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Hello Everyone! I'm Kara, and welcome to my Gallery!

This is the place where I will be posting all of the graphics that I have made.

I am now taking orders again!!!!


Here are a few examples of my work:





Order Form:

Type of Graphic (i.e: Wallpaper, Avatar, etc.):

Main Title:


Anything Extra:


Don't like what you see? Check out these Banner Shops:







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EEEEEEP!!!!!!!!!!!  IT'S AMAZING!!!!
Glad you like it :]
Your welcome :] I'm glad you like them.

I tried a different style:

No, no, by all means, say what's on your mind! :D Anything you say will help me with future banners. What do you mean by 'closer to the focus point?'
Oh! I get it. So, like, the focal point on my Roxas banner would be the middle picture...right?

My I have a banners

-Type of Graphic you want; Character Banner

-the Main title;The Girl Who Knew Everything

-Characters Name; April Shimmings

-Sub text/quote (optional);I always knew he wasn't ment to be mine...

-Color Scheme (optional)reds and blues maybe?

-Anything extra (optional);nope



I didnt know if you wanted a full-sized banner, or a mini one. If you would rather have a mini one, just let me know :]

Nope i love them the way they are :D
Glad to hear that :]

Really Simple banner I made for Demyx (my favorite character.) <3 I was so sad when he was killed:


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