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Personally I would say Emmett. He's sooo hot, and cool and he is hilarious...ahhh....
So what about you guys???

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Kellan coz he is Emmett in all so many ways.
both because kellan is so hot and so is emmett they both r strong and everything.!!!!!!!!
How could u possibly choose?? I love them both equally If u look at Kellan Lutz interviews u can see how much Emmett and Kellan are a like theyre both funny out going good looking and have a strong connection with Rose/Nikki So Im just thinking whats the difference?? Theyre both my fav big ol' teddy bears So lovable!!
kellan as emmett but have to say to pick one it would be ..... emmett very funny
Emmett because I don't like Kellan as a blonde.
well i want both sides lol
I would also say Emmett because i don't know why but sometime Kellan comes off a little feme feme to me in some of his pics(Don't get me wrong He is TOTALLY HOT, but still) Plus Emmett is hilarious................
Kellan for sure....he's absolute YUM! I do love Emmett but hate that they had to play him down so he wouldn't outshine Edward in the looks dept. but I kinda think that back fired since Em is totally the most HELLarious character/Cullen in the entire Saga. Therefore making him in my eyes even more desirable....I'm a sucka for a funny man with top notch looks he's totally got me wrapped.

To have either one would def be a dream come true!!!
definitely emmett because come on: he's a vampire!! you can't top that! *still Team♥Jacob though*
Emmett. He is perfect for me.

NB! If you wrote that Emmett is cute, then where you have seen him? You have seen Kellan, not Emmett. ;)
I like the blonde hair so I vote Kellan!


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