The Twilight Saga

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What if Bella was never in forks, she was a vampire who lived with Aro as princess Isabella and Edward was in love with someone else? What will happen when fate brings them together?



Ch. 1



Jane walked into a room with a smile on her face. Did jane even know how to smile? "Come sister, Father wishes a word with you." She said. A girl with long flowing brown hair smiled the most breath taking smile. "I'll be down in a minuet, dear." The girl said softly.


The vision faded and i continued to get ready for my date.


"Edward?" Alice asked coming into my room without asking.




"That was the third vision of them this week. something is wrong." she said sitting on my bed. Her pixie face was laced with confusion. I sighed and walked over to her.

"It's fine Alice. It's nothing. Now i have to leave i'm meeting Jay at the dinner." i smiled at the thought of her. She was the love of my life and i would mary her one day.



Sorry it was short. Should i write more? 

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thanks, I will :)

CH 6.




I packed my bag. I was heading to the cullens. Aro wanted me to spend time with Carlisle. Or so he said when I talked to him. I sighed, why me? I didn't even want to go.






I flew around the room making sure I had everything packed. We were going home and brining the beautiful Izzy with us. I found out her real name is Isabella. I think Bella would be more fitting fer her. Beautiful. I sighed, I loved Jay! I told myself.


But no matter how much I tried to shake the odd feeling, I know I'm lying. Of couse I love her, just not in the way she loved me. I did miss her though.


"Edward, lets go!" Esme called and we ran to the car that would take us to the air port.

"So Izzy, are you excited to go to Forks with us?" Carlisle asked, making light conversation. I looked out the window and pretended not to listen in. I wonder if this was even her idea, I have never seen her leave Italy from more than a day or two... Carlisle's thoughts made me frown, I wonder why she never leaves.


"Oh, yes I am. I miss seeing you, my dear friend." She smiles at him brightly.


"Why did you never visit?"


"You know why Carlislie." I could hear her voice tighten.


Carlisle sighed, "Yes, I supose I do."


The rest of the ride was silent. The air plane ride was even more so. I really hope when we landed she would be more welcoming. Yet I had a feeling she wouldn't be. I wish she would let me speak to her. Every time I try, she just turns away and leaves. Whats wrong with me? Maybe im just not good enough. I am just a low life-


My thoughts we cut off by one of Alice's Visions.

I ran to Izzy, wrapping my arms around her. She was laying in my bed. She smiled up at me and we shared a kiss filled with passion. I smiled down at her.


"Come on Bella, we have to go hunting of you want to go out today love." I cooed.


"Fine." She sighed and a develish smiled covered her face. She jumped out the window and thought to me 'Catch me if you can lover boy.'


Why did I call her Bella or Love? Did she fall in love with me? How? She doesn't speak to me. A thought popped into my head. I heard her thoughts. I heard Izzy's thoughts. She must be a shieled. I didn;t know what was happeneding but I will find out.

I Love It!
i love it :)
I LOVE IT!!!!!!!!!!! So please send me updates on both of your fan-fics! :)
Love it!!! I cant believe that Jay is cheating on Edward!! Bella & Jake sound more than just friends!!! I hope Bella & Edward get together!!!! Thank you for the update!!! I cant wait for more!!! Please write soon!!!!! :))
Well bella and Jake and Edward are going to have a little twist
Love it!!!
plz continue this is really awesome
awesooomme keepme ;posted
ok! friends request me


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