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Personally I would say Emmett. He's sooo hot, and cool and he is hilarious...ahhh....
So what about you guys???

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deffs emmett...but i like kellan.....i choose kellan.....but emmett has sexy vampire powers.... I DONT KNOW! STOP TORTURING ME!
I say Kellan all the way soooooooooooooooooooooo totally luv em hes absolutely beautiful and from what I have read hes a total sweetheart oh and for those of you who think Emmett is cute yes it is true that he has sexy vampire powers but as far as vampires go I love twilight but I would take Angel from buffy the vampire slayer any day
I love Emmett and Kellan!! Emmettt is a fanasty but strong!!! Kellan is real and a sweetheart!! I love them both!!
Well, Emmett isn't real. I would choose kellan because he is a lot like emmett but, still himself. And Kellan is an animal lover while emmett just drinks animals blood.
kellan! because Emmet is just a character in the book and if you want to cuddle emmett, you would have to settle cuddling the book. while kellan is warm he breathes and most of all, he could CUDDLE you back. I LOVE CUDDLING!!!
It has to be Emmett because while I love Kellan, I fell in love with Emmett so much in the books. He is my second favorite character with Edward being number 1 so it must be Emmett. Kellan is a lot like him though so that is a plus.


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