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Hey everyone! I make banners (including blended banners!!!), so if you need one, please leave a comment!

Just give me this info:

Short Summary:

And I make different types of banners. I can make blended banners, book covers, regular banners, collage banners, and awards for contests if you need one :) so please let me know what type of banner you want. I just started using this new software, and I'm freaking in love with it! When I say blended banners, I mean as in I can take a pic of Edward and Bella and separate them, and when I say collage banners, I can make banners full of different pics like my advertisement above:) And don't be afraid to be 'picky' :) If you want, I can change the hair color or the eye color of a character in a pic :)

* = optional

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Could you just change the colour of Bella's hair to being red (natural looking) Renesmee's would be...


Could you also leave a comment of my page when your done?
may i have three banners for an awards contest???

The Fanfic Awards will Be called:

Best Wedding Scene

Can you make the first place, second place and third place banners?

In the first place banner- can you make the banner out of the picture when edward and bella are in the prom in the twilight movie?
and the second, and third place banners- well, suprise me!

thnx so much!
leave a comment on my page when you are done!
summary:eric a lonley 17 year old whos only importanve in life is his sisters health then a omenes phone call throws his life into parell visions get worse he figures out hi herritage and he has to livethe life of.......... a mystic
also how do you make banners
title: twilight:a new beginning
Author: Renesmee Black
Summary: Renesmee, 19 years after being born, meets a vampire girl who teaches her alot of things, and turns out to be a former member of a coven disliked by the Cullens
quote: Would you defy the rules, for a friendship with someone so dangerous, one wrong move could be your last?
pic:um, i can't find good ones, can you make a pic with the volturi and the cullens blended together?

Title: The Black Hole
Author: SethsImprint!The1WhoBitesEvery1!
Quote: I was stuck. Stuck in my own personal Hell. A large Black Hole.
Link (so that you could place a comment that the banner is done):


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