The Twilight Saga

When Edward parents die in car devastaing car crash he is left all alone with no family. While he is in the hospital recovering from his injury and feeling depressed and more alone than ever a little girl comes into to comfort him. Bella. She gets him though this rough patch and the become great friends or just a little bit more. But when Edward gets adopted, and Bella moves they are sepreated and both very sad, but Bella promises they will meet again. Then when they meet back agian in Forks 12 years later what will happen. Its starts as Edward 6 years old, Bella 5


Chapter 1 & 2

Chapter 3 & 4

Chapter 5 

Chapter 6

Chapter 7 & 8

Chapter 9

locket Edward and Bella have

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i will! dont worry about that! and again sry i made u cry! but im glad u like it


awwww that was so cute and so sad but i loved it!!!!! :D

How dare her mother take bella away from edward :(

But anyway It was amazeing i loved it please post more soon and update me

lol thanx I'm glad you liked it so much!
Chapter 5- 12 years

I lived in Phoenix for twelve years, but I always hated it. I made friends, had boyfriends, I lived a good life. But I never did I ever feel really at home. I never went back to Forks. Mom wouldn’t allow it. Ashton and I would always go to Colorado where all the grandparents live and Dad would come see us up there.

I never forgot about Edward. But I’m sure he forgot about me. I mean it was years ago. But even though we were just toddler he is the only one who ever made me feel safe and loved.

I still have the locket with the picture of little me and Edward in it. The chain got too small on my neck that it became a chocker. So I put it on a charm bracelet. I never take it off. Never.

But it’s not like my life stopped when I left Forks. I grew up. I didn’t wait around to find Edward. I’ve had boyfriends. Just like I bet he has had girlfriends. But most of my boyfriends I’ve regretted. Most of them cheated on me because I refused to do it with them right off the back. Pigs. The rest I just wasn’t into to or down right didn’t like them. Those were the ones my friends convinced me to go out with because my mom thought we would be cute.

“Bella” my younger brother Ashton called from the frame of my bedroom door. “Are you going to take me to school or not?”

Ashton looked exactly like Charlie except without the mustache. He made me realize how much I look like Rene. But Ashton and I were sort of opposites. He loves the heat, I on the other hand am constantly singing “Singing in the rain”

“Yeah I’m taking you” I said moving my self from my spot on the large window seal. Ashton just turned twelve and should be in middle school. But he is a freaking genius and is a freshman in high school, and I’m a junior. “Let’s go” I said swinging my bag over my shoulder.


It’s been twelve year. Twelve years since my entire family died. Twelve year since I met the only girl who’s ever made me feel whole. Twelve years since I got a new and wonderful family the Cullen along with my sister Alice and my older brother Emmett. And twelve years since that girl left me.

Bella she was beautiful though my six year old eyes. I still think she was a beautiful child. I imagine what she looks like sometimes but the picture is never clear.

I remember her like it was yesterday, but I doubt she still remembers me. I always hope that we will meet again like she promised we would. But as the years go by its getting harder to picture it.

But the locket she gave me so long ago is still around my neck. I had to change the chain. I have it on all the time hidden under my shirt.

I have a girlfriend. Jessica. She’s nice I guess. People say she’s pretty. She asked me out on a date a few weeks ago and I said yes so it was sorta made official.

I have tons of friends and I’m considered popular based on my good looks. I swear even if I was a boring as a stick I would still be popular.


The school day was over and I was finally home for school, with Ashton on my tail. As we headed for our rooms Rene stopped us.

“Ashton, Bella. Can you come in here please?” She said nicely

We both walked into the living room and sat on the couch across from Rene and Phil her new husband.

“Kids you know that Phil travels a lot and I always stay home with you guys” Ashton and I nod. “Well this time I’m going to go with him, and your going to go down to Forks to live with Charlie”

“Yes” my inner voice said

“Ok” Ashton and I said “When are we leaving?”

“In two days. I already informed Charlie So Go back your bags”
Hey really nice... Amazing .... Update soon :)

So new Reader : ) & I love itt !

please add & update : )

lol thanks ill try to hav chap 6 by 2marro afternoon
Love it
OMG OMG OMG! write as quickly as possible please! I bursting with excitement! Thanks for updating! ~Aurora

its so cute i love it....write soon


this is really cute! i cant wait till they meet again!


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