The Twilight Saga

Long Time No See(Edward &Bella Story)Written by:liz+sully=forever

Chapter 1




I was on my way back to Forks,Washington from London,England.I was going to spend some time with some old friends and family before my future husband Mark Johnson comes and tell them I am engaged.I was at the airport and Mark was getting my bags up.

"Are you sure you don't want me to come"He said in his hot Britsh Accent.I nodded.I kissed him.

"Yes.I haven't seen my parents since I came here and I need to reconnect and then we can tell them ok"I siad.He nodded and kissed me.They called my flight.I hugged him.

"Call me when you land ok?"He said.I nodded.I waved and got on the plane.I got seated and was ready to go back to America.


I arrived and saw my dad there.Charlie Swan.He was the cheif of police.I saw him by his crusier.I got my bags and walked to him.

"Bella?"He asked.I nodded.A tear went down his face.I smiled.He wasn't the kind of man that showed his emotions.I hugged him.

"Yeah Dad it's me"I said.I was crying now.I was ruining my make-up and I kinda cared.

"Wow.You growed up"I nodded.

"Let's go before your Mom has a heart attack"I laughed.He grabbed my bags and headed toward the car.I turned my ring around so the diamond was facing down.I walked to the car and got in.

"So how was college?"Charlie asked.I shrugged.

"Good I guess.I am actually a teacher"I said.He smiled.

"I teach second grade"I said.

"that's wonderful Bells'I smiled.I missed that nickname so much.Everyone called me that.I never told Mark that.He never said that.He only called me Bella.I was ok with that too.The next thing I knew I was at my parents.I smiled.I saw my old truck.I hoped out and ran to it.

"You kept her?"I asked.I always called my truck a her not an it or something people who just thought of a truck as a truck.He nodded.

"Yep.That's practically the only meomry of you I have besides photos and your room"I laughed and hugged him.I got my bags and my mother Renee came out.She ran to me and hugged me.

"Oh look at you.Your 26Wow!It's been forever.Come on Bells I made your favorite,oatmeal cookies"I laughed.I got some of my stuff and headed inside.When we got in.The place stilled smelled like peppermint.The living room still had the plasma tv me and my dad used to watch the Red Skins.With the couch centered in the middle.To the left was the office my mother worked at.I walked in the kitchen and the cabinets was still yellow when mom thought it would be nice to add some color to this gloomy town.

I grabbed a cookie.

"Oh and Alice is throwing you a little party in an hour ok"I nodded.Alice Cullen.She was my friend in crime.She was the best.Even though she could be a little to much purky and act like she had to much suger in her coco puffs.But I still love her.I went to my old room up the stairs.I saw that it was the same as when I was in high school.

I sat down on my purple blanket.Just then my phone runged.I looked though my purse until I fond it.I really need to find a new purse that's not to big and not to small but just right.I found it.I saw it was Mark.I answered it.

"Hello?"I asked.

"Hey Bella why didn't you call?I was worried"I laughed.He was very protective.But I loved that about him.

"Sorry.I was busy with my dad and I shouldn't make exuses with you"I said.I heard him chuckle on the other end.

"BELLA"I heard Alice's vocie.I smiled.

"Can I call you back Mark.An old friend is in my room"I said.

"Ok love you"He siad.

"Love you too bye"I hanged up.I saw Alice there.Her hair went longer.It was the back length.I smiled.I hugged her.

"Alice"I said.

"Bells.How are you?The last time I heard you were in London"I nodded.She jumped up and down.I looked at her up and down while she jumped.But then I stopped.I saw a ring on her left hand on her ring finger.It was a diamond and another one on top of it.

"You got married?"I asked.She nodded.We sat down.

"Don't worry.Me and Jasper did in Vegas.We were the only ones"I laughed.I hugged her.I got up.

"Let's go.Esme dying to see you"I laughed.I got up.I got my purse and got my black coat.I hugged each of my parents.I got in her car and we drove off.We reached the Cullen's house.I haven't been here in years.It still was the color white.It never faited.I got out.We walked in and saw it was still the same as the inside.

"I can get your coat Bells.Mingle"I laughed and nodded.A waiter came to me with a tray of champange.I got a glass and thanked him.I walked around.Someone stopped me and I turned around and saw Rosalie.I smiled and gasped.

'Rosalie"I said.She smiled and hugged me.I pulled away.I saw that she was married.I looked at her hand touching a little bump on her stomach.I smiled.

"Your pregnant and married"I said.She nodded.I hugged her.

"I am so sorry I wasn't there"I said.She pulled away.

"It's ok.You can make it up by being here for this one to pop out"I laughed and nodded.A tear went down my face.I wipped it off.We sat down.

"So how many months"I asked.She touched her stomach.

"7 months"I smiled.Emmett came to us.

"Bella?How are you?"He asked.I laughed.

"Good"I said.He nodded.He sat down.I felt lost.All my friends were married and Rosalie and Emmett are having a kid.I felt left out.I dranked a big gulp of champange.I felt dizzy.I felt faintish.I got up.

"I need some fresh air"I said.I left without them saying a word.I went outside in the backyard.The pool was clean even though it was in the middle of the fall.The leaves were falling.

I sat down on a chair and laid back.I should of called.I should have visted.I heard foot-steps.I heard sounds in the background.I was getting scared.I found Edward's old baseball bat.I picked it up and screamed.I saw Edward there screaming too.I dropped the bat.I sighed.

"I am so sorry"I said.He nodded.He came to me.

"Bella?Bella Swan?"He asked.I nodded.

"Edward?"I asked.He nodded.He came to me and hugged me.I smiled.I missed his warm embraced.We dated in hisgh school but broke up because I was in a love triangle.Just then I realized he married Carol.I smiled.

"How's Carol?"I asked.He looked down.What wrong?What did I do?Tell me  didn't hit him with his bat.

"Um..she died two years ago.Cancer"I frowned.I am so stupid.I shouldn't have brought that up.

"I am sorry.I am so stupid.Oh my God"I said.He shook his head.

"It's ok.She is still rememebered"I shooked my head.I sat down next to him.

"No.I should of been there.As a friend.As yours and her friend"I said.He nodded.I put his head on my shoulder.I rubbed his back.He pulled away.

"Enough about me.You must be married to a wonderful guy"I shooked my head.

"No.Not yet"I said.He nodded.I wish I could tell people about my engagment.I turned around and rolled my eyes.Just then Esme came out to fix the tension.

"Bella.I heard you were planning on getting a teaching job"I nodded.Edward smiled.

"Your a teacher"I nodded.I bite my lip.

'Yep.A second grade teacher"I said.He nodded.Just then Alice popped her head .

"Um..Edward Amy on the line"Edward nodded.

"Excuse me"He said.He left.I sat down.Esme sat down next to me.

"So I am friends with the principal of the elementary school and he wants you to have a job there"I smiled and nodded.

'Sure I would love too"I said.She nodded.

"When do I start?"I asked.

"Well tommrow is Saturday maybe a week.For you to organize and set up and things"I nodded.I got inside and saw Carlise.

'Carlise"I said.He smiled.

"Bella.Wow!Your a very beautiful young woman.I hope you haven't gotten into any acidents"I laughed.I was acident-prone.That's how I am.I nodded.

"Not really.Even when you have a boyfriend as a doctor"I said.He nodded.

"That's nice.How was London?"He asked.I shrugged.

"Good.I guess.I meet a great guy.I also got my degree and started my career as a second grade teacher"I said.I put a strand of hair behind my ear.

"Well that's good.Edward actually is a doctor at the hospitail"I smiled.I giggled.

"Well probaly like father like son"I said.He laughed.

'I guess so.But it's been diffcult for him since Carol died"I nodded.I couldn't imgaine having my husband die.Even from that kind of diease.

"Well it must of been a bad lost losing a daughter in law"I said.He nodded.

"But I got two grandchildren out of it"I laughed.Edward had two kids?I have missed a lot of speical events.I smiled.

"Well I can tell they re two lucky kids because they have a great father and grandfather"He smiled and nodded.

"Thank you Bella"I nodded.Just then my phone runged.I looked at it.

"This is the doctor.I should answer this"I said.He nodded.I walked outside.

"Hey honey"I said answering.I loved him so much.

"Hey.Guess what?"He asked.I smiled.

"What?"I asked.I knew he probaly finsihed Wuthring Heights.That I made him read.He actually volunteered.

"I am going to head over to Forks in a couple of weeks ok"I smiled.

"Ok"I said.I smiled.

"And just to let you know my mother is killing me to make you come back"I laughed.Mrs.Johnson was really sweet.She was like a third mother to me.The second was Esme.

"Well tell her to hang in there until I say we are engaged'I whispered the last word.

"Ok I got to go a patient is about to go in surgery"I laughed.

"Ok bye"I hanged up.I walked back in and I everyone left.I helped clean up.Edward came to me.

"Do you need a ride home?"I nodded.He nodded.He grabbed his keys.

"Lets go"I laughed.I got in his volvo.

'Hasn't changed has it?"I asked.He shooked his head.

"Nope.Not even with two kids"I laughed.I looked out the window.We arrived at my parents.I smiled.

"It's good to see you Bella"He said.I nodded.

"You two Edward"I got out.I went to my door and saw Edward leaving.I got in and saw that my parents must of went to bed.I headed upstairs and took a shower and got in my pjs.I layed down.I missed Mark holding me.Him kissing me down my neck.


I woke up with my phone ringing.I looked for it and found it was Alice.I answered it.

"Hello?"I asked.I was so tired.I looked at the clock.It was 8 am.Of course the time difference.

"Bella can you help me with this thing at Edward's house.I got up and put on my robe.I headed toward my rocking chair and plopped down.Why would she call me?

'What thing?"I asked.I rubbed my eyes.

'Can you help me watch the two perfect angels Carol and Edward made?"I laughed.I rolled my eyes too.

"Ok just give me the directions and I will help"I said.I heard her crack a smile.

"Great I will send it to you"I hanged up and went to get ready.I got in a black top with skinny jeans.I added pink converese.I got my bag and put my hair up.I ran downstairs and saw my parents left.

I got a gronla bar and headed to my truck.I missded my baby.I hoped in and headed toward Edward's place.I saw it was small and not to big.I hoped out and smiled.I headed toward the door and Alice opened it.He pushed me in.

'What's wrong'I asked.She smiled.

"Well it's the weekend and I have to take care of my brother' two daughters"I rolled my eyes.I put my purse down.

"It's cant be that bad.Where are they?"I asked.She pointed in the kitchen.I ran in there and Alice came behind me.I saw the two beautiful girls making cake batter.I laughed.I saw they had their mother's dark choclate hair.With Edward's eyes.

"Girls this is a friend of me and your dad Bella"They turned around and smiled that cute smile that Edward had when he was little.

"Hi"I said.The waved.

"Hi"They came to me.

"I'm Rebebba and this is my sister Alyson"I took my hand out.

"Well I am Isabella and people call me Bella"I siad.They smiled.

"Well can I help with making cake"I asked.It sounded like a question of course but the word cake.I didn't know what they were making.But I knew they were making a mess.Rebecca nodded.I got up and helped clean up the counter.

"Ok let's see what you guys made so far"I said.I saw they had Carol's nose while they smile.I helped them finish cake.

'Alice why don't you go.I can handle this"I said.She nodded.

"Bye girls'She said.She kissed their heads and left.I put it in the oven.

'Ok why don't we play a game.What do you want to play?"I asked.They thought about it.

"Let's play babie's"Rebbeca said.I laughed and nodded.I putted a timer on my phone and put it in my pocket.We went upstairs and I walked though a room.It was like  fairly tale.Their were faires and butterflies.Alyson brought out a couple of dolls.

"You be her Bella"She gave me a doll that had blonde hair.I looked around the room and saw pictures of Carol.Even Edward.I smiled.I missed Carol.She was so loving.She cared about anyone.She was like Esme in ways.

"Thank you Alyson'I said.We started to play when the timer went off.

"I'll be right back.I haveto get the cake out ok"I said.They nodded.I went downstairs.I got mittens and got the cake out of the oven.I setted it on the stove and looked for icing and sprinkles.

I found them and letted the cake cool.I went upstairs and saw the girls putting things away.

"Lets go decorate the wonderful cake we made"I said.They nodded and we raced down the stairs.We decorated the cake when Edward came in.

"Bella?"He asked.I waved.

'Hello Edward"I said.He smiled and closed his eyes.I shouldn't have come.Alyson ran to Edward and he picked her up.

"Daddy we baked a cake"Edward smiled.

"well I would love to have a peice after dinner"He said.I smiled.

"Girls why don't you clean up for dinner"They girls nodded.I turned and saw it was six o'clock.Times go by when you have fun.I started to clean up.

"Bella you don't have too"I shooked my head.

"No.It's ok.I kinda miss using my cleaning skills.Since I have a maid in London"I said.He nodded.He setted a bag down.I covered the cake.He came close to me.

"So how was London?"He asked.I shrugged.

"Good.I guess.Even though I missed a lot here.Everyone getting married.Carol having your kids.Rose pregnant.I feel totally left out.And the thing is that I am engaged and I am so distant with my life I can't tell anyone"I said.He came toward me.He hugged me.

"Bella don't worry.You have more fun stuff to do."I nodded.I pulled away.

"i should get home for a family dinner"I said.

"Can Bella stay for dinner'I heard Rebecca asked.I looked at Edward and he looked at me.

"I kinda have to go to dinner with my parents.But maybe another time"I said.I didn't want to intrude on dinner.Even though I wish I could get out of my parents house.Alyson came out.

"Can you please.Please"She asked.I looked at Edward.He nodded.

"I guess so"I said.They got seated and I looked down.

"Thank you Edward"I said.He shook his head.

'No.It's nice to have a home-made baked cake that my children made.Thank you"He said.I smiled.We sat down and started to eat.


When dinner was over I helped clean up.Edward went upstairs to tuck the girls in.He came down.He helped me wash dishies.

"So your engaged"I nodded.

"Yeah.To a guy name Mark.He is really sweet and kind"I said.He nodded.

"Well he is a lucky guy"I pushed him playfully.He laughed and poured dish water at me.I gasped.It was really cold.I splashed water at him.

'It's not funny.Edward I am soaking cold"I said.He sighed.He picked me up.I laughed.He took me to the bathroom.I felt like I was in Remember Me.He turned on the shower.He kissed me.It felt so good.It didn't feel like it did with Mark.He put the tip of his tounge on my lip for enterance.I let him.He picked me up.There was fireworks.I pulled away.

"I should really go before my dad calls a search team"I said.He nodded.I got out and headed downstairs.Edward gave me a towel and I smiled.

"Thanks"I said.I put my hair up in the towel and got my coat on.I went to my truck and sighed.I can still feel the tingle on my lips from that perfect kiss.6

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OMG :)

realy good,
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its rosses n emilys weddin
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I LOVE IT, please update me on newer chapters!
Chapter 6

We were back in Forks.Bella didn't go out or anything.Once we got back she just left with Charlie and Renee.Alice and Rosalie tried to go over a couple of times to make her eat or something but nothing worked.Rosalie was mad at me because Bella would be happy in Mexico if I didn't show up.We were in my house.While the girls were at school.Bella came in the house.
"Bella!"Alice said.Bella tried to smile but couldn't.
"I was thinking.About stuff.It's been a week and he hasn't called to talk it out.What if this was meant to be.And I still have his stuff"She said.Rosalie smiled.
"Great.Burn time'She said.Bella raised her perfect beautiful eyebrow.
"Why?They were the best things.He had this scrapbook of me and him and a photo that showed his cute dimple"She said.A tear went down her face.She wipped it off.
"Fine.But I need scotch"She said.Alice smiled.
"Perfect"She said.The girls drove back to Bella's place.
"So are you ok Edward?"Emmett asked.I looked up and shrugged.
"I don't know.I just want Bella and it seems I'm not going to get that"I said.They nodded.The girls came back an hour later.Bella was smiling again.
"who knew his old Yankee shirt flamable"She said.Alice laughed.
"Well that is called sctoch my friend"She laughed.The girls sat down.
"Do you guys remember Big Ben?"Alice asked.We nodded.I went after the wedding and we tried to cheer Bella up.
'It was awesome"Rosalie groaned.
"what?"I asked.
"You guys got to explore London.And what did I do?I looked though magazine's"Emmett kissed her cheek.
"Rose I didn't go.It's ok."Rosalie rolled her eyes.

When they left Alyson and Rebecca came running toward me.I hugged them.They pulled away and ran to Bella.
"Bella looked what we made"Bella smiled as the girls pulled out a picture.Bella smiled bigger.
"They are beautiful."She said.They giggled.They went upstairs.
"We have to do something for Rosalie before she goes into labor"Jasper said.I nodded.
"Yeah.Something that she can do maybe a walk in the park or a picnic"Bella said.
"Or maybe a trip to Seattle"Alice said.We smiled.
"Perfect.But one problem"I said.I couldn't leave Alyson and Rebecca.Bella saw my face and nodded.
"Yeah.We can't leave Alyson and Rebecca"She said.I nodded.
"Maybe they can come with us.We will go tommroww it's Friday"Jasper said.We smiled.
"Perfect.I will go pack"Bella just then her phone runged.She looked at it and her face went down.
"It's Mark"She said.Alice ran to her and turned her phone off.
"Don't answer it.That Bristish guy is a jerk.He I guess left you at the altar?"Alice asked.Bella shook her head.
"It's not as bad as I did.I said 'I take thee Edward'"I flinched.Bella just shook her head.
"I am just going to go.Call Rosalie and Emmett bye guys"I smiled as she left.Knowing that she was almost back to her normal self.

It was the next day and I was heading toward Edward's place.My parents were happy I was leaving and having fun with the gang again.I parked my car and saw everyone there.Rosalie was smiling.The girls were upstairs finishing packing and everything I guess.
"I am going to Seattle"She siad.I nodded while walking in.
"I am going to go shopping.High five for shopping Jazz"She said.We high five.Rosalie stopped.We gasped and stepped back.
"Uh, Rose, you're leaking?"Jasper asked.
'Oh my God! You're water broke!"I said.Me and Alice smiled.
" Ohh!'The guys said.Rosalie nodded and picked up her suit case.
'All right. Well, don't worry, I call shotgun!'She headed toward the door.
"Whoa-whoa-whoa-whoa! Wait-wait!'We all said.She turned around and sighed.
'Rosalie! We have to take you to the hospital now!"Edward said.Emmett nodded.
"Rosalie,Rose, the baby is coming now."Alice smiled.
"High five.The baby is coming"We all high fived and got up.
"Wait, wait, remember when my water broke?"we all high fived again.We headed toward the door.
"Wait what about Alyson and Rebecca?"Edward asked.I sighed.
"I'll take them to Esme.You guys go"I said.They nodded and headed toward the door.When they left I went upstairs.
"Ok girls let's go.Aunt Rosalie is having her baby.I have to take you to Grandma Esme"I said.They nodded and got their things.We headed toward the door and I got them in Edward's car he gave me the keys too.We headed toward the Cullen's.Esme came out and smile.d
"I got the news go Bella ok"I nodded.They left and I headed toward the hospital.I saw Alice,Edward and Jazz waiting.
"what happened so far?"I asked.
"Rose is over there"I nodded.I headed toward the nurse desk.They followed.
"Hi, yeah, hi! I'm umm,Rosalie McCarty, and I have ababy coming out of me"Rosalie said.
"Okay. Have you started having contractions?'I giggled.Rosalie gasped.
" Not yet. Umm, I heard they really hurt, do they hurt?"Rosalie asked.THe nurse titled her head side to side.
' Oh my God!'Rosalie said.Edward came next to her.
" It's all right.Carol has gone though it and her's weren't that bad"Edward said.The nurse smiled and giggled.She was into him?No,he was mine.I hope.
"Which one is the father?"The nurse asked pointing toward Jasper and Edward.
"Oh none of those idiots are.He is"She said to Emmett.I laughed.We headed toward the waiting room.
"Okay, uh Rose, quick. Look! This is for the baby to look at someday, so is-is there anything you want to say? Y'know before it all starts?"Jasper asked.She smiled.
'Oh, okay, umm, hi baby! Um, it's me, your Mom Rosalie. I can't wait to see you. Please don't hurt me!"She said.We laughed.Rosalie was in the deiverly room while me and Edward were walking and talking.I got a text from Alice asking to ask a nurse where Rosalie doctor was.I went and ask and we walked in.
"Okay, so just spoke to the nurse and the reason that your doctor is late is because uh, she's not coming."I said.Rosalie gasped again.
'Apparently she fell in the shower and hit her head."Edward said.i nodded.I don't know why Rosalie didn't hire Carlise.
" Oh my God, she's so stupid!"She said.Emmett rubbed her hand.
" Look, Rose, it's gonna be okay."Edward said.Rosalie looked at him.
"That's easy for you to say, I don't see a child coming out your vagina!"She said.I laughed.
"Honey, listen, y'know what? The nurse said the doctor is wonderful.'I said.She nodded sadly.I walked toward her.Edward nodded.
'Yeah, he's head of the department.'
'All right—Ooh! Oh dead God, save me!"She said.We looked at her werid.It wasn't that bad.Isn't it supposed to be good that he was the head of department?
' What?"Alice asked.
" I'm having my first contraction!'She said.I shrugged.
' Oh no.'Emmett said.She shook her head.
" Ooh, it's not bad.'
' Okay.'Emmett said.I smiled.Just then Jasper came in with his camera in my face.I pulled it away.I hated pictures.
" Oh! And so the miracle of life begins, and aaiiyyyeeee!"He grabbed his side dounles over in pain.I went to him.
'Hey! You okay?'I asked.He shook his head.
" Ooh, something hurts!'
"Ooh, it's sympathy pains. Ohh, that's so sweet!"Rosalie said.
" Are they? I didn't know I cared that much."Jasper said.Rosalie rolled her eyes.
"I think something is really bad"Edward said.Jasper shook his head.
"No.I am good.Just sympothy."Edward nodded and walked back.The doctor came.
"Hello Rosalie I will delivery your baby today"Rosalie smiled and nodded.
"Ok can we only have the father in here?"We nodded.
"Ok good luck"I siad.SHe nodded.We walked out.We were in the waiting room and Jasper kept complaining.Edward went to call a doctor to check and we were in a hospitail room while Jasper just finished throwing up.I felt kinda sick.
" Feeling a little better sweetie?"Alice asked.Jasper nodded.
"Well, maybe a little. I wish you hadn't seen me throw up.'Alice nodded and smiled.
' Me too."Me and Alice said at the same time.Edward came in and sat down.
"I just called he should be up with your results"We nodded.The doctor came in.
"Kidney stones! Now, ordinarily Mr. Whitelock, we try to break up the stones up with shock waves, but they're to close to the bladder now. Which means we can either wait for you to pass them or else go up the urethra…"Jasper interrupted.
" Whoa-whoa! No-no-no-no-no, nothing is going up! Okay? Up, up is not an option—what's a urethra?"I lean into his ear and whispered.
" The transport tube leading from the bladder to discharge urine outside the body. In males, the urethra travels through your thing, and carries semen as well as urine."I said.He looked at me crazy.
"Are you crazy?!'He asked.I rolled my eyes.I went to get some coffee and I bumped into a guy.Who was a nurse.
"Hi"I said.
"Hi I am Adam"He said.I pulled my hand out.
"Bella.I am so sorry"I said.He shook his head with a smile on his face.He was so cute.He had a dimple on his right cheek.I blushed.
"Do you want to go out one day.Maybe for dinner someday"I nodded.I gave him my number.
"I would love too bye"I said.He nodded.I walked back in.
"I just met the hottest guy in America"I said.Alice smiled.
"Really how many dimples?"She asked.I held out my finger to show one.
"Wow!He is cute"I laughed and nodded.We went to sit down.
"Wait what?Bella you just got out of a bad break up at your wedding.Is he a nurse?"Edward asked.
"Yeah"I said.Him and Jasper laughed.
"He is totally gay"Jasper said.I rolled my eyes.
"Then Edward why would you date a girl who is above you oh wait no your not you are dating your daughter's nanny"I said.They looked at me.
"I'm not dating my daughter's nanny."Edward said.I laughed.
"Sure your not"I said.I wish that I was talking non-sense.The doctor came in ready for Jasper's surgery.Alice went to go see how Rosalie was doing and I was by a closet with Edward.
"Bella my nanny Amy is a lesbian"Edward said.I laughed.
"Yeah.Like I haven't used that before"I said.Edward then attacked me with a kiss.I pulled away feeling sparks still.I pulled him into the closet.I kissed him some more.He put me on the wall while I wrapped my legs around his waist.
"Are you sure..?"Edward asked.
"shut up and kiss me"I said.He nodded and kissed me.I started to take off my top.He took off his.He ran his fingers though my hair as I did the same.He unhooked my bra..

We walked out and my hair was a mess.I putted it in a pony-tail.Edward re-buttoned his shirt.We walked back to Rosalie's room.We knocked gently.
"come in"she said.I walked in and saw a little baby girl.I smiled.
"what's her name?"I asked.She smiled.
"We haven't decided we are stuck between two names"Emmett said.I nodded.
"what are the chocies?"Edward asked.
"Well we choose Megan,Layla and Jamie"I nodded.
"You choose they are good names"Rosalie said to Emmett.
"Ok say hello to Jamie"Rosalei cried harder.
"What?"Emmett asked.She shook her head.
"I don't want to name my daughter Jamie"She said.Emmett nodded.
"I have no more idea's"Rosalie said.
"Well it's easy.You know just pick a name off you head"I said.Rosalie shook her head.
"Easy for you to say you already choose your names for your kids when you dated Edward"I blushed.Edward looked at me and smiled.
"what were you going to name them?"Edward asked.I sighed.
"If it was a boy Colin and if it was a girl Juliet"I said.The sqeauled.I looked at her scared.What did I do?
"What?"I asked.She shook her head.She was crying really badly.
"I just like that name.But I can't have it"I shook my head.
"No.You can have it"I said.She shook her head.
"But you like that name"She said.I shook my head and held her hand.
"I love you more"I said.She smiled.
"But it doesn't matter I am not getting married"I said.She sighed.A tear went down my face.I laughed and hugged her.
"Then say hello to Juliet McCarthy"I smiled.She was so beautiful.She looked just like Emmett.I got to hold her and she was so light.She was perfect.Alice came in.
"Hi.Who is this?"She asked.
"Juliet"Emmett said.She gasped and I gave Juliet to her.
"so beautiful.Hi"SHe siad.I laughed.When we walked out of the hospitail Alice looked at Edward.
"why do you have lipstick on your cheek"She asked.Edward touched his face.
"Oh.I don't know"He said.That was my lipstick.My favoirte pink melon.It smell and tasted good.
"Well I should go in.I see you guys later"Alice said and walked back inside.Me and Edward sighed.
"Close one"I said.He nodded.
"So are we together?"He asked.I turned to him and smiled.
"If you want to be"I said.He nodded and kissed me.I laughed.We got in the car and he drove me home.He walked me to my door.He leaned in and kissed me.I pulled away and bit my lip.
"Bye Edward"I said.He nodded.
"Bye Bella"He said.I walked in and smiled.
"Wow"I said.I ran to my room and fell on my bed.That was the best feeling in a long time.And I loved it.
I hope that isn't the end. Please write more I loved it.
love it!!!
My lord finally they r together yay plzzzzz write more
omg write more plzzzz


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