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Hello, I'm Kelsey! (Synful Masterpiece)

I've decided to make a gallery because I want to show everyone how much I can do without waiting for people to order a graphic from me. Plus, I have most of my graphics just in a simple little folder on my computer with no one to see. So... let the show casing begin!!!

-Kelsey <3


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Thanks Claire :)

I think I should just stick to making book covers :P

“When I went to rehab - which, by the way, I don’t recommend to anybody ‘cause there’s really nothing romantic about not being able to walk and being awake for two weeks - they make you do this thing where you draw a circle that represents you and then you draw all these other circles that are all the drugs you’ve ever done, and you draw a circle how big each one is for how important it is to you. And then you do a second drawing where you do you and then all the things in your life that are important and how important they are. Then you put them over the top of each other and most addicts’…the drugs are the bigger drawing. With mine, music was bigger than heroin was. It sort of at that moment I realised that I couldn’t do both.” - Josh Ramsay


**Credit to Claire for the texture and the rose stock**


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