The Twilight Saga

For a long time I have found it interesting to see what the titles of the four books are translated into other languages.  I'm curious if you have any thoughts. 

Anyone may contribute to the conversation. 


- Facination

- First Night 


- Temptation

- Two Loves


- Hestitation

- Eclipse Blessing 


- Daybreak 

- A New Beginning 

What is your opinion of these other title translations? 

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Fascination and First Night - I think our translation of "twilight" is not quite dusk.  The magically moment the sun is about to set for the evening.  Fascination is like curiosity to me, not quite sure if this is real or not.  First Night would seem the first meeting of two people.

New Moon - The two translations actually present the book very well. It was about the temptation of two different people to love and a choice to be made between the two.

Eclipse - It was like a turning point or hesitation as to whether to move forward to go back.  I'm not sure if I agree it was a blessing though.

Breaking Dawn - Both titles address this as well.  It is like a new day, turning over a new beginning.


Thanks for participating Tam. 

In general I am fascinated with the process of translating.  Some will take a word and literally translate that word to another language.  Others will take that word and translate the meaning of that word and sometimes use a different word when translated that represents what the other word meant.  


Twilight-magical love story .. twilight is mid way time day and night a time when they
Meet similarily edward is night bella is day and they meet so their meeting time is twilight
I ll commnt more soon

They're different. But I like them. I think they help expand onto more depth of the books.


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