye (Felecia and Company) & LostSoull™ )

Siren & Shapeshifter

James Dean & Audrey Hepburn - Sleeping With Sirens

Zander first met Alahya by a remote lake somewhere outside the town. She had been singing, drawing him right to her. He was almost hypnotized by her voice but since he wasn't all that human, he was able to resist it. A bit, that is. Even so, he was still captivated, and was eager to meet her. She was a bit shy at first, but the two soon got along well and became friends. But because of things such as fighting between the two, they started to drift apart. It wasn't long before both of them fell into the trap of love and created a love/hate relationship  One night, they can are completely and totally in love and the next they hate each other.


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  8. Yes, humans know about the supernatural. They live together in peace.
  9. The characters are older than 19, but most are younger than 32(in looks).

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Sitting in the middle of a lake was normal. It was for Alahya, anyway.

She carefully sat on a rock, which was just big enough for one person, her legs crossed and the skirt of her brilliant, white dress, was spread out neatly. Alahya smiled to herself, watching the water sparkle from the newly rising sun. She loved how the sparkles and colours danced across the liquid glass. The reds and oranges, purples and pinks, mixed with the greens from the trees. She gently brushed her auburn hair behind her one ear, leaving her hand to rest on her shoulder, and lean forward, carefull not to fall in. She reached out with her other hand, and touched the water with her finger tips. She grinned, watched the water turn from  what looked like a solid mirror, into beautiful ripples. She moved her hand in the water gently, careful not to make any splashes. She pulled away, after, just watching the ripples spread out through the entire lake, getting bigger until they disappeared. She lifted her head a bit, cocking it to the side, and listened. It was quiet, expect for the birds chirpping and singing.

Alahya opened her mouth, and began to sing. Her voice rang like beautiful chimes and bells, and sometimes even sounded like the ocean or flowers. Whatever the things people thought were beautiful, they would hear when Alahya sang. She didn't really sing with words, it wasn't as simple as that. However, Alahya hadn't really realized she'd begun singing. This was more of singing, because she liked to sing, not because she needed to. She barely noticed that the birds had stopped singing, to listen.


With half chewed bread in his mouth, Zander stopped and looked up at a rather interesting bird. It's head was cocked to the side the way birds do, so he tilted his the same. He studied the feathered creature for a bit, swallowing his cheek full of moist bread and taking in a deep breath. "I wonder what sort of bird you are . . " he muttered, mostly to himself but to the bird as well. The creature cawed to him and snapped it's head to the left and looked off into the distance. Zander found this strange, and had no idea what was going on until he felt the half eaten bread from his hand be snatched away. With a shocked expression, he looked up and saw the same species of bird had just stole his last bit of bread. "Why you sneaky little . . . " he said with a grin, turning to the bird who had distracted him only moments ago. 

He made no attempt to catch the birds, there was no point in it. Instead he waved the bird off and walked away. It wasn't even his piece of bread in the first place. 

Zander walked aimlessly until he heard what he first thought was the sound of the soft coos and howls of a lone wolf, but soon realized, as he got closer, that it was in fact a girl. To his amazement, she sat in the middle of a quiet lake by herself.When he realized he was staring at her, he cleared his throat and decided what to say. "Uhm, miss? I believe every creature in the forest had dropped what they were doing to hear your song." he said with a polite smile.


She immediately stopped her singing and looked up sharply, staring at the boy who'd spoken to her. She froze, unsure of what to do exactly, and could feel her face grow hot with embarrasment. Why was she embarrased? She honestly didn't know. She felt like diving in the water, to hide, but she didn't move. She could only stare at the boy. No one had ever really come here, not anyone she could remember anyway, and she was shocked. She hadn't expected anything like this to happen, and she wasn't sure how to handle it. She looked away from the boy, and glanced down at her hands, which were now folded in her lap.

Zander watched her go through a few phases, from surprised to embassed to shy. He titlted his head to the side and crossed his arms over his chest. He chuckled under his breath and gaave her a nice smile. "Hey, it's alright! Your singing wasn't bad, in fact it was very good." He said with a nod. "Oh, and I didn't mean to scary you, by the way."


She stood up, on the rock, tilting her head a bit and smiled slightly. He liked her singing? Well, they all usually did, but he'd probably would've been in the water at this point, but he wasn't. So he wasn't entirely human then? Alahya had no idea. She dived into the water, and stayed under for what would feel like forever for someone, and then summurged calmly to the surface, near the edge of the land, brushing her now, wet hair, from her face. She tredded water, and looked up at the boy.

"You didn't really scare me....more just startled." She murmured


He watched as she dived into the watch. He waited about 30 seconds before he actually started to worry. He went as far as to try and look into the water without really getting wet to see if she was alright. A few more seconds later she surfaced and he let out small sigh of relief. He was surprised at how close to the shore she was no, considering that she was just sitting int eh middle of a lake.

He grinned. "That's good." he said, taking a step back from the water. "So, what are you doing out here all alone?"

"What was I doing?" She repeated, and then paused. "I was singing." She nodded, as if it were obvious, which her it was because he had come right in the middle o her doing so. Then she added quickly, "And I like the quiet's the only place that's quiet, that I can come to." She furrowed her brow a little, just fr a second and the smiled, the trace of thought or worry that was on her face, gone
"What are you doing here, alone?" She asked

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