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Hello, I'm Kelsey! (Synful Masterpiece)

I've decided to make a gallery because I want to show everyone how much I can do without waiting for people to order a graphic from me. Plus, I have most of my graphics just in a simple little folder on my computer with no one to see. So... let the show casing begin!!!

-Kelsey <3


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Thank you


Darla Taylor <3 I seriously love her

Credit to Claire for the texture.

Beautiful Blending <3

Three options for this graphic. 

It's Josh Ramsay and Darla Taylor. Jarla <3

The lyrics are from How by Maroon 5

New Texture:
(Credit if used)


This is GORGEOUS Kelsey!!!

Thanks Claire :)

What happens when I'm bored:

Song is Carry On by Avenged Sevenfold

On a white background:

Halloween Icon:

I love this icon!

Vampire Ellie:

Just experimenting 


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