The Twilight Saga

Living is a problem because everything dies
Edward gives in to Bella so they do you know what. Jasper tries to kill Bella on her 18th birthday. So Edward leaves Bella. What will happen know he's gone?

Chapter one- that pain  I don’t think its just heart break

“Bella. I just don’t feel the same way for you as I did last week. I don’t love you anymore.” Edwards words echoed in my head as I stared at him.

“what did last week mean to you? nothing?” i whispered.

“No. you where just anther girl Bella. I thought you where the one for me but you where the same as the many other girls I've had.” One of many girls so he lied about it being his first time. “promise me Bella... don't come looking for me.” All i could do was shake my head he kissed the top of my head and ran off into the forest. i stud there, staring at the place where he  had dispeared. after about ten minuets of just standing there; i stepped toward the place i had last seen him. i walked for what seemed like days when it was actually was only a few hours three maybe four at the most.

It had been dark for about a hour and was raining, when i felt a sudden wave of strong dizziness and norsea. i had to sit down or i would fall. I had my head between my legs and vomited violently. When I was sure there was nothing left in me and took out a peace of gum. i started to walk aging not really caring where i walked. i carried on walking till i fell. i lay there not wanting to get up, but also my stomach felt like if I did stand up it would explode. i must have fell asleep as the next thing i know a pair of hot arms around.

“what has those bloodsuckers done to you.” a husky voice spoke. “We should get her into  the warm.”

“yer. back to mien mutt.” a male voice  joked.

“We live in the same house leech. are you sure Matt wouldn't mind?”

“yer. i could just make him if he objects.”

“hey. i reconise her from when i lived on the rez”

“She didn't go after you with a pitch fork for telling? Did she?”

“No. She didn't live on the Rez.”

“Good. Cause Jake we care about you. Gee I care about a dog. We wouldn't want anythin hurt you mate.”

“Your not beein gay for me are you Nat?”

“Sorry bro I don't swing that way. Even if I did i would have taste.” they both laughed.

“Hey. I'm quite a catch”

“Whatever.” Suddenly it had got warm. “Honey Where home”

A voice came from a distance “Nathan I can smell you.” a door opened and closed. “Well who's  this?”


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Awesome....... keep me updated!!!!
Okie dokie and thank you
Well, at least Bella has help and the seem to know about it.  Can't wait for more.  :)
I glad you like it I enjoy wrightin it so I would still wight them if noone read em
No it says at the top that Edward gave in to Bella and they did you know what
Omg love it keep me updated
I will if I don't you have my permission to poke me with a big stick


Chapter 4- The downside- Matt's P.O.V

Bella had a smile on her face. It seamed like she was more than okay with the idea of becoming a mother. It's killing me that there is no grantees that ether of them would make it. “I love you baby she told her bump. I looked over  at  my little brother to see a look of deep pain on his face. It killed me to see him like this him like that aging. No this time wasn't going to be mum aging. We knew what Bella and the fetus needed, we knew how to deliver it safely and had the power to turn Bella when it was done. We didn't have any of this before with mum. Maybe just maybe if we save her it would make up for not being able to save her.


After about five minutes of silence Bella looked up. “whats wrong” she panicked.


“this type of pregnancy is especially more painful that a normal pregnancy. Also to make surer that both you and the baby stay healthy. Your going to have to do something revolting.” I stammered. Better not to beat about the bush and tell her straight.

“What I’m I going to have to do?”Bella look back and fourth between Nathan and me. Nathan answered bother I had chance to open my mouth,


“Your gonna have to drink blood.” Bella’s moth fell open. She looked like she was going to scream. Only fast breaths came out. “Breath. Bella. Slowly. In and out.” Nathan got her calm and she looked at me the familiar big brown eyes. Where did I remember those eyes from? Bella snapped me out of my train of thought.

“Who’s gonna catch me the deer then?”

“Ermm, your going to need the proper stuff Bella.” I stammered. “Nathan and I are going to get some with out hurting any human. So, you don’t have to worry about that.” All Bella could do was nod.


 Jacob went to watch Bella while she was a sleep and while Nathan and I went on our little mission to the blood bank. Nathan sat in the front passenger seat of my green ford focus with his head in his hands.


 “What if it doesn’t work, Mattie?” he whimpered. He hadn’t called me Mattie since he was eight. Nathan was worried that his gift, which that he could mipulte peoples mind into forgetting things, make them think stuff and make them do things he wants them to do. I know he’s worried because it didn’t work on Bella. We where speeding down to Seattle’s largest hospital.


“Then Nathan where just going to steal it, but I’ve got a good feeling about this.” I pulled into the hospital car park. “you ready. Remember the plan?” He nodded and got out the car.


P.S- this would have been up yesterday but it wasn't for reasons 

  1. I had a R.E test on Friday so I had to revise on Thursday
  2. yesterday night I was supporting Comic relief by watching till 1 O'Clock and donating buying the red nose and single 
so I hope you enjoyed the chapter if anyone wants to make banner please do I would love to have one for the hole story please comment 

love it

keep me update

Okay I will
wasn't sure if i would like but it has surprised me. I am patiently waiting for more. I sure do hope that edward comes back and tell bella sorry for lying to her and that the rest of the cullens find her first. I hope that I am not doing any spoilers but are the two guys hybrids?
Arrrr that's classified for another few chapters but nathan ive got a part for him to play Matt I'm not to sure about if you want to suggest anything feel free


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