The Twilight Saga

When I see your face,

Theres not a thing that I would Change

Cause You're Amazing

Just the way you are



This is my Nessie story to go along with my Seth and Embry imprint Story.




                I felt swelled with power as I watched their silent advance. I used to think they were no danger to us. But now they came to collect and kill.

                Now we stood hopeless and alone against their menacing power.

                My mom, my dad, my Jacob and my new reason to live. They were all at stake. I had to protect my family.  


(Here's the link to the imprint story this was inspired by-

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Opps. o_o

Maya told her she was pregnant twice.... I should fix that...

Awesome chapter! Wow, Seth deserved everything that Mia said! He is seriously acting like a jerk right now and sometimes I just want to punch Anyway, I'm glad that Renesmee didn't really say no. :)



Thanks! ^_^

Love It!!!!!


WOW! love it update me soon plz.
haha! I will!
yay!  a chapter!  happy to see the story as it happens...

i loove it  :'D


Thank you!

Love it!


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