The Twilight Saga

Hello Everyone! I'm Kara, and welcome to my Gallery!

This is the place where I will be posting all of the graphics that I have made.

I am now taking orders again!!!!


Here are a few examples of my work:





Order Form:

Type of Graphic (i.e: Wallpaper, Avatar, etc.):

Main Title:


Anything Extra:


Don't like what you see? Check out these Banner Shops:







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SO glad to see you on here again girly!

I've never read those books, but I ADORE that song!

Your banner is so beautiful!

I love the red for the text!

Thanks Claire!! I'm glad to be back too c:

The books are definitely some of my favorites.

Thank you! I figured the red would be a nice pop of color :3

- "Nothing's changed, huh?"

- "Nope, nothing will."

- "What a small world."

- "But part of one that's much bigger."

(Gradients Used: "Memory." Credit here)


That looks beautiful Kara :) 

Thanks Juliee :3

So I've been thinking about changing my face-claim.

The first person that pops into my head is easily Marzia.


But... at the same time, I'm still loving Candice, who is my current face-claim.


Any thoughts or opinions? Should I change my face-claim or keep it the same?

Holy Crap! It Kara!! I  haven't seen you around in a very long time!!!! :D
Its Good to have you back girly!
I love the Candice face-claim!

Thanks Sara!! :3 I'm glad to be back.

Yeah, I'm leaning towards Candice too.

Hahhaa She is really PRETTY!.

haha, I think so too :p

I'm tired of the waiting,
For the end of all days.
The prophets are preaching,
That the gods are needing praise.
The headlights are coming,
Showing me the way.
The serpents are singing,
A song that's meant to say.

All we need is faith.

- 30 Seconds to Mars: End of all Days



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