The Twilight Saga

Do realize I have a very busy another story so updates may not be close together...this is not all of chapter 1 this is just a taste...this is not twilight related but I hope you enjoy it all the same...Please comment...tell me the cold hard truth....if you hate it say so...if you love it...yay lol


(Do realize in the picture above it does not show my characters 100% correctly...Enri has LONG black hair that runs in waves down his back. And Cora has Ice blue eyes and a more rounded baby face, but Dani (the person who made the banner) did an amazing job on this banner and I HAD to show it off)


There was a bitter wind to the night air, the stars were twinkling, and the moon casting its glow across the tall fescue grass in front of me. It was beautiful and frightening. The reason I was standing in this field on a chilly night like this was not for any good reason. No, I was running. You're probably wondering, well what was I running from? The answer would be, I was running from myself and him. And it seemed that no matter how fast nor how far I ran, I couldn’t get away. So now you think, I'm crazy, don’t lie I know you do. I mean how in the world could a person run from themselves. It’s not easy I can promise you, in fact it’s impossible. No matter where you run, no matter how far you run, your past always catches up to you. I was destined to become one of them. My parents had sold my soul to keep me alive as a baby. I was brought back under the condition that on my twenty-first birthday he could have me.


My breath was coming quickly as I continued peeking over my shoulder. This night would be the night. It had to be the night they would force me to join them. I couldn’t join them. I wouldn’t join them, they were evil. I am not evil.


I slowly walked forward into the open field casting glances in each direction as shivers ran up and down my spine. I felt them watching me. I knew they were here, somewhere. I would have to fight. I would rather die fighting then succumb under their power. I heard a noise and my body went numb. No, not yet I’m not ready. I twirled around to face him. He was tall, much taller than I remembered him. He towered over me by at least two feet. His long black hair was making midnight waves behind him as the wind rippled through it. His eyes shined even darker than his black hair sending more shivers down my spine. His lips twitched and slowly formed into an evil and sadistic smile. Behind him was an army of his “women” if that’s what you would call them, they were his brides. He wanted me to join the flanks. I would never join willingly though, and he knew that.


“Cora.” His deep silky smooth voice cooed.


“Enri.” I spoke through clenched teeth.

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I will be writin again very soon on this...I just got a new job and they are training me so...maybe I can get to it this weekend
Well...I wont say Im a stranger to the pain of loss...its heart breaking! Im soooo glad you like it!!
Please add more soon Mandi! I want to see what happens next!!!
I know...Im gonna try my best to write more but one of the guys im "talking" to is coming down this weekend...and Im not gonna be able to do any writing this weekened we are going to be "partying"! I dont work most this week :( so maybe I can write more :)
Well, like everyone's been sayin, this is very unique!
And yet I love it!
Update soon please
Thanks =D
Omg! i love it Mandi! I'm hurt you didn't tell me you had a new story:( but i forgive you! this is awesome, i think my favorite that you have written! :) update as soon as you can!
I know...Im loving this one...and I thought I told you...Im sorry but you know now...and Im soooooo glad you like it
like? i love it!
Just posted my banner I made it in like 2 minutes so Im sure its not amazing but...any good?
i love it! really good for two minutes lol i sent you a message...
Lol...thanks Im glad you love it...though my bad guy is way smaller than I described him LOL...The tomb stones are bigger than him LOL


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