The Twilight Saga

Sometimes love just can't be denied - no matter how untimely it hits us. Sparks fly between Edward and Bella the very first time they meet; problem is that Bella is already committed to another. See how the two of them deal with their unspoken attraction and how a tragedy could bring them closer together or push them further apart.


This story is being worked on by both myself and AnahyR whose ideas are the basis for all chapters. We hope you enjoy it and would love to hear your opinions through your comments. AnahyR will also be doing this story in Spanish so for those of you who are Spanish speaking you will also have access to this at some stage. I will put the link here once it is done.



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Chapter 1 - Friendships                                             Chapter 2 - Interactions

Chapter 3 - Denying Attractions                                 Chapter 4 - A Friend in Need

Chapter 5 - Realizations                                            Chapter 6 - Truths

Chapter 7 - Peter                                                      Chapter 8 - Collision

Chapter 9 - Aftermath                                                Chapter 10 - Saying Goodbye

Chapter 11- Drowning Sorrows                                   Chapter 12 - Waking Up

Chapter 13 - Baby Steps                                           Chapter 14 - Friendship?

Chapter 15 - Flight                                                    Chapter 16 - Acceptance

Chapter 17 - Getting Closer                                       Chapter 18 - The Good and the Bad          

Chapter 19 - In These Arms                                      Chapter 20 - Accusations

Chapter 21 - Coolness                                             Chapter 22 - Candid

Chapter 23 - Broken Silences                                   Chapter 24 - At the Heart of it

Chapter 25 - Uncertainties

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Dear Alextraviolet Cullen,


I will do my best to make things better for our boy!!! He has been particularly patient and caring towards her and does deserve to be happy so lets hope Bella is able to do that for him.





Hi Kathy lopez, I hope that you continue to find it interesting.




Thanx...I Will!!!!!!!!




Chapter 21


EPOV - Coolness


Life rocks on – it always does, regardless of whether your heart is breaking or if you are in the happiest place possible. Leaving Bella to deal with her issues on her own was the hardest thing I had ever done. I knew she had Alice and the others to help her but it wasn’t the same. I no longer got to be the one she turned to or the one she confided in. During the times when we were all together I kept my distance, never allowing her to see that I was dying inside but that meant I could not answer her pleading eyes or touch her when it all seemed too much for her. We were slowly but surely becoming strangers and the reality of that was something I had not imagined could hurt so much.


I had done that and she hadn’t stopped me.


Through Jasper I learnt that Rick and Grace had come over a few days after the incident to make amends with all of them. Rick regretted the way he had attacked every single one of us and explained that he was having difficulty dealing with Peter’s death even though months had passed. He wanted someone to blame and James had given him the material to use, even if he knew deep down it wasn’t the whole truth. With little thought he had reacted and now he was extremely sorry for the words he had so carelessly thrown around.


Fat good that did for us now. Sometimes words were the most lethal  weapon possible and Rick had wielded his with precision so that he had harmed all of us in one way or another.


Bella had forgiven him, of course, stating that she fully understood how difficult this all was for him and that she never wanted to hurt them; that they were her family. Jasper had followed her lead and accepted the apology with a grace I was not capable of right now. Alice had not been so forthcoming in her acceptance and had told Rick in no uncertain terms that he had a lot to make up for and that he had done more damage than anyone in that room was willing to admit. She would save her decision for a time when Rick actually accepted that Bella was living and she deserved some of the happiness that he had unwittingly made her give up…….oh and also when he had the guts to say sorry to one Edward Cullen who had borne the brunt of his tirade.


God I loved that girl!


Ricks attempts to apologise to me went completely ignored. I screened my calls carefully and never returned any that were from him. I was not capable of granting him absolution when I felt my world had been turned upside down, at a time when I had high hopes that I was getting somewhere with achieving the goal of Bella’s happiness. He had left me with no chance of being with the one person I cared about more than any other. He had stopped her from getting some of the peace that she deserved. This was not something I could or would stand for. I wanted to be the better person and told myself constantly that what had happened was a mistake that I should forgive him for, due to the high level of grief and pain involved, but I just couldn’t do it. His mistake had resulted in my misery, and more importantly Bellas.


All of Bella and my interactions came through our friends. It didn’t surprise me that they managed to find all kinds of excuses for get togethers and group dinners. Each and every one of them had made it clear to me that they thought I had done the wrong thing in giving up on Bella just because of one bad moment with Rick, but what they didn’t understand was that it was more than that. I had come to realize that Bella had been using me as a kind of bandaid and had even convinced herself that she could be intimate with someone other than Peter when really she was not addressing the problem beneath it. I had now forced her hand and what she did with that was her own choice. I had probably lost her in the process but at least when she finally did give her heart to someone it would be with a clear conscious and the knowledge that she had done everything she could to get over her first love. With that in mind I attended whatever little arrangements our group made and treated Bella with respect but hardly any warmth. It was hard to watch the way her eyes would cloud over with disappointment and something else I could not name but I managed it………just.


Initially Bella had tried to get me to talk to her about what had happened with Rick and the way we had left things between us afterwards. If ever it seemed like we would go down that road I pulled out of the discussion and made excuses to move away from her. It was somewhat callous and churlish of me but it was the only way I could deal with the decisions we had both made; me by telling her that I would leave her alone and her by remaining silent. I was guarding my heart now because I could no longer meet her needs. Eventually Bella realized that she would get nowhere with me and stopped approaching me for a truce. Instead we fell into a kind of uncomfortable affiliation that had more to do with keeping our friends happy than meeting our own wants.


Besides I had promised that I would always be there as a friend. My half hearted attempt was at least something.

Keeping tabs on Bella’s progress and well being was relatively easy since I had Emmett and Jasper who were determined that I knew every little detail. I knew when she was at her lowest and I knew when she used her strength to pull herself out of that. I was not kept waiting in finding out when she finally got that long looked for job that she desperately needed, nor the times when she had to fend off the advances of men who had no idea of her history. They told me it all, expecting that it would make an impact on my choices but outwardly it didn’t. I remained resolute; I was not good for her. Inwardly I mourned that I couldn’t help, that I couldn’t celebrate, that I couldn’t encourage. All I could do was know…… and that was nothing if you couldn’t act on it.


A whole month of days had passed since that day that had been both the best and lowest point of my existence.   We were getting ever closer to the wedding of my best friend and Bella’s sister.  Plans had been made to have a  gathering of celebration for the two of them with friends and family, much like the party Peter and Bella had held before their called off wedding. Emmett and Rosalie had vetoed the idea of bucks and hens nights due to the bad memories it brought up for so many people we were involved in. A room had been hired at some swanky hotel and Alice and Bella had worked hard to make sure it was decorated the way Rosalie had envisioned. I was unsure about this party but knew I had to attend as Emmett’s best man. I had a feeling that my will would be tested tonight and I wasn’t completely certain I was up to that.


“Relax man. You are giving me the jitters just watching you,” Jasper spoke in exasperation and I threw him a dirty look. I had been running my fingers through my hair and tapping my foot agitatedly ever since we walked in the door.


“That’s fine for you to say Mr everything is going along just honky dory  in my world.


“God Edward. You see her all the time. You’ve got that whole ‘I don’t care’ approach to Bella down pat, so why are you so nervous tonight?” Jasper’s eyes scanned the room, no doubt looking for his girlfriend. “Can’t you just give up this whole charade and admit to the girl that you were wrong and that you want to be with her. She would be open to it I can guarantee. She misses you like crazy and she hasn’t been the same since you decided that you were going to give up.”


“There were circumstances that lead to the ‘giving up’ Jasper so don’t start in on me.”


“You’re right, of course Edward. Giving up the woman you love because one little barrier was put in the way demonstrates completely how you had no other choice. You must be so proud of yourself brother. I know I am. Watching the two of you pretend that the other has no impact on your lives is draining for all of us who love you. For god’s sake, fix it.”


He didn’t wait for my answer before he strode off in a complete huff. My mood had just dipped even lower if that was at all possible. Cracks were beginning to be found in my relationships with the other members of our group the longer my standoff went with Bella.


“Edward, could we have a quick word,” My pulse quickened and tension engulfed my body in preparation of a confrontation. This was one of the reasons why I had not been keen to be here tonight.


“Rick. We really have nothing to say to one another,”


“Look I know I stuffed up and what I said and did was beyond despicable but I really need to make things right.”


“The only person you need to make this right with is Bella. Talk to her.” I went to leave but he grabbed my arm and I stopped and gave him a withering look.


“I’ve already apologized to Bella and your brother too. I need  to say sorry to you.”


“You’re apology means nothing to me Rick. The damage has been done,” I shrugged away from his hold. “Bella was healing Rick and hopefully your accusations won’t stop her from getting back to that point eventually but it’s none of my business now because I am not involved.  You made certain of that when you entered Bella’s apartment that night. I don’t care about me but you need to let her lead a life that is not full of judgment. She needs strength and support to move on. You want to do something for me then that would be it. Support her and prove to her that she is doing nothing wrong in living her life. Your opinion matters to her; it means nothing to me.”


Knowing eyes met mine and his shoulders slumped as if he recognized something deep within them. “You love her don’t you?”


“Irrelevant,” I snapped back and he shook his head slowly as I escaped from his apologetic stare. I searched blindly for something to distract me from Rick’s sudden awareness and pushed my way through the crowd until I found the bar. I quickly grabbed a drink and threw it back, allowing the warmth of the spirit to seep through my chest once it was down my throat. 


“That was obviously badly needed Mr Cullen,” A light voice teased as I banged the drink onto the counter and asked for one more.


“Very much so,” I answered without even looking at the speaker.


“Well I hope you aren’t intending on trashing yourself because we both know that won’t help in any way.”


“Nope,” I said with some reluctance. It would be kind of nice to allow the alcohol to have a numbing effect on my consciousness so I didn’t have to face how pathetic my life was now that I had let the one good thing in it go. I wouldn’t do it though. I needed my wits about me. “Nice to see you by the way, Jane. I wasn’t sure if you would accept Rose’s invitation.”


“I thought why the hell not. I like your friends Edward and they seem to think I am okay too. It was nice of her to think of me.”


Jane had been spending more time with us lately as she and Rosalie had seemed to hit it off on one of her work related visits to the apartment. I had found it comforting to have someone else I could talk to during the awkward moments of having Bella in the same room as me. “They do think you’re okay and I hope that you continue to see them after I return to Paris.”


“Oh so it’s been settled then. You’re returning to Paris,”


My answer was a mere nod.


“Are you ready for that Edward? Don’t you have things to sort out here before you go back?”


“Nope. Jasper is doing so much better now and I think Alice has everything under control with regards to keeping him in line. I have a feeling that he is going to be moving permanently to New York soon and has applied for a strategic or training position for the military over this way. He can’t bear to be away from Alice. That leaves me free to leave after Emmett and Rose’s wedding.”


Jane’s face held sympathy. “What about Bella?”


“What about her?” It took so much effort to put the nonchalance in the question.


Jane rolled her eyes at my attempts. “What indeed?” Thankfully she changed the subject and we began to move around the room companionably as we people watched. Jane’s descriptions of scenarios that different people might find themselves in were keeping me amused and for a little while I could forget about the huge elephant in the room.


That didn’t last long though because we soon found ourselves face to face with Bella and Emmett. Polite chit chat ensued but I was finding it extremely difficult to stop myself from staring at Bella when she looked so beautiful. When Emmett excused himself to go and find Rosalie I almost didn’t catch it because I was remembering the way Bella felt under my fingertips and how responsive she had been to my kisses after the Bon Jovi concert. I had to get a grip of myself. Why was I all of a sudden consumed with those things when I had managed to push them to the back of my mind during my waking hours.


 “Hey Bella, I just had a great idea and I can‘t believe I hadn’t thought of it before now.” Jane spoke with some smugness in her voice and it instantly had me on alert. “I think I should introduce you to my brother Alec. He would be perfect for you and you haven’t had the opportunity to meet him yet. What do you say? I could arrange a little set up; maybe a date even. We could double date; you and Alec and me and Edward. It would be so much fun.”


What the hell?


Every muscle in my body contracted in rage at Jane’s suggestion. A red hue spread across Bella’s cheeks and I groaned inwardly. “I….I’m not……ah Jane I am sure your brother is lovely but I’m not interested….that is I’m not dating.” Bella looked up at me through her eyelashes as she stumbled through her words, clearly confused about what Jane was doing.


“Oh well. It was just an idea. I guess someone else will come along soon enough and snap you up with what a lovely and gorgeous looking woman you are ,” As she said those words to Bella, Jane looked directly at me to emphasise her point and I glared daggers at her in response.


“Um…..okay. I think I might go and see if Alice needs any help. It was nice talking to you both.” Hurt and confusion played across her face as she walked away from us.


As soon as she was out of earshot I blazed at Jane. “What on earth was that? Trying to set her up with someone else. Do you think I want to see her with someone else?”


“I thought you didn’t care?” Jane retorted with a carefree tone to her question.


I ignored what she said.  “and then making out that there was something going on between you and I.”


“Again, why should that worry you? She means nothing. You’re off to Paris and it would be good for her to have someone back here to rely on; someone who can help her be happy.”


“Because there’s not and there never will be anything between you and I and because I can’t think of her being with anyone else,” White dots were showing before my eyes as I attempted to control my temper and then the realisation  hit me. “It would literally kill me.”


“ Yet, you simply gave up on her like she meant nothing. I thought a little intervention was needed to highlight all of the said points, Edward. The two of you needed a wake up call. Maybe the thought of you being with someone else will make her think twice about letting you do what you are doing. Maybe you realizing that Bella is something special and that eventually someone else will want her, will make you see that you are being an idiot. I’ve got lots of friends that I can set her up with once your back in Paris, if you’d like.”


“What? You think jealousy is going to fix this? Jeez Jane. There is so much more than that involved here,”


“Yeah I know. It is called love and neither of you are willing to admit that,”


“Bella does not love me. She’s not ready for that at all,” I explained through gritted teeth and Jane merely scoffed at me. Desperation laced the next words I uttered. “Jane, you need to promise me you won’t throw guys at her. Please I am begging you, don’t do that to me. If that is what happens for her, let it not be from your hand.”


Jane took a swig of her drink and looked at me calculatingly. “I can’t make any such promise Edward. Bella’s about to lose the second man she loves in a matter of a year, if she needs my help to get over that I will be more than willing to help.” She reached up and gave me two quick taps of her palm to my cheek. “Think about it. Are you actually helping her or making things a hundred times worse?” Without any further ado she melted into the crowd around us and disappeared before I could plead some more.


All my friends were turning on me tonight.


A small hand grabbed mine and I was pulled towards the dance floor by my brother’s better half. Alice’s natural exuberance was partly quenched as she faced me and the two of us automatically began to move to the music.


“You’re killing her, you know,” Alice stated with a small amount of concealed accusation.


“What?” Her comment came from nowhere and the lack of context made me confused for a moment.


“Bella. You withdrawing your friendship is hurting her.”


“I haven’t done that,” I disagreed but deep down I knew she was right “and do we seriously have to have this conversation now, in the middle of the dance floor?”


Alice looked around us and then grimaced slightly, recognizing that this was not the ideal time to talk. I was hoping she would drop the subject and continue to dance with me but as was expected she didn’t do what I wanted.


“You’re right. Come outside with me,” She moved off towards the outside doors and I thought fleetingly of turning the opposite way and not having to face whatever she wanted to share, but then good sense kicked in and I let her lead the way.


This was, after all, Alice we were talking about and I never wanted to be on the wrong side of her.


Alice’s petite form stood before me all tense and she looked at me uncertainly. She sighed several times but nothing came out and after about  a minute of her not speaking I lost my patience.


“Spit it out Alice. You didn’t drag me out here for no reason at all.”


“Jasper told me to stay out of it,” Alice said with some contrition and I smiled with very little humour.


“Yeah, because he is doing such a great job of that himself.”


“He cares about you, that’s all,” She defended her boyfriend without pause “and he has grown to care about Bella too and I guess is protective of her  since he regards it as his duty for Peter’s sake.”


I leant against the railing of the verandah we were on and crossed my arms defensively. “Makes sense,”


Alice suddenly changed the subject. “I saw you talking to Rick Woods before. He finally got around to apologizing then?”


I shrugged, not really wanting to revisit that particular conversation. It just made me angry. “He tried,”


Alice looked surprised. “So you didn’t accept?”


“He hurt Bella. I find that difficult to forgive. He also basically accused Jasper and I of getting rid of Peter so that I could get Bella. Bella and Jasper might find that kind of crap easy to forgive, me……. not so much.”


“I’m not going to tell you all the things you already know about why he did those things; grief can make us crazy and let’s face it I would be a bit of a hypocrite, considering I haven’t entirely forgiven him either but eventually you will have to. Your families are close; imagine what this would do to them.”


“My feelings on the matter have no impact on anyone else,”


“You’re kidding yourself if you believe that but that’s your business to deal with when it comes. I know you think that Bella doesn’t care about you the way you care about her and that she let Rick get to her too easily but she did fight in your absence I promise.”


“I know Bella doesn’t care about me the way I do because I am actually in love with her. She only holds love for Peter and I accept that. I always knew that and I was willing to be there for her anyway. When she starts being hurt by my presence that’s when I have to make the hard decisions.”


“You and I see very different things then Edward because Bella has shown me over the past month just how much you mean to her. She even went up against Rick once she found out what he has said to you and Jasper that night.”


“Jasper didn’t tell me that.”


“Jasper didn’t see it. I however got to see the full extent of her anger when she dragged me over to Grace and Rick’s place after I had to explain to her what had happened and why I was not so easily able to forgive him when he apologized to all of us. She hadn’t heard his accusations against you boys, only the affair business. To say she was angry does not even remotely describe it.”


Alice went on to describe how Bella had told Rick in no uncertain terms that whilst she could understand  and forgive him being upset with her for possibly moving on so quickly after Peter’s death, that she would not condone his words to Jasper and I. To accuse us of such a horrible deed was beyond despicable and he needed to ensure that the two of us were not damaged by it. We were Peter’s friends and suggesting that we were anything but helpful up until the end was disrespectful to Peter and the men Rick knew us to be. Apparently Rick had been extremely remorseful and surprised at the level of fury Bella could demonstrate but agreed to do anything in his power to make us understand that he had said those hurtful words in a moment of passion; not that he actually believed them.


“Bella’s answer was ‘good because those two men are important to me and have done everything possible to help me through the worst days of my life. I will not have them slandered when they don’t deserve it. I am proud to call them my friends and I know Peter would be too.’ She was so adamant , Edward and I loved her even more for having the guts to let him know he was in the wrong.”


Alice completed her retelling and waited for my response. All I knew that I was feeling somewhat relieved that Bella had stood up to Rick for us; for me. I had thought she had heard everything that was said and that she was okay with him making such an allegation. Now I knew differently and it helped to know she would be willing to fight him on that particular thing, if nothing else.


“I didn’t know that.”


“Probably because every time Bella has tried to broach the subject with you and discuss what’s going on you’ve done a runner. She gave up, Edward because she said she was causing you nothing but trouble and angst and you obviously had had enough. How can you fix things up if you won’t even talk to her?”


“I talk to her.” I defended myself and was about to continue when she cut me off.


“Not about anything meaningful.” Alice quipped. “Edward she cares. She really does. She just doesn’t understand yet the depth of it. We can all see it and I am sure if you let yourself hope, you would be able to see it too but it is definitely there and when she finally allows herself to ignore the guilt and the expectations of others it is going to hit her like a ton of bricks exactly how much she loves you. She is going  to need you to be there for her when that happens.”


Considering her words to be the truth did not come easily as I had been telling myself for the past month that my feelings were one sided and would always remain that way. The possibility of Bella loving me was almost too much to take in.


“I don’t know what to say to you Alice. I don’t believe her feelings are that strong. I know she cares but anything else is heresay.”


“Tell me that when the time comes you’ll be there for her; that you are willing to wait for that time. I know I am asking a lot Edward but she is my sister and she deserves to be happy more than anyone else I know. You are going to be her happiness.”


Alice was putting so much faith in me and I was going to have to admit that I couldn’t meet her request. I pinched the top of my nose and took in a deep breath.


“I would do anything for Bella, you know that. It was the only way I could walk away from her because I knew she needed me to, to give her some sense of herself but things have changed now. I leave for Paris a few days after Emmett and Rose’s wedding. The decision was made last week and besides giving up my job entirely I have no choice but to go. My responsibilities are taking me elsewhere; I don’t see how I can wait around and lose my job on the off chance that Bella might come to realize that she might love me and want to be with me. I am sorry Alice, I really am but it is probably best to leave things as they are. I refuse to put any more pressure on Bella than what I already have over the past few months. I tried to be patient but it wasn’t enough. In the end she thought what we had between us was wrong.”


Alice looked as if she was going to cry as she whispered “Jasper didn’t tell me you were leaving that soon.”


“He doesn’t know. I was going to wait until tomorrow to let you all know because I didn’t want to put a damper on this evening. Alice , it will be fine. Bella will be fine; she is so much stronger than she gives herself credit for.”


“I agree that she is strong. She constantly proves that to us on a daily basis but I don’t believe she honestly thinks what the two of you have is wrong. She is going to be devastated when she finds out you’re going back to Paris but you’re right…… can’t stop your life on a possibility. I am sorry for asking you to do that.”


I pulled Alice to me and placed my hand around her shoulder as I gave her forehead a chaste kiss. “Don’t be sorry Ali, you are her big sis and I love that I can trust that you will all be here to look after her when I no longer am. I wanted so badly for this to be different but Bella isn’t ready for that yet. I do love her and I really want what is best for her; unfortunately that is not me at this time. I just have to deal with that.”


“You’re wrong but it’s Bella’s job to tell you that, not mine. We are all going to miss you so much Edward. Thank you for everything you did for Bella and for Jasper. He is going to struggle without you around.”


“Alice, I love Jasper too and I promise if I didn’t think he would be alright with me leaving I wouldn’t be going. Him moving to New York to be closer to you is the best idea and I trust that the two of you will look after one another. If either of you need me you know I will be here, I promise.”


Our conversation petered out as we took in each other’s words and soon we returned inside to join the celebrations again. Alice agreed to let me be the one to tell everyone I was leaving and promised that it was something she would keep to herself. The two of us found our friends to mingle with but I was entirely  distracted the whole time thinking about what Alice had told me and the prospect of leaving for Paris. I was so distracted that I didn’t notice Bella and Rick approaching me as a united front and by the time they were next to me it was too late for me to evade them. As if by magic the others around us disappeared and I was left alone to contend with whatever they wanted to throw my way.


Bella was the first to speak. “Edward I know that neither of us on your list of favorite people right now but Rick really needs to sort this out so I am hoping that you will hear him out.”


Alice’s words sprung to the forefront of my mind, reminding me that Bella had not let him get away with what he did with regards to Jasper and I. I took solace in that and faced the two of them with a little more forgiveness than I initially had. Rick took in the difference within my stance and quickly made good on his apology.


“Look Edward. The night I came over I was in a really bad place and the thought of everyone moving on from Peter’s death when I was having so much trouble doing so was driving me mad. I have known you and your parents for a long time and I should never have even considered that you and Jasper would not have done everything possible to help my son when he needed you. You were brought up by good people Edward and well… and Jasper are good men too. A mere apology is never going to be enough for the harsh things I said that night… you…..or to Bella…….but I am sincerely hoping that we can try and move on from this.”


One quick glance at Bella told me that she was solely focused on me and my answer. Her beautiful eyes were begging me to accept; to move on from this so there was some sort of closure and I was going to grant her at least this one thing.


“Thank you Rick. If Bella feels she can forgive you, then I will back that up. I’d actually like to forget that it even happened to be completely honest.”


“I would also like to thank you Edward. Grace has brought to my attention just how good a friend you have been to Bella and Bella obviously cares a great deal about you. My interference has made things worse, it appears, and I sincerely regret that. Whatever wall I have put up between the two of you I hope that you can find it in your hearts to break it down again because life is too short to lose the important things. We all know that first hand.”


Bella’s face became stoic as she looked everywhere but at me. Rick left us and I fidgeted on my feet wondering what to say to Bella now that we were alone.


“I suppose I should leave you alone to enjoy the rest of the party but thanks for forgiving him Edward; I was finding it hard to be around him knowing that he hadn’t made things right with you. What he said….well it just makes me so angry and I hope you know I have never thought that of you…..never.”


“I know,”


She gave me a small smile and started to turn around to leave also but changed her mind. I had come to know every little nuance she had and I knew she had something on her mind that she was going to get off her chest.


“I don’t know how we got to this point Edward but it’s not what I want. I know it can’t be helped because of the way I am but it is important that you know something.”


She stepped closer to me and her soft touch was on my shoulder  for the first time in ages and the feel of it was indescribable. I tensed up from the assault on all my senses as she brought her lips closer to my ear and then whispered softly into it.


“I was wrong that night, Edward.” Her breath caressed my earlobe and the sensitive place just below my ear. “ It would have been so much more than sex for me too.”


And before I could even comprehend the meaning behind her words she was gone.

Thank you Michelle...............this chapter was just wonderful!!! seems my favorite couple on back on track......I sure hope if Edward really has to leave to go to Paris that Bella will follow....I like the way you wrote the apology with Rick & Bella coming to Edward as a united front, because Edward TRULY had no words for Rick!!!!

I love this story & I love your writing...until you post again

Hi Robyn,


They are not quite back on track but they are definitely getting there. Thanks for enjoying the chapter so much. We are not too far from the end now.




Hi Tami,


It is a mucked up situation and Edward is being Mr Stubborn but I am allowing him his weakness because up until know he has been way to saintly ;) The two of them have to move quickly now or they will boht be left on their own.


Thnaks for reading




That was Amazing !!!!

Keep Writing and keep me posted..

I understand that she still feels upset but y take that out on Edward...he was only ever trying to help the women that he loves..she loves him to but she is....Still mourning....she always will..she needs to heel first ...then see Edward and say I LOVE U !!!!

Hi Kathy,


Bella is trying but Edward is being the stubborn one right now. They both need to wake up to themselves and decide that they are worth it. The next few chapters will bring about some kind of resolution for them and big decisions made. Thanks for reading and letting me know what you think.




love it

keep me update

Thanks Cindy,





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