The Twilight Saga

Prologue- News reporter- There have been sightings of wolves in Harrisburg along the banks of the Susquehanna River, but now there's dead bodies, and officials are taking action.


The Wolves-

There is new wolves, there is new smells, new girl. Must get her, bring her back, kill her, make her squirm. Then take her back to them, let them have her lifeless body. We laugh as they try to avenge her but fail. This is the plan, make. it. happen.


Authors Note-  This is a story of my imagination, the characters are mine and the story line is also. The Point Of View changes often and I'll let you know when it does so no one gets confused.   Also please comment if you want more and add me as a friend if youd like updates!

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Chapter One (Rory's POV) - Page 2

Chapter Two (Greg's POV) - Page 4

Chapter Three (Rory's POV) - Page 5

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               Chapter One

            “Rory!” My mom screamed from down stairs. “Hurry up get your things down here so we can go!”

            I growled and finished throwing things into my suit case. I grabbed a few things for my carry-on and then threw both bags on my shoulder and went downstairs. Our house has three stories to it not including the basement or the attic.

            Ten years ago we went from being at the bottom of the food chain, living in a trailer park, to becoming million airs, living in a huge house in Malibu, California.

            My dad had created the fastest motor in America, therefore making millions of dollars overnight pretty much. Then two years ago my dad died in his favorite race car. He got into a horrible accident with another driver and he didn’t make it. I was 15 when that happened and my mom’s been running the business ever since and it’s been ‘hard’ for her apparently. She became cold, well colder, since dads been gone so I’ve been acting out more since dad died.

            As I walked down our marble stair case, my mom gave me a look of pure disgust before she covered it up with her worried face. Her look of disgust was pointed towards my outfit. I had a ‘Twisted Sister’ T-shirt on that was cut so my stomach showed and a pair of cut off jean shorts. My dirty blonde hair was ruffled and I had on a load of makeup. My eye liner, which I loved, was the only thing I loved about my makeup, hair, fair skin, and freckles.  The mascara, pale blush and red lip stick was what I put on for show. I tried to not look like my mom. We had the same blonde hair and pretty much everything else. But my mom had on a pastel pink shirt on, white tennis shoes and skirt, and a white sweater tied on her shoulders.

            ‘Dad never looked that tacky.’ I thought as I brought my bags down. I loaded them into the back of the new 2011 Mercedes Benz.

            “You packed your brothers things right?” She asked as I was in the trunk.

            “No I left everything upstairs.” I said with bitter sarcasm. Mom glowered at me.

My brother Landon is five years old. He took it really hard when dad died too because mom was never the fun one.

            “You ready Landon?” I called into the house. I saw movement up at the top of the steps and I saw him going down the steps as fast as his little body let him. He had blonde hair like dads and the cutest chubby cheeks.

            A couple weeks ago he got into this superman kick and mom hated it but I loved it so this morning while we were getting ready I let him put on his superman outfit on under his suit and tie.

            Each year we go ‘camping’ which really isn’t camping but we go to a lake somewhere in Harrisburg at the Susquehanna River. It’s actually pretty fun because there’s a lot to do up there…well when I’m not with the family ‘friends’.

            And since we’re rich we fly down there.

I throw my brothers stuff in the back and I threw mine in there two messily on top of my mom’s nice neat piles. ‘Score!’ I thought as I got a glare for that one.

            “I’m driving!” I yelled as I hopped into the front seat. My mom tossed me the keys as she got Landon buckled in. Mom then sat in the front seat and we drove to the air port that’s about 20 minutes away.

            I got out of the car and helped Landon out of his seat.

            “RORY!!” I heard a screech from behind me. My heart started pumping quickly.

-le gasp!-

what happens???

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