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Do realize I have a very busy another story so updates may not be close together...this is not all of chapter 1 this is just a taste...this is not twilight related but I hope you enjoy it all the same...Please comment...tell me the cold hard truth....if you hate it say so...if you love it...yay lol


(Do realize in the picture above it does not show my characters 100% correctly...Enri has LONG black hair that runs in waves down his back. And Cora has Ice blue eyes and a more rounded baby face, but Dani (the person who made the banner) did an amazing job on this banner and I HAD to show it off)


There was a bitter wind to the night air, the stars were twinkling, and the moon casting its glow across the tall fescue grass in front of me. It was beautiful and frightening. The reason I was standing in this field on a chilly night like this was not for any good reason. No, I was running. You're probably wondering, well what was I running from? The answer would be, I was running from myself and him. And it seemed that no matter how fast nor how far I ran, I couldn’t get away. So now you think, I'm crazy, don’t lie I know you do. I mean how in the world could a person run from themselves. It’s not easy I can promise you, in fact it’s impossible. No matter where you run, no matter how far you run, your past always catches up to you. I was destined to become one of them. My parents had sold my soul to keep me alive as a baby. I was brought back under the condition that on my twenty-first birthday he could have me.


My breath was coming quickly as I continued peeking over my shoulder. This night would be the night. It had to be the night they would force me to join them. I couldn’t join them. I wouldn’t join them, they were evil. I am not evil.


I slowly walked forward into the open field casting glances in each direction as shivers ran up and down my spine. I felt them watching me. I knew they were here, somewhere. I would have to fight. I would rather die fighting then succumb under their power. I heard a noise and my body went numb. No, not yet I’m not ready. I twirled around to face him. He was tall, much taller than I remembered him. He towered over me by at least two feet. His long black hair was making midnight waves behind him as the wind rippled through it. His eyes shined even darker than his black hair sending more shivers down my spine. His lips twitched and slowly formed into an evil and sadistic smile. Behind him was an army of his “women” if that’s what you would call them, they were his brides. He wanted me to join the flanks. I would never join willingly though, and he knew that.


“Cora.” His deep silky smooth voice cooed.


“Enri.” I spoke through clenched teeth.

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sound good post more please!!!!!!!!! Keep me updated.
Thank you for reading...and I will work on it and hopefully post more soon! =D
Of course I will keep you updated...Im glad you like what I have so far =D
Hey Mandi! It's great so far...very mysterious...but still great.
So who are these new charactors really? And how will she live through the horror of her past, which we don't know yet? It's all intruging and I can't wait to learn more! Keep the story going, and update as soon as you can please!
Love RussetWolfLuv
Okay I will...and Vengeance of the Undead will be updated keep an eye out for it...there are some hints as to what the secret between Ben and Lana is *dramatic music* lol

As for the will learn lots more...this is just the prologue Chapter 1 hasn't officially started yet
Please post more!!!!!!!!!!!
I'll work on it so I can...I Promise!
That was great :)
Hope you can write more as soon as you can
I'll start working on it tomorrow =D
Chapter one is explaining how everything happened...and why Cora belongs to Enri on her twenty-first birthday

Please comment and tell me what you think...I worked really hard on this but that doesn't mean I want you to be nice, I want you to be honest.

Chapter 1

The baby was wrapped in a blanket, her color was a deep purplish blue. The doctors said there was nothing more they could do. Oh how the parents hearts were torn. Tears streaked their faces and their sobs could be heard through the hospital, as the small bundled up corpse was taken away from them. Any parents nightmare come true, that’s what this was, for poor John and Alyssa Lynx. Their beautiful baby girl would never come home, she would never coo at their voices, she would never reach for their finger, she would never say mama or dada.

Her name was going to be Cora Nicole Lynx, she was going to be the first of many children for John and Alyssa. Her parents hope was crushed when they began trying for children and had to receive outside help to conceive. Cora was the results of IVF, a very expensive procedure that many couples are willing to pay to welcome a baby into their families. So as Im sure you can imagine on the day Cora was born, and she was born dead, the complete horror her parents were in.

But what if someone helped them? What if someone breathed life into the child that not even doctors could revive? What if a being exist who wanted happiness for the families who have lost loved ones? But what if that being only gave you that happiness for a certain length of time? Would any given time be enough? Would you be willing to sacrifice the soul of the deceased loved one to spend a given amount of time with them? Would you be in a stable enough emotional state to make such a decision? Such a being does exit, he could give you everything, but he could take it all away too. His name is Enri.

“Not my baby.” Alyssa cried as John cradled her in his arms. She had slid down to the floor and his feeble attempts to comfort her only crushed him more. “Please God, don’t take my baby.”

“I’m sorry.” The nurse said as she turned and left the delivery room.

“Not my baby.” Alyssa cried harder and louder. “Not. My. Baby.”

No one who has not lost a child could understand what she was going through, not even John fully understood. He never felt the child move inside his body, but she felt it move in her. He didn’t feed the child for eight long months, but she did. He didn’t feel the life ripped out of her, she did. Then to watch the lifeless, soundless, motionless baby taken from her body and removed from the room, was tearing her apart.

“Not my baby.” Her words only came out in whispers now.

John was sitting beside her with his knees pulled up to his chest grieving himself sick. He couldn’t cry he wanted to be strong for his wife, but holding in his pain was causing him to be physically ill. He pulled his head up out of his hands and let his arms fall limp to the ground. “Alyssa.” His voice broke and his tears could no longer be controlled. “Alyssa.” That was all he could get his lips to say.

Neither of them noticed the tall figure standing in the corner watching them grieve. Neither of them would have cared had they known. The world should know that a precious life was lost forever.

He walked out into the bright lights of the delivery room. Alyssa was first to notice him and she stopped sobbing and stared in fear at the man in front of her. He was tall, at the very least seven feet tall with added inches and he had long black hair that flowed down his back in soft waves, but that didn’t scare her as badly as his eyes, where the white should have been and where the color should have been was completely black. When John saw this man his breath caught in his throat. He wanted to scream for help, but nothing happened when he opened his mouth.

“My name is Enri and I wish to offer you a choice. You do not have to speak yet, but the decision must be made quickly, and it cannot be followed through until after the funeral.” The man stopped and looked at both Alyssa and then at John before continuing. “I can give you your child, not another, but the one you have given birth to. There is a catch, and in some cases it can become a deal breaker. On your child’s twenty-first birthday her soul will belong to me, which is why you must go on with the funeral facade. She will be mine. Would you like to have this life for twenty-one years?”

Alyssa and John looked at each other, how could he give them their child back. She was gone even the doctors had said it was two late, that she had been dead for hours before she was even delivered.

“I know it’s hard to believe someone can do such a thing, bringing someone back to life who is no longer living. But I assure you, this is not to cause you pain, it is a gift I possess and wish to share with those less fortunate.” Enri spoke again to clarify that he was not trying to cause more pain to the grieving parents.

It was an offer they could not turn down. Twenty-one years or a life with no children, their choice was clear. They needed the sound of feet running through the hall in the morning. The needed the joy of seeing their child’s face light up on Christmas morning. They needed their child.

Two days went by as a small funeral was arranged. Alyssa and John gave up on Enri, he had disappeared from the hospital and they hadn’t seen or heard from him in the few days while they planned the funeral.

The visual of seeing her baby girl being lowered into the ground had Alyssa on her knees reaching out to the tiny casket that held the body to her beloved child. Not many people were at the funeral, only Alyssa and John and their parents. They released a white balloon as they each threw a handful of dirt into the grave. Then Alyssa and Johns parents left.

There he was, out of nowhere he was standing in front of them. He slowly brought the casket back to the soft dirt piled beside the grave. When he opened the casket, the sight of her baby laying all made up on the soft silky lining made her woozy and almost fall face first into the grave, but John held onto her. Enri’s large hands cradled the baby and he lowered his face to hers, his mouth covered her nose and her mouth. The sight was freighting to Alyssa and John, they were beginning to think they made the wrong decision when a tiny cry came from beneath Enri‘s lips. He pulled his face away from the tiny child‘s and looked at her, caressing her cheek once before handing her to her mother.

“We made a deal.” He said as he stood. “On her twenty-first birthday, she is no longer yours.” And with that he was gone.
Awesome story!!! Plz write more!!!!!
Thanks...I'll probably work on it some more Im gonna be getting my Alice on and SHOPPING lol!


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