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How do you think Kristen's going to do with all the intense scenes in Breaking Dawn? Getting the wedding, getting preggers, turning over...

Personally, I didn't enjoy her that much in Twilight. She didn't have the emotion and intensity that I imagined Bella possessed with Edward at times. It just wasn't convincing to me. Haven't seen New Moon yet, but I heard she did a lot better.

So, what do you guys think she'll be like the in the upcoming movies?

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in twilight, eh..i guess kristen did lack alittle emotion but in honesty..i didnt think she was that moon was way better and im pretty sure she'll do great in the following movies...
i guess she could do those stunts well enough..her past movies were great..though she was still a little kid! ahah:D and she's cute:D
Let us not forget the whole changing scene, how they going to show that with out the concern of parents for the younger audience, or the stretching of her skin so that you can almost see through it.
i think with every movie she gets better nw moon is awesome you'll love it and i think she dd a really good job considering they were on a tight budget she's a very talented actress she'll do well iknow sheill
i think she lacked some emotion in twilight for edward but she was way better in new moon because it looked like she really did connect with bella.
she'll be perfect....once she builds up how her emotions need to be she will be great
yea i think she's going to be as awesome as ever but i do agree with the fact that she should of had a little more emotion in the movie and she did improve a lot in New Moon but she still is awesome!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


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