The Twilight Saga

Prologue- News reporter- There have been sightings of wolves in Harrisburg along the banks of the Susquehanna River, but now there's dead bodies, and officials are taking action.


The Wolves-

There is new wolves, there is new smells, new girl. Must get her, bring her back, kill her, make her squirm. Then take her back to them, let them have her lifeless body. We laugh as they try to avenge her but fail. This is the plan, make. it. happen.


Authors Note-  This is a story of my imagination, the characters are mine and the story line is also. The Point Of View changes often and I'll let you know when it does so no one gets confused.   Also please comment if you want more and add me as a friend if youd like updates!

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Chapter One (Rory's POV) - Page 2

Chapter Two (Greg's POV) - Page 4

Chapter Three (Rory's POV) - Page 5

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Celeste- |smiles| thanks, glad you liked it

Putting Up Another Chapter Soon After My Wonderful Editor Is Done With It!!


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new reader i love it
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Chapter Two

 I watched as people walked by, there scents filling my nose. Some people smelt really good, delicious even, while others smelt horrible.

After seconds of stepping into the airport, I felt eyes fall on me every few seconds. Most of the time its girls, young ones, old ones, and probably the worst would be the girls my own age. Normally I don’t think about the way I look but I was dressed up today because it’s been seven months since I’ve been at my own house, with my family and friends and honestly I couldn’t wait.

‘Might as well go find the terminal.’ I thought as I picked up my back pack and slung it over my one shoulder.

As I was walking to the terminal I accidently bumped into someone. “Sorry.” I said and moved on. I knew it was a girl the minute I touched her, and it makes me mad that she did it on purpose.

‘I don’t see why girls can’t control their hormones!’ I thought to myself shaking my head. I found the terminal; as soon as I looked around I spotted a seat all the way in the corner of the room.

Most of the time I had my back covered, just like everywhere else I went and here I could smell animals all over, I couldn’t tell exactly what they were because of the billions of smells.

I sat and waited, I was tempted to put my iPod in but then I wouldn’t be able to hear much, so I just watched people walk by, and tried not to scrunch my nose as an older couple walked by with a little boy who needed to be changed.

Then I heard fake laughter coming from all the way down the hall. Soon enough as they walked in, I saw a whole bunch of model like people. The girls in the middle of the boys, each person looked like they were from a modeling company, and they looked like the regular ‘I’m-so-much-better-than-you’ type.

A flood of expensive perfume invaded my nose and I tried not to breathe it in because it was so thick. After they walked by I noticed three stragglers in the back. One was a girl with blonde hair, and an I-don’t-care-about-what-you-think, attitude to her. She had on a pair of cut off jeans, and a cut off ‘Twisted Sister’ t-shirt that showed her stomach. She looked natural, but she wore a lot of makeup. The little boy in her arms was young but not young enough to be hers. He looked like a young man in his suit and tie, I actually felt bad for him having to wear the tie.

Thinking about that I loosened my neck tie, and then I saw the guy next to those two, he had dark brown hair that looked kind of like John Travolta’s with the curled up hair in the front, and he looked kind of like the girl next to him. He had on a t-shirt and a pair of jeans, looking comfortable.

“Rory,” A high voice said from the group in front of them. The girl looked up and her smile faltered. “Do you wanna sit with us?” The blonde in the front group said, ‘She’s definitely the alpha.’ I thought as I watched.

“I was planning on sitting with Landon.” She said giving an apologetic smile.

The girl with the dyed blonde hair nodded and went back to talking with her groupies. “I can’t believe her, why would she not want to sit with us?” One said.

“She does have a little brother.” One guy said.

The blonde rolled her eyes. “Do you see what she’s wearing? It looks like she’s trying to be Goth.” They all laughed then.

‘Back stabber much?’ I thought listening in on their drama. Then I switched to the girl ‘who’s trying to be Goth’ also known as Rory. The guy and her were laughing. “You’d think that they’d realize I’m not trying to be in a photo shoot all the time.” She said.

“It’s ok, I still love you Roar.” The guy said squeezing her.

“Yesterday, Lexi called me and she asked if I wanted to go to a party with her. I told her I had to watch my brother…” She smiled. “He’s was at his friends house the whole night but it was better for me…I got to read my new book.” She grinned.

The little boy rolled his eyes in sync with the older guy. “Let me guess, she didn’t sleep at all last night because she wanted to finish her book?” The older guy asked the littler one. The little boy nodded smiling a little.

They both shook their heads, and she gave then playful glares. “Books are my best friends.”

I nodded and looked at the ground. ‘I can agree with that.’ I thought about the book thing.

i love it keep me updated please
Celeste- |smiles| sure thing

Shelby- Oh my god i love this sooo much please keep me updated!!

 (p.s.- i normally dont like wolf stories so this is awesome!)

Celeste- |smiles| thanks, like a lot! i'll update you when i do another chapter!

Celeste- im probably going to put a new chapter soon!



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