The Twilight Saga

Living is a problem because everything dies
Edward gives in to Bella so they do you know what. Jasper tries to kill Bella on her 18th birthday. So Edward leaves Bella. What will happen know he's gone?

Chapter one- that pain  I don’t think its just heart break

“Bella. I just don’t feel the same way for you as I did last week. I don’t love you anymore.” Edwards words echoed in my head as I stared at him.

“what did last week mean to you? nothing?” i whispered.

“No. you where just anther girl Bella. I thought you where the one for me but you where the same as the many other girls I've had.” One of many girls so he lied about it being his first time. “promise me Bella... don't come looking for me.” All i could do was shake my head he kissed the top of my head and ran off into the forest. i stud there, staring at the place where he  had dispeared. after about ten minuets of just standing there; i stepped toward the place i had last seen him. i walked for what seemed like days when it was actually was only a few hours three maybe four at the most.

It had been dark for about a hour and was raining, when i felt a sudden wave of strong dizziness and norsea. i had to sit down or i would fall. I had my head between my legs and vomited violently. When I was sure there was nothing left in me and took out a peace of gum. i started to walk aging not really caring where i walked. i carried on walking till i fell. i lay there not wanting to get up, but also my stomach felt like if I did stand up it would explode. i must have fell asleep as the next thing i know a pair of hot arms around.

“what has those bloodsuckers done to you.” a husky voice spoke. “We should get her into  the warm.”

“yer. back to mien mutt.” a male voice  joked.

“We live in the same house leech. are you sure Matt wouldn't mind?”

“yer. i could just make him if he objects.”

“hey. i reconise her from when i lived on the rez”

“She didn't go after you with a pitch fork for telling? Did she?”

“No. She didn't live on the Rez.”

“Good. Cause Jake we care about you. Gee I care about a dog. We wouldn't want anythin hurt you mate.”

“Your not beein gay for me are you Nat?”

“Sorry bro I don't swing that way. Even if I did i would have taste.” they both laughed.

“Hey. I'm quite a catch”

“Whatever.” Suddenly it had got warm. “Honey Where home”

A voice came from a distance “Nathan I can smell you.” a door opened and closed. “Well who's  this?”


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yay... edward is back!!!
Yay me thinks the next chapter will be in his pov
Love it can't wait for more
Thank you I'll try not to be to long
Thank you :))
love it plz update!!!!!!!!!

thank you

there's a chapter coming up like in half an hour

Chapter 13- Back- Edward


I can’t bear it any longer. I need to see my Bella. It’s been two years since I saw her. The Cullen’s were back in Forks, not that any humans knew. Carlisle was working in a hospital in Seattle and none of us where going to school. I stud in Bella’s bedroom in Charlie’s house and it was obvious that no one had been in there of a long time. I walked over to where I had hid the photos and CD. I pulled out the picture of Bella and I. I kissed the picture and put it in the inside pocket of my jacket.


I jumped out the window. When I got to the ground a fimular but different sent hit me. I couldn’t place how the sent was fimular. I followed the sent through the forest till and different sent hit me. The different sent was interesting it wasn’t quite human or vampire it was in between some how. I decided to see what the smell was. I followed it until it stopped. That’s where I found a small girl with brown hair, curled up in a ball on the floor.


She looked about six years old, defiantly not old enthoe to be in the forest by her self. She looked hurt. I’m going to take her to Carlisle, to get her checked out.  I picked her up and cradled her to my chest. She looked up when I picked up. Her face shocked me as she was the spit of Bella, expect she had green eyes not brown ones.  She  asked me.


“Not to be rude but as your carrying me somewhere and I don’t know you. who are you?”


“I am Edward. What’s your name?” I asked back.




“Well Carlie may I ask how old are you?”


“Six” Her thoughts where unclear. “I know I’m a mystery sometimes.” I’m pretty sure I didn’t say that out loud. Maybe I did I am going crazy. “Can vampires go crazy? If so your not going crazy. Although hearing voices is a sure indictor of insanity, but your not alone. We’ll go thought it together.” How did she know I was a vampire?


“How do you know all that?”


“You should know. Me and you we share a gift. Isn’t that nice.”


“Wait you can read minds too.” She bit her lip and nodded. She looked so much like Bella when she did that. Her hand moved to my hair and she let out a little squeak when she moved her wrist. She was hurt. “Where hurts?”


“My wrist and my ankle.”


“How come you where outside by your self.”


“I and my bother had a fight and he squeezed my wrist and I ran out of the house telling everyone not to follow me and I fell.”


“Oh. I going to take you to my dad he’s a doctor and then I’ll take you home. Is that okay?” she nodded. I walked carrying her. In a few minutes we where at the house. Alice came out.


“Edward. Were have you been I couldn’t see you. We were worried that you’d done something stupid.”


“Alice, calm down. I’m back now” I reassured her.


“I can see that. Who’s that?” Alice pointed at Carlie.


“Carlie. She’s hurt I’m going to take her to see Carlisle.” I walked up to the forte door Alice held the door open for me. I called for Carlisle and the whole family came down.


“Edward what is this?” Rosalie asked. Before I could answer Esme spoke.


“She’s adorable” then everyone stared to but in.


“Eddy you do go for brunettes.”


 “She looks like” that one wasn’t finished. As Carlisle saved me,


 “Edward you wanted me”


“Yes. I think she’s hurt. Will you take a look at her for me?”


“Of course Edward let’s take her up stairs.” We took her into Carlisle’s office. Carlie still clung on to me. “Edward you’re going to have to let go of her. So I can examine her.” I at her on the little sofa. Carlisle bent down and looked her in the eyes. “Hello what’s your name? I’m Carlisle.”


“Carlie.” She whispered.


“Well Carlie can you tell me where hurts.” She pointed to her right wrist and her left ankle. “good know this might hurt a little.” She prodded and poked at her. She didn’t scream, she sat there crying. “you’ve broken your ankle and your wrist.” Carlisle walked to me and said in a hushed “I’m going to put both in plaster and give her some morphine for the pain.” I nodded and he left the room. He was back in seconds. With a needle in one hand and a box in the other.


When Carlie saw the needle she flinched. Another person who doesn’t like needles. Carlisle lay her down and gave her the morphine. He got to work when she was out he was done in half an hour. I waited till the plaster was dry then I carried her back to the place I found her and followed her sent to a house. I knocked on the door and it opened. A familiar beautiful voice said “Edward”

by the way songs are some times nothing to do with the chapter there the ones i listen to while writing

EG this chapter is my frist vinal (Old record) i bought ever B-side 

me to writeing it know could be a while then aging it could be tonight or tommorrow
thank you
love it


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