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Hello Everyone! I'm Kara, and welcome to my Gallery!

This is the place where I will be posting all of the graphics that I have made.

I am now taking orders again!!!!


Here are a few examples of my work:





Order Form:

Type of Graphic (i.e: Wallpaper, Avatar, etc.):

Main Title:


Anything Extra:


Don't like what you see? Check out these Banner Shops:







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Sneak Peek of who I will be using as my new faceclaim. Can anyone guess who she is haha? (x

Looks a little better without the border:

I have no idea who she is, but she awfully pretty Kara!

I really like your profile photo!

Thanks Claire! (:

Her name is Rachel Antonoff. She's a fashion designer xx

Based off of Nikki's idea from her Gallery.

An old icon from around this time in December last year to my newest icon I'll be using in 2013.

Made this for my page on another site. Might use it on here too.

"But we owe it to ourselves to try, so we aim and ignite..."

A million thanks to Claire for the texture xx It matched my picture perfectly.

Quote from Light a Roman Candle with me by fun.

Ohp. I'm glad you like it girly!

What you did with it is beautiful!!!

Yes, I loved it haha xx You make such beautiful textures

Thanks so much c:

I am in love with this icon haha xx

This is adorable Kara!

Thanks Claire! (:


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